23 Baby Shower Themes for Twins That Are Double the Fun

Published May 13, 2021
Pregnant lady holding 2 pairs of baby booties in front of her belly

Twins! What an incredible surprise for any set of parents. Soon-to-be mamas and papas of twins have a lot of preparation to do, and most will want to hold a baby shower in hopes of scoring the tons of supplies needed to get through the baby years. Celebrate your special arrivals with one of these fun and fantastic baby shower themes for twins.

Baby Shower Themes for Baby Girl Twins

What is more darling than one baby girl? Twin baby girls! Throw a baby shower for twin girls that is double the fun and double the adorable.

Double the Bows, Two Girls in Tow

Go all out girlie with this theme. Think pink balloons, tulle everything, and beautiful burlap garland. Hang big hair bows from your garland. This will add a punch of decor and color and serve a functional purpose once your girlies grow out some hair. Decorate menus, chair coverings, place cards, and straws with tiny bow elements. For a fun shower game, see who can tie the best hair bow blindfolded. For dessert, dress the cupcakes up with pink and white bows.

Baby girl party

Tea for Two

For a friend expecting twin girls, consider throwing a vintage tea party. Set pretty teacups out at place settings and pack teapots with brightly colored flowers for centerpieces. Set up tea trays full of cookies, scones, biscuits, and finger sandwiches. Design invitations with tiny colored teacups and flowers. For a twist on this theme, consider throwing a funky Mad Hatter tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Make Way for Our Little Cuties

No doubt your twin girls will be the cutest little things under the sun. Go citrus for this theme, designing invitations with cutie oranges and fill large bowls with oranges for table centerpieces. Pair the cutie oranges with greenery for a fun and earthy flair. Whip up a batch of citrus-infused punch and have a cake baked in the shape of a plump and juicy orange.

Twinkle, Twinkle Twinnie Stars

Two bright stars are about to light up your life. How sweet would a baby shower theme based on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star be? Design invitations with two tiny stars atop the invite, hang star garland and set tables with glittery place settings. For the food options, fashion planet-inspired cake pops and a star-shaped cake.

Cake decorated with sleeping newborn

Make Way for the Sweetest Things

To prepare for the arrival of your little sweeties, create a twin baby shower full of sugary snacks. Serve guests pink cotton candy, sprinkle-covered everything, pink cape pops, cookies and cupcakes, and pretty and sweet pink punch. Utilize a donut wall or create an over-the-top sundae bar as a funky treat that doubles as a design element.

Baby Shower Themes for Baby Boy Twins

Twin boys! Man, you really are never going to sit down again. Raising twin sons is one of life's greatest adventures, and these twin boy baby shower themes are all exceptional choices for a perfect pre-baby celebration.

Son of a Gun and More Than One

This is such a fun take on a cowboy-themed baby shower. Decorate your gift table with a riding saddle and two cowboy hats. Use bales of hay and animal hide to accent spaces. Tie bandanas around vases that holding floral centerpieces and a couple of toy pistols to work into the design. Create invitations with horses and a "Yee-Haw" flair. For menu items, consider making a chili bar or pork sliders and corn on the cob.

Baking 2 Buns

While buns in the oven can be for a twin girl shower or a neutral baby shower, adding "nuts" to a few loaves of freshly baked bread will make this truly male and a little bit hilarious. Play on anything baking-inspired. Use rolling pins, a checkered table cloth, cute pots and pans, and bags of sugar and flour. Get friends to help you create a table full of savory and sweetbreads as well as interesting spreads, butters, and jams.

Trucking Towards Parenthood

Yes, you are, and at full speed! Throw a truck-inspired baby shower for your twin boys soon to arrive. Use dump trucks, vintage trucks, and pick-up trucks in your decorations. Hang garland with cute truck designs and have a specialty bakery create cupcakes with truck decor or a truck-shaped cake for the finale.

Kids cake decorated with Construction machinery

Bear-y Excited About Twin Boys

Two cuddly little teddy bears coming right up! Go cream, tan, brown, and all-bear for a twin boy baby shower. There are tons of decor elements related to teddy bears. Add stuffed animals and bear-inspired baby books to tables or go with a teddy bear picnic theme.

Boy Oh Boy, All We "Sea" Is Blue

Go all blue and all water with this theme. Use different hues of blues to play on the colors of the ocean. Work in fun ocean animal decor, make a festive blue punch, and feed your guests seafood-inspired cuisine.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes for Twins

These themes are perfect for any expectant parent who is expecting one of each gender, doesn't know the genders, or simply chooses to keep everything baby neutral.

Two Little Bird in Our Nest

Throw a two little birds in a nest twin baby shower for your tiny baby birds-to-be. Decorate tables with faux nests and twigs, think birds on a line, and place pretty colored bird eggs all about. Antique bird cages make beautiful decorations for a party such as this as well. Fashion eggs in nest cupcakes for a sweet treat ending to the party.

Two Peas in a Pod

The two peas in a pod is a classic twin theme. There is no shortage out there of designs and decor to complement this theme, and the neutral green and white tones common to this theme will work for boy twins, girl twins, and twins with one of each gender.

