Halloween Party Music Playlist for All Your Ghoulish Gatherings

Updated October 19, 2021
Group of friends at Halloween party

Halloween playlists can vary. You can have a lot of party beats and dance music or ghoulish delights that tantalize the terror of the season. Get a nice mix of classic and modern Halloween party music to add to your party playlist. And if you want a mash-up, try a few streaming sites with Halloween tracks.

Halloween Songs Just for Adults

Are you looking for a few adult Halloween songs to spice up the playlist for your adult Halloween party? You've got it. Dive into a solid mix of classics ghoulish goodies and modern monster jams. Grab your costume and get ready for a haunting good time.

Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish

When you are ready to add a new Halloween song to your playlist, hop on the Billie Eilish train with her spooktastic Bury a Friend.

Darkhorse by Katy Perry

Get lost in the magic of Katy Perry's stunning voice. This song is a perfect storm of Halloween and party.

Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails

Part of the music for the movie The Crow, the song Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails has you feeling the creepy vibe all around you.

Disturbia by Rihanna

Halloween party music wouldn't be complete without a few hip-hop tracks. Get ready to dance.

Ghouls Night Out by Misfits

Famous for their Halloween mixes, Misfits stalk the graveyard with this hit about ghouls getting out. You can also find a lot of Halloween classics on their albums.

Gouge Away by Pixies

You know it's a Halloween hit when even the name of the band is a mythical creature.

Haunted by Beyonce

Have a haunting good time with the queen of soul.

Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The heads of the dead will roll this Halloween. Are you ready to jam?

Pet Sematary by Ramones

Cemeteries can be scare any time of the year. But they have a new creep factor during the haunting season.

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Mason has a bunch of great hits to have a frightening appeal. You can also check out other great titles like You Spin Me Right Round.

Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina

Head to Transylvania with this Rasputina song. It's sporting the vampire creep factor quite nicely.

Zombie by The Cranberries

Zombies get all up in your head on this haunting holiday.

Zombie Stomp by Ozzie Osbourne

You can't have a Halloween adult playlist without some Ozzy Osborne. Get ready to create a zombie stomp with this number.

Fun for Kids - Halloween Party Music

Kids can get into the Halloween fun too. They just need a few less spooky songs. The kid-friendly songs are catchy, and children love to sing them. Take a listen to a few recent and classic Hallo-hits.

Five Little Pumpkins by The Kiboomers

Follow these little pumpkins on a Halloween night. There antic delight kids.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.

When there is something strange in your neighborhood, you need to check out the Ghostbusters. It's a fun classic.

Halloween Sharks by Pinkfong

No one can forget the baby shark, whether you want to or not. It just gets stuck in your head. Check out the Halloween version.

I'm in Love With a Monster by Fifth Harmony

Being in love with a monster can be challenging. There's no reason you shouldn't find a little ghoulish love.

Monster Boogie by the Laurie Berkner Band

Gather your monster masks and get ready to boogie.

Monster Mash by Bobby Picket

Dive into a graveyard smash with this fun hit. Children will get a kick out of this fun yet chilling song.

People Are Strange by The Doors

People Are Strange is a classic Halloween hit that brings thoughts of vampires and fright. But the lyrics are kid-friendly.

Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff

Check out DJ Jazzy Jeff's rendition of Nightmare on My Street. It's got a fun beat kids love.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Thriller is the go-to dance of Halloween. Break out your finest zombie walk skills.

Halloween Party Mixes Perfect for Anyone

The haunting season has begun. Get ready to bop your head to the ghouls, goblins, and everything creepy. Enjoy these fun Halloween party songs you can add to any playlist.

Black Magic Woman by Santana

This song easily weasels its way into your heart and gets you ready for magic, witches, and fun.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins

With a beginning line like, "The world is a vampire," you can't deny the Halloween playlist appeal.

Creep by Radiohead

The melody of this song draws you in and gets you ready for a scare.

Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo

While it's a classic hit, it's perfect for the night of the dead.

Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band

Join the devil in his dance with Charlie. It's a fiddle fight to the death.

Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

One person you don't want to meet on Halloween night is the reaper. Or do you?

Frankenstein by Edgar Winters Group

Monsters are a staple of the season. And Frankenstein is one of the greats.

Ghost by Ella Henderson

Is the ghost of someone bothering you? Keep the demons away with Ella Henderson.

