Seduce a Libra Man

Libra man and his partner

If you're wondering how to attract a Libra man, it all comes down to understanding his nature. The typical Libra male is easy-going but cautious, which means a female will need to employ all her wiles to win over a clever Libra.

Tips for Seducing the Libra Man

According to astrologers, men with birth dates that fall within the dates of the Libra sign (September 24 to October 23) have a set of characteristics that offer plenty of clues about what a Libra man finds attractive. If you want to catch the eye of that special Libra man, put your best foot forward by following these tips.

Pay Attention to Your Appearance

This may seem like common sense when dealing with almost any man, but Libra men have a propensity to seek out beauty and aesthetically pleasing things.

Don't Be Overly Aggressive

Although a Libra male prefers to be chased, he is a highly intelligent and observational creature. Overly aggressive tactics may seem almost barbaric to the pensive and watchful Libra. Win him over with smiles, pleasant conversation, and a heavily intentional dose of eye contact.

Be Social

Libra men do not like to sit at home in front of the television night after night. Expect to have more luck with the initial stages of seducing this man in a social setting because he will feel more at ease.

Be Romantic

Libra men crave romance. If you make an effort to set up a romantic scenario, your man will probably respond well. By the same token, you should be ready to accept romantic gestures from this man if you hope to seduce him. Scoff at his opening a door for you, and you will likely turn him off.

Showcase Your Brains

Highlight your intelligence. Libra men love to be stimulated by wit and banter. They will not be threatened by a bright and knowledgeable partner. On the contrary, they will find you very entertaining.

Most Romantically Compatible Signs for Libra

Astrological compatibility horoscopes suggest Libra men are best suited for romantic partners who fall within the following signs:

How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love

Your Libra conquest should only need a few encounters with your beaming smile and memorable personality in order to feel pangs in his heart. The fastest way to pique a man's interest and love is to maintain your mystery while seducing him with your smile and eyes. Let your conversations be brief, but brilliant and unforgettable. The sensation of being in your presence should overwhelm your Libra man, leaving him wondering why you seem different from the other women he encounters in his daily life. Give him a few flirty words so he believes, for just a moment, he is the center of the universe. Then, politely skirt off to the other side of the room and give him an opportunity to watch you shine for the rest of the evening.

Libra man with partner

Just remember: Instead of aggressively and overtly pursuing a Libra, you should rely on your feminine wiles to send the message that your intention is to seduce him. Now is the time to begin batting those eyelashes, brushing your hand against his and employing all the other time-tested methods of getting your message across. However, the challenge is to do this while still asserting your intellect. The fact is that you can bat your eyelashes all night long, but if a Libra man isn't truly interested in you then you can't seduce him.

Loving a Libra Man

Libra men have a tendency to be excellent partners because they pay attention to a woman's needs, both physically and emotionally. This alone may well be worth the time and effort you put into your seduction. As one of the more meditative and observational signs of the zodiac, a Libra male will typically provide you with little drama and, instead, a markedly stable partnership. Persons who crave emotional excitement and intensity in a relationship may not appreciate what a Libra has to offer. However, for women who desire to rest their head upon a strong shoulder, the Libra male will more than satisfy.

Seduce a Libra Man