How to Write the Perfect Baby Registry Greeting

Published June 10, 2021
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Creating a baby registry is such an exciting event for parents-to-be. Registries allow new parents to check out items they will need and flag them for friends and families to purchase and give at their upcoming baby shower. Before you start choosing things to include on your registry, be sure to work out the perfect baby registry greeting.

What to Include in a Baby Registry Greeting

While you can write whatever you want in your baby registry greeting, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind while crafting one.

Be Grateful

Start by expressing gratitude to everyone who is taking the time to stop by your registry and purchase a gift for your baby. Make sure that everyone visiting the site feels welcome and crucial to your life.

If You Have a Name Chosen, Include It

If you have decided on a name for your baby, consider including it in the baby registry greeting. People sometimes want to have items monogrammed, and knowing the name of the baby-to-be makes monogramming possible. If you want to keep the name a secret until the big day, that is fine too. An alternative option is to give family and friends a hint of a name by providing the initials only.

Gender Specifics if They Are Known

Plenty of moms and dads decide that they want to wait until the baby is born to know if their bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. If you have found out the gender early on, considering including that information in the registry greeting. This helps shoppers gravitate towards pretty and pink or handsome and blue. You can always ask for gender-neutral items in your greeting if that is your preference.

Mention What You Need and Have

Most people in your life will use the gift registry to help guide them in the shopping process. Registries aim to ensure parents don't end up with ten baby baths and not a single baby bottle. That said, there will undoubtedly be some family members who go their own way, forego the registry altogether, and buy your baby something of their choosing. If Great Aunt Edna went wild with the baby bibs, you could kindly make a note of this on your registry, saying your baby is set for life in the bib department, but you are still in need of bottles.

If people in your life buy items outside of the registry, make sure that you go into the registry and cancel out what you need to so that you don't end up with a lot of the same thing.

Choosing the Tone of Your Baby Registry Greeting

Baby registry greetings can be fun and creative reflections of your personality, or they can be straightforward and to the point, including key details that your shopping friends will likely want or need. The tone that your baby registry takes on is totally up to you!

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Go With a Fun and Light Greeting

If you have a fun personality and want to work that into your baby registry greeting, go for it. Try a few of these examples out and see what you gravitate to.

Baby Registry Greeting Sample 1:

Welcome to our baby registry! We cannot wait to meet our little lady, Lucy Ann Montgomery. Miss Lucy will be living large in a nursery fit for a princess, decked out in pink, white, and grey tones. Thank you for stopping in and thinking of our daughter-to-be. We can't wait for you to meet her!

Baby Registry Greeting Sample 2:

Thank you so much for stopping by our baby registry and helping little Grant Richard Smith build his baby mecca. What a spoiled little dude he will be, to be adored by so many amazing people. We plan to create a sports-everything nursery so that Grant and his daddy can start bonding over bats, balls, and touchdowns right off the jump. We can't wait for everyone to meet our little man. It won't be long now!

Greetings That Are Straight to the Point

Baby registry greetings are meant to be a bit of an introduction to you, the baby, and what you need to kick-start your parenthood journey. Sometimes it is best to get right to the point and provide necessary details to those looking to purchase gifts.

Baby Registry Greeting Sample 1:

Thank you for checking out our baby registry. Addison Jane will be here in no time at all, as she is due on September 12th. We are creating a nursery in soft, muted blues and greens with hints of cream. Any purchase is very welcome and very appreciated. Please note that we have plenty of clothing and baby blankets but are still in need of feeding and changing items. Again, we are grateful for your love, support, and friendship always, but especially during this incredible time in our lives.

Baby Registry Greeting Sample 2:

Hello! Dan and I are thrilled for everyone dear to us to meet our baby daughter, Nicole Anne, in a few short months. Our nursery colors are yellow and grey, and we are still in need of clothing for babies older than six months. Nicole currently has a closet full of newborn items. Thank you for your love and support and for stopping in and checking out our registry.

Baby Registry No-Nos

While you can take on whatever tone feels right to you and craft a registry greeting unique and all your own, steer clear of including the following:

  • Don't list a preferred price range for purchased items in your greeting.
  • Don't ask for things that are extremely specific and need to be custom ordered.
  • Don't create multiple registries with different greetings.

Where to Announce Your Registry

Once your registry greeting is done, and you have picked out the items that you think you will need, the next step is sharing your baby registry with the world. How you choose to disseminate your registry to family and friends is, again, up to you. Still, the most common way to do so is to have an insert regarding your registry included with a baby shower invitation. If you are going to a virtual baby shower or sending out virtual invitations, include registry information in that. If you choose not to have a shower but still have a registry, sending an email to friends and family or a baby-on-the-way card with registry details enclosed will suffice.

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