Diaper Invitation Templates: Adorable Free Printables

Updated January 19, 2021
baby diaper theme shower invite

Show off your creativity and use a cute diaper invitation template to invite guests to your own baby shower or the baby shower you are throwing. Using a template makes it much easier to create unique invitations that will impress your guests.

Diaper Invitation Template

One of the first impressions of the baby shower is the invitation you send to guests. Using a diaper invitation template is a simple and affordable way to create beautiful baby shower or gender reveal party invitations.

Diaper Templates

Using a diaper template to create the perfect invitation is easy to do. Once you've decided on the template you'd like to use, click on the template that you want to download, and a download prompt will pop up. If you need assistance, utilize helpful tips for printables. Each paper diaper template has specific instructions attached to it to help you with creating your beautiful invitations.

generic diaper invite template
Boy or girl invite template
baby girl diaper invite template
Girl diaper invite template
baby boy diaper invite template
Boy diaper invite template

Diaper Baby Shower Invitations Template

Using a template for your baby shower is a quick way to create adorable and customizable invitations that are also cost effective. Diaper baby shower invitation templates can also be used in other ways for your party. Using the same or a similar template for the baby shower invitation, as well as in other ways for your party, can really tie the entire theme together and make the party feel more cohesive.

Creative Diaper Template Uses

Diaper invitation templates can be used in several other ways that can help bring together the theme of your baby shower. Some other diaper template uses include:

  • Diaper shaped shower party favors: Use one diaper template for baby shower favors or use them all to create a colorful display. Print the first page only of the invitation on white cardstock. Glue or tape the "leg holes" closed and fill with candies. Seal the top with tape or glue and display in a bowl as favors.
  • Diaper themed thank you cards: Write a thank you note on the inside before folding it according to the directions. Put the card in an envelope and send out to thank guests for attending and giving gifts.
  • Mini diaper decorations: Decorate the shower with miniature diapers by turning the invitation template into a mini diaper cut out template. Print out the first page of the invitation and cut out the diaper. String miniature diapers together to create a cute baby shower or gender reveal party banner.

Unique Baby Shower Invites

Planning a baby shower can be stressful and can end up costing quite a bit. Using a diaper template is both a simple and cost effective option when it comes to baby shower invitations. Using a diaper invitation template free printable is a great option when it comes to creating a unique and customizable baby shower invitation that is sure to make a good impression on all of your guests.

Diaper Invitation Templates: Adorable Free Printables