Ghost Riders in the Sky by Ramrod

YeeHaw! Jump on your bike and get ready to ride with the devil in this ghost ride.

Haunted by Taylor Swift

Beyonce wasn't the only one to create a Halloween ballad. Taylor Swift joined the Halloween train too with this hit.

Halloween by Dave Mathews Band

Are you looking for a frightening Halloween song with a little soul? Give this song named for the holiday a try.

I Put a Spell on You by Creedence Clearwater Revival

The witching hour is all about spells and magic. Does this make you think of the Sanderson sisters?

Monster by Lady Gaga

Monsters are all around us. And, they are ready to eat your heart out!

My Beloved Monster by Eels

Even monsters can be beautiful and beloved. Don't you agree?

Paint It, Black, by Rolling Stones

Get ready to paint the town black. The Rolling Stones presents a fabulous riff to get your ready for haunting.

Science Fiction Double Feature by Rocky Horror Picture Show

It doesn't matter how old you are; The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a must-see. Let this song take you into the fun.

She Wolf by Shakira

Werewolves are coming out tonight. And, it's a time to dance!

Sympathy For The Devil by Rolling Stones

Monsters, vampires, and ghouls take center stage on Halloween. Maybe you could get an interview.

The Raven by Alan Parsons Project

The raven is a nightmarish bird associated with fright. Add it to your playlist through checking out the Alan Parsons Project.

Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield

If you've ever watched a horror flick, then this music will get you ready for a scare. It kind of makes you want to look around for a psycho.

Vampire Song by Concrete Blonde

Get the frights ready. Vampires are in the air.

Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix

Voodoo brings with it many images you associate with Halloween, which makes this a perfect holiday riff. Plus, the guitar is going to drag you in.

Voodoo People by Prodigy

Get ready to jam with the Voodoo People. The creep factor of the video alone is frightening.

Witchy Woman by Eagles

Things are about to get witchy. This song creates a magical feeling around you during Halloween.

Whistling Past the Graveyard by Screaming Jay Hawkins

The growls and gravily tones of Screaming Jay Hawkins put a face to Halloween.

Wolfman's Brother by Phish

Are you ready to meet the wolfman's brother? This classic is perfect for Halloween.

Theme Songs and Soundtracks for the Haunting Hour

Theme songs and soundtracks for popular scary Halloween movies make great additions to a Halloween party playlist. Many of them are well known and make things a bit more scary around your house.

The Adams Family Theme Song

The Adams Family has become synonymous with Halloween, as has their theme song.

From Dusk Till Dawn Soundtrack

Vampires are all around in this epic movie. It's bound to get you ready for the season.

Hocus Pocus Soundtrack

You can't have a Halloween party playlist without the Sanderson sisters.

Stranger Things Theme Song

A show with ghostly scares and telepathy is Stranger Things. The theme song let's you know a fright is about to begin.

The Craft Soundtrack

Witches come to life in The Craft. Get that magical feeling through the soundtrack.

The Crow Soundtrack

Do you think the dead will come back to life? See how The Crow gets his revenge.

The Halloween Movie Theme Song

If this song doesn't get your heart pumping, nothing will.

The Munsters Movie Theme Song

Another ghoulish family found on the tube was The Munsters and their iconic theme song.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Jack and Sally are a Halloween staple. Try out this soundtrack at your party.

Perfect Halloween Party Music Playlists

Several music streaming stations offer free online Halloween soundtracks. These complications provide the perfect addition to your blood-curdling decor.

  • AccuRadio features several Halloween channels and playlists for your party. These range from spooky to downright frightening.
  • iHeart Radio offers you Halloween Radio podcasts and scary Halloween hits.
  • Pandora offers you a classic mix of Halloween favors through their Halloween party channel.
  • Prime Music offers a Halloween party soundtrack along with haunting sounds. You can even find a track for kids.
  • Spotify features several spooky tracks like the top Halloween tracks and spooky Halloween playlist.

Spooktacular Halloween Party Music

Some of these songs are fun, and some are pretty spooky. Some you can dance to, and some are great for actually scaring your party guests. As you make your list, consider what is actually going on during your party. Are guests simply mingling and enjoying the treats you've prepared while they meet and greet, or do you want to set a darker theme to coincide with darkened rooms and ghoulish decorations? Have fun creating your Halloween music playlist. Choose songs that are fun for you and are sure to be a hit with the guests at your next Halloween party!

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Halloween Party Music Playlist for All Your Ghoulish Gatherings