Among Us Birthday Party Ideas to Captivate Little Crewmates

Published January 24, 2022
Among Us cupcakes

Calling all Among Us fans! If your child is a big fan of this game of teamwork and betrayal, plan an epic Among Us themed birthday party jam-packed with colorful party decorations, a creative food menu, and engaging games and activities to make one birthday celebration to remember.

Party Invitation

Set the theme to your party with a festive invitation. Get inspired by all the creative Among Us themed invitations available online that will help you develop the theme and bring your event to life. An Outer Space Among Us theme would give you more opportunity to get creative with the party details, for example. Be sure to send out invitations at least two weeks in advance.

Party Decorations

Opt for effortless party decorations, such as party banners and balloon bouquets that require little to no assembling. A crewmate printable pennant banner and colorful Among Us themed balloons will brighten up the room and get your space party-ready. If do-it-yourself party decor is a must whenever you plan an event, a balloon garland with DIY balloon planets and star foil balloons added to the mix would make a fantastic eye-catching backdrop.

DIY Balloon Planets

Making balloon planets is an easy craft that even the kids can help and requires two types of balloons only.

Supplies Needed:

  • Round balloons in different colors
  • Long metallic silver balloons


  1. Inflate your round balloons about halfway full and tie a knot. Tip for perfectly round balloons: Press down from top and bottom as you slowly release air. Tie the balloon. Firmly but gently press down top and bottom again until the balloon is perfectly round.
  2. Inflate a long metallic silver balloon about halfway full. Make sure the inflated balloon will reach all the way around the round balloon tightly, forming a hoop.
  3. If the long balloon is the right length, slide it over your round balloon. Tip: You can attach the long balloon using dabs of low-temp hot glue to make sure it stays put around your round balloon.

Kids' Tablescape

Among Us Kids Tablescape

If you are planning on setting up a kids' table, coordinating tableware is a must to complete the look of your party set up. From themed plates to party blowers, be sure to create a tablescape that will excite your guests.

Birthday Cake

Turn a simple black buttercream cake into something intergalactic by decorating it with white nonpareils and piping Among Us crewmates using buttercream in different colors. If decorating a birthday cake is not your expertise, book a cake decorator to make it happen.

Imposter Piñata

No party is complete without a piñata. Incorporate an imposter piñata the kids can smash and collect candies and mini toys. Have kids line up to take a swing at the piñata with a plastic piñata bat.

Among Us Inspired Party Food and Sweet Treats

Get creative with your Among Us party menu. From a crewmate fruit and veggie platter to cupcakes adorned with Among Us themed toppers, these ideas will take your party menu to next level.

  • Fruit & Veggie Tray: The possibilities are endless when it comes to this unique Among Us inspired fruit & veggie tray. If your child prefers a red crewmate, incorporate cherry tomatoes, raspberries, and diced watermelon. For a yellow crewmate, offer diced pineapples and yellow bell peppers, for example.
  • Cakepops: Cake pops make a wonderful addition to a dessert table. Place cake pops in a jar or display them in an acrylic cake pop stand.
  • Decorated Cookies: Coordinating cookies can be simply displayed on a stand as part of your dessert table or incorporated into place settings for a personalized touch.
  • Lunch Box: If you are planning an intimate party and it is happening around lunch time, this Among Us lunch box idea will impress the kids. Be sure to include fruit, veggies, and a sandwich (either peanut butter & jelly or cheese) that will appeal to the kids.
  • Rice Ball Onigiri: Who knew rice could look this fun? Using sticky sushi rice and vinegar, you can create the cutest onigiris.
  • Cakesicles: Much alike cake pops but in a different fun shape. A silicone mold is necessary to achieve the popsicle shape and it can be decorated to match your party theme.

Paper Towel Candy Pillow Box

Among Us Paper Towel Candy Pillow Box

This paper towel Among Us crewmate craft is a fun activity idea and only it requires a few supplies you probably already have at home. All you need is a pair of scissors, markers, paint and glue.

Among Us LEGO Building Challenge

Gather your child's building blocks, sort them by color in different containers, and invite the kids for a Crewmate building challenge. Whoever wins gets a fun prize.

Crewmate Felt Plushie

A crewmate felt plushie is a cute idea to keep the kids occupied during a birthday party. All you need is a crewmate pattern, felt in different colors, and batting. Instead of sewing, glue the pieces together using a non-toxic felt glue for a more kid-friendly craft.

Pin the Hat on the Crewmate

Among Us Pin the hat on the crewmate

Have a large crewmate and a few different cosmetics printed on white cardstock. Blind fold each player and allow them to try to pin the pieces of their choices on the crewmate. There are five types of cosmetics: hats, skins, nameplates, visor cosmetics, and pets. Cosmetics are items in Among Us used to customize characters.

Paint-Your-Own Among Us Crewmate Character

Treat the kids to a paint-your-own crewmate character kit. This is a fun activity to do right at the beginning of the party. It will allow the painted crewmates to dry completely and the kids will be able to safely take their creations home with them.

Cupcake Decorating Station

Build an exciting cupcake decorating station that will allow the kids to get creative with an edible craft. Set out icing in different crewmate colors, mini spatulas and Among Us themed sprinkles.

Among Us Photo Props

Among Us Photo Props

Set up a photo booth and create your own photo props using Among Us illustrations and fonts if you have a little Photoshop knowledge.

Among Us Crewmate Favor/Gifts

If you are looking for fun gifts or party favor ideas for your party, there is a wonderful variety of Among Us products for every budget.

  • You Are Acting Kinda SUS Socks: A pair of socks as a gift is always welcome, and when it's fun and punny, it makes it extra special.
  • Among Us Earrings: Fun accessories, such as earrings, necklaces and hair scrunchies make wonderful party favors to add to take-home goodie bags.
  • Key chains: Key chains are useful gifts that guests will appreciate.
  • Merry "Sus" Mas holiday ornament: There's no such a thing as too many holiday ornaments. This Among Us themed ornament would make a great addition to any Christmas tree.
  • Gift wrapping paper: Add style to your gift with an Among Us festive gift wrapping paper.
  • Pop it T-shirt: If budget permits, treat the kids to an Among Us t-shirt they can wear throughout the party.
  • Fidget toy: Pop it makes the perfect party favor for busy little fingers.
  • Color changing tumblers: These cool Among Us tumblers can be used as special prizes.
  • Drink bottles: Among Us drink bottle is a fun prize idea for your party game winners.
  • Silicone wristbands: Coordinating silicone wristbands are always a great addition to goodie bags.
  • Surprise toy bath bombs: Make bath time exciting with Among Us bath bombs the kids will find a surprise crewmate once they start fizzling.
  • You're My Favorite Impostor Birthday Card: Wish an Among Us fan a happy birthday in style with a creative punny card.
  • Among Us spoons: The coolest Among Us spoons will certainly make mealtime more appealing to the kids.

No SUS Allowed

When hosting an Among Us party, make sure you are not inviting guests who can start acting like a SUS because you don't want your crewmates to turn into ghosts before impostors take full control of the ship...or in this case, the birthday party.

Among Us Birthday Party Ideas to Captivate Little Crewmates