Cute Kids Halloween Party Ideas: Activities, Snacks and Decor

Updated August 26, 2022
Group of young friends dressed in costumes reaching out towards the camera like zombies.

Are you looking for a few ideas to keep your Halloween party fresh and fun for all ages? These kids' Halloween party ideas cover everything from games and crafts to food and invitations. Get some creative Halloween party ideas to keep any kiddos happy!

Children's Halloween Party Game Ideas

Kids' parties are all about the games. This is even more true when it comes to Halloween. You need to keep their games moving, fun, and fresh for them to stay interested. These games are simple enough to work for kids of all ages. However, the younger kids will need help from an adult or older kid to play.

Witches Hat Toss

Kids playing hat toss

Who doesn't like a good toss game? The witch hat toss game is easy to play and even easier to create. Grab some black posterboard and create several pointy witch hats. Add a brim around the bottom to help them stand. Give kids rings and see how many they can throw around the hats. For older kids, set them far away to make the game more challenging.

Eat the Donut

Children enjoying at halloween party

This game is just yummy. Use some string and tie up a line of donuts. Have kids stand in a line and see who can eat their donut first without using their hands. Have monster donuts for more of a Halloween appeal.

Pumpkin Toss

Children creating new a fun

Everyone loves a good bean bag toss game. Give it a creeptastic Halloween appeal by creating the pumpkin toss game. Use cardboard to create three levels of pumpkin heads. Cut an opening for the mouth. Assign points for each different hole and have kids toss the beanbags in.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Kid reaching for watercolor paints

Everyone loves decorating pumpkins. For younger kids, pull out the markers, construction paper, and glue. For older kids, let them try their hand at carving them with parental supervision. Then, have a pumpkin fashion show!

Mummy Race

Group of older children playing 'wrap the mummy' Halloween game with toilet rolls

Mum's the word when it comes to mummies, right? Get mummified by having an exciting mummy race. Use toilet paper to wrap the legs of the contestants. They need to try to run a designated course without breaking their toilet paper wraps.

Pumpkin Sweep

Child in black sorcerer or witch suit stands with broom near fresh pumpkin

Pump up the pumpkins. Grab a broom and a pumpkin to get playing. Have the kiddos sweep their pumpkins across a finish line. This might be a bit easier to play on a little pavement than grass, but it's fun either way.

Monster Movie Trivia

Girls in costumes watching scary movie together on Halloween

Are your kiddos not really the outdoorsy type? Have a movie marathon with them. Grab a bunch of fun clips of age-appropriate Halloween movies off YouTube. Have them guess which monster movie the clip is from.

Face Painting Contest

 Young boy face painting for Halloween night party looking at mirror getting ready

Face painting can get a little messy. Therefore, you'll want to put kiddos in some old shirts or clothes. Give kids some chemical-free, safe face paints. Pair them up. Have each pair decorate each other's faces. The best pair wins.

Find the Eyeballs

Bowls of Halloween Candy Corns and Jack O' Lantern on Wooden Rustic Table

Digging through slimy things can be fun, right? Bury a few eyeball candies in a bowl of pasta or candy corn. Blindfold kids and have them dig through to find the candy. You can even add a little slime if you want an extra gross factor.

Kids Party Ideas for Halloween Crafts

Not all kids are going to gaga for Halloween party games. Some like to get their crafting on. For the little crafters in your life, Halloween can be the perfect event for them to get creative. Just remember your audience when selecting Halloween craft supplies. Some items like googly eyes can be choking hazards for little kids. Therefore, you might need to use eye stickers instead. All crafts should be created with adults readily available to supervise the littles.

Pencil Spiders

Spiders made of pom poms and pipe cleaners

Who doesn't love a colorful Halloween spider? Grab the pipe cleaners, pompoms, eye stickers, and glue. Now have the littles glue the pompoms together to create the head and body. They can then wind the pipe cleaners to create colorful legs. Add a few eyes, and you are set to go.

Pipe Cleaner Decorations

Pumpkins, Black Cats and Jack-o-Lanterns made from pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners can be used to create more than just spiders. Get an assortment of colors of pipe cleaners. Have the kiddos bend and twist them into fun pumpkin, cat, and bat shapes. They can then attach them to pencils or book bag zippers.