Babies inside a pea peel

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Are Joining the Crew

Dr. Seuss is the king of kids' classics, so his famed character Thing 1 and Thing 2 are perfect for a Seuss-inspired baby shower theme. Use bright blue, red, and white colors for this shower, as well as famous Dr. Seuss sayings. Set out a copy of The Cat in the Hat and have every guest at your shower sign the inside cover. This will make for a beautiful, emotional keepsake. No matter if you are birthing boys, girls, or one of each, Dr. Seuss is always going to be a great fit for everyone.

Our Kingdom Is Getting a Prince and a Princess

How lucky are you that you get to parent a little prince and a pretty princess?! Go royal and decorate your space with all that glitters. Make cupcakes with pretty crowns atop them and make sure that the mama-to-be has a throne to sit on when she is opening gifts for her royal twinnies. This theme is all about the sparkle, the bling, and the royal.

Two Little Pumpkins in Our Patch

Mamas-to-be who are expecting twins in the fall can play on so many pumpkin themes for their twin baby showers. Decorate pumpkins to look like babies or spray paint them in pretty pastel colors. No matter how you work pumpkins into your shower, it is bound to be beautiful. Consider tying a shower, and a pumpkin gender reveal into one big event, as there are so many fun ways to reveal what you are having during the fall season. Food options seem endless with a fall shower. Pumpkin spice flavored dishes, pumpkin dips, and pumpkin chili fit into the theme easily, as do plenty of other fun fall dishes.

Guess "Whoo's" Having Twins?

Little owls are a popular theme for infant nurseries, baby clothes, and infant showers. Deck your twin shower out with cute little owls and watch everyone oooooh and aaaaaah over all the adorable. A wide array of decorative banners, menus, napkins, and balloons come in owl designs, and bakeries can create cakes, cupcakes, and designer cookies shaped as cute owls.

Colorful owls

Due With Two

"Due with Two" is a classic twin baby shower theme. Using banner letters, hang this saying over a dessert or buffet table. Cake toppers, menus, and invitations can be created with this saying so that the theme carries through to various elements of the party. The saying is versatile and can be paired with any colors, depending on the theme.

Noah's Ark

If ever there was a classic story of two, it would be Noah's Ark. For religious parents expecting twins, Noah's Ark allows them to play around with all sorts of animal designs. All you need to pull this theme off is two of each animal that you incorporate into design elements. Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes can be baked to represent the theme, and Noah's Ark invitations, plates, and napkins can be found online on various sites.

Funny Baby Shower Themes for Twins

If you are going to survive raising twins, a good sense of humor will be as essential as diapers and wipes. You won't make it through those challenging twin-times without a chuckle. Start smiling early on with one of these cute and funny twin baby shower themes.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

In a short amount of time, your entire life will revolve around two little monkeys, making this theme perfect for any parent anticipating twins. Go all out monkey, with invitations, plates, napkins, and banners. Weave in jungle vines and use green, white, and brown for your shower theme colors.

Taco 'Bout Twins!

Everyone loves twin babies and tacos, so put the two loves together for an epic twin baby shower. Tacos are fast becoming a popular party theme, so finding plates, napkins, and table coverings won't be difficult. You can create your own invitations with this fun saying and use letter bannering to highlight the theme over a fun and colorful taco bar. Work in cactus elements and consider adding a margarita bar to your event.

We're Buzzing With Ba"bees"

Bumblebees make for an adorable baby shower theme, and with a bit of creativity, can be worked into a twin shower theme. Have invitations printed out with the saying, "We're Buzzing With Ba"bees," and hang letter banner garland with the same theme saying at your shower. Utilize bumblebee designs throughout your shower and stick to yellow and white colors with hints of black.

Cake shaped as a honeycomb with fondant bees flying and yellow cute little flags

Bottles and Brews for Twos

Some couples choose to throw a co-ed shower for both men and women attendees, and bottles and brews for twos is a perfect theme for a laid-back baby shower full of men and women guests. Create a craft beer bar for guests to signify the brew component of the theme and use baby bottles as decorative elements. Brown beer bottles with labels removed make perfect, rustic-looking vases for simple florals like baby's breath. Other related sayings such as "Huggies and Chuggies" and " Babies are brewing" can be used and interwoven into various design aspects of the theme.

Oh, "Ship" Here Comes Double Trouble

What a funny pun to work into a twin shower. For expectant couples with a good sense of humor, this theme hits the mark. Play on the "ship" element and design a nautical shower, using navy and white colors, plenty of cute sailboats, and elements with anchors.

Choose a Theme Special to You

When choosing a theme for your twin baby shower, go with something special to you. If someone else is posting your bash, make sure they know your thoughts and ideas before moving forward with any planning. Celebrating twins is a unique experience, and it is likely that this will be your only twin baby shower. Make sure the event goes off without a hitch, and the theme is exactly what you envision.

23 Baby Shower Themes for Twins That Are Double the Fun