Felt Spiders

Toy cute black spider with eyes as Halloween decoration

All you need is a little bit of black and white felt for this creation. but you can get as fancy as you want with bits of colored ribbon, sparkly pompoms, and more. Cut the felt into a spider shape. Then add white circles for the eyes. For older kids, you might have them use a needle and thread to sew the felt together. They can then stuff it with a little cotton to make a fluffy spider.

Skeleton Ghosts

Paper Painted With A Black Magic Pen Depicting A Skeleton Ghost

Does your kid love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Make a fun Jack Skellington creation with some tissue paper. Grab an assortment of black and orange tissue paper. Fill the head with a bit of cotton stuffing. Wrap a thread or rubber band to create the head. Now give it a Jack Skellington face. Fun and creepy.

Box Cats

The child creates a gift box of the black cat of Halloween

Black cats are a staple on Halloween. Let kiddos create a little black cat box of their own. Give them a black box, scissors, glue, and construction paper. They can then decorate their box to look like a cool black cat.

Pumpkin Signs

Cute girl preparing halloween signs

Kids love to laugh. Create some giggle-worthy signs with some orange poster board. Have the kids cut a pumpkin shape out of the poster board. They can color the stem green. Use markers to add funny Halloween-inspired sayings. Glue the poster board to paint sticks to make the sign.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Close-Up Of Paper Roll Monsters Against Colored Background

When you have an empty toilet paper roll, don't throw it away. Instead, use it for a spooktacular creation. Use construction paper to create toilet paper roll monsters for kids to take home.

Halloween Kid Party Food Ideas to Try

Deliciously devilish dishes make a kid's Halloween party complete. Try offering festive foods that fit the age group of your kids. For example, you might want to include simple finger foods for small kids. Older kids might enjoy the gross-out factor, so you can add ketchup for blood and fangs to the food. Just a few cute Halloween food ideas you can try include:

  • Hot dogs wrapped in bread to look like mummies
  • Tacos with eyes
  • Spaghetti with eyes
  • Veggie plate made to look like a pumpkin
  • Deviled egg monsters
  • Witch finger breadsticks
  • Pretzel sticks with grated cheese at the end to look like broomsticks
  • Banana ghosts
  • Orange pumpkins

Halloween Kids Party Decoration Ideas

The type of Halloween decorations to include will depend on the age group you are entertaining. Tweens might love the scare factor. So, the scarier the better. Therefore, you might want to put tombstones in the yard and decorate the front door with a scary theme. You can also hang up creepy-looking ghosts and add a few zombie pictures in frames. Some cobwebs and a skeleton or two are always fan favorites.

However, young kiddos are going to need a more toned-down decoration theme. In this instance, you might want to keep it simple with a Halloween banner, cute hanging ghosts, funny pumpkin signs, and pumpkins. You might even hang some of the craft creations around the house as décor. When planning a kids' Halloween party, essential decorations for all ages include:

  • Tableware, including tablecloth, paper plates, and cups, in a Halloween motif
  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • Halloween items like ghosts, fake cobwebs, skeletons, and spiders

Kid Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Don't let your Halloween ideas stop at just the décor. Your invitations are important too. Depending on how much time you want to dedicate, you might create custom invitations for smaller kids. Have your little draw a fun Halloween picture for each guest. Elementary and middle school kids might get a kick out of printing off and handing out their invitations. Choose a theme that fits your party décor, from scary to cute. You might also choose to send out online invitations to save a bit of money. Fun kids Halloween party theme ideas you might want to consider that can be cute or creepy include:

  • Monsters
  • Owls
  • Witches
  • Pumpkins
  • Grave yards
  • Creepy mansions
  • Ghoulish woods

Cute Kids Halloween Party Ideas to Spice Up Your Gathering

It's not hard to find the perfect kids' Halloween party ideas. Just keep the party Halloween-themed, and the costumes and laughs take care of themselves. Most of these ideas can also be easily created at home, saving you a little dough. Now it's time to start planning a children's Halloween party to scare them all silly.

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Cute Kids Halloween Party Ideas: Activities, Snacks and Decor