Unique Mardi Gras Party Centerpiece Ideas

Updated December 23, 2019
Mardi Gras Carnaval background with black filigree mask, beads, and feathered bamboo spears

Mardi Gras centerpieces can be as wild and outrageous as any Mardi Gras party. Centerpieces can include glittering beads, bright bold colors, and unique symbolism.

Louisiana Celebration Centerpiece

If your Mardi Gras party will focus on the festivities held in New Orleans, Louisiana, add that to your table. Purchase a white serving dish or jewelry dish shaped like the state. Fill it with small trinkets like crawfish and fleur-de-lis symbols and surround it with beads. If you don't have a jewelry dish, cut the state shape out of white card stock and laminate it before placing items on top. Use white to make the colorful tokens stand out.

Louisiana Mardi Gras Decoration

Wine Bottle Centerpiece Craft

A DIY Mardis Gras centerpiece using a wine bottle is easy and fun.

Diy Mardi Gras bottle


  • Empty wine bottle
  • Purple adhesive paper
  • Mardi Gras eye mask
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Glue gun
  • Faux flowers, optional


  1. Cover the wine bottle with purple adhesive paper.
  2. Glue the mask to the front of the bottle, adding sequins for an outline.
  3. Dot glue around the bottle for adding more sequins.
  4. Add glue to the wine bottle stem and wrap beads around it.
  5. Optional - Put a few long-stemmed flowers in the bottle before putting it on the table.

Tall Feather Centerpieces

Put together a tall feathered centerpiece using ostrich feathers featuring Mardi Gras colors. Purchase tall, thin vases. Add purple, yellow, and green feathers in layers, starting with a different color for each row. Add fewer as you get closer to the top.

Jazzy Animal Centerpieces

From alligators to crayfish, a few animals are front and center when it comes to Mardi Gras. Look for a centerpiece that features these local favorites playing the saxophone, trumpet, or piano to celebrate the jazz history of New Orleans. Small ornaments can be spread across a table running with confetti, feathers, and jewels to create a festive tablescape.

Happy Mardi Gras alligator decoration

Balloon Centerpieces

Balloons take center stage as they are gathered into a large column perfect for placing in the middle of a large round table. Feather boas and masks elevate this option to the next level.

Vase of Beads

Place colorful beads into a large clear glass vase or cocktail glass. This is a simple yet fun centerpiece that has many possibilities. You could also use a clear glass bowl if you do not have a vase. Look for both plain beads and ones with other symbols, like king's crowns and jesters, that add a little extra flair to the centerpiece. Make sure you have enough each vase is overflowing.

Mardi Gras beads overflowing a glass goblet

Colorful French Quarter Mardis Gras Flowers

Make your own floral centerpiece following crafting instructions that use colorful silk flowers and lamp post. It offers the feel of the French Quarter in New Orleans while adding a more nuanced touch to your decorations rather than the bold purple, gold, and green glittering options favored by many for Mardi Gras.

Fleur-de-Lis Centerpiece

The fleur-de-lis is seen throughout New Orleans and it only makes sense to add it to your table. Look for a large symbol, perhaps in a bookmark or stand-alone figure, that can be draped with beads or accented with feathers. Antique gold or silver are good colors for the symbol.

Fleur De Lys & Mardi Gras Beads

King Cake Centerpieces

Because Fat Tuesday celebrates excess with rich, delicious foods and decadent desserts, an edible centerpiece is the perfect choice for a Mardi Gras party. Cookie bouquets, cupcake towers, or dishes of colored candies are all tasty options. You can also opt for a crazy colored, tilted tiered cake for a more elaborate edible treat. To keep with tradition, consider ordering an authentic King Cake to serve as your centerpiece and dessert. Scatter a few beads around the cake to make it more festive.

Mardi Gras cake

Carnival Candle Centerpieces

Make a candle centerpiece perfect for any carnival party for Mardi Gras. Lay down a long table running or cloth. Place feathers in the middle. Add votive candle holders in varying heights. Scatter a few masks throughout.

Mardi Gras candle centerpiece

Metallic Mask Display

A bouquet could be made of multiple Mardi Gras masks that may double as party favors, or a single, more elaborate painted or jeweled mask could be surrounded by colorful beads or feather boas to serve as the highlight of the table. There are also pre-made spray centerpieces that can be found at party supply stores. These consist of small colorful foil masks displayed on a foil spray. Look for traditional purple, orange, and green options or go with gold and black for a sophisticated take on the day.

golden mardi gras masks with feathers

Jester Hat Centerpieces

A jester is a common figure seen throughout Mardi Gras celebrations. Place a festive and colorful hat from a Mardi Gras costume in the center of your table to add a little height while making decorating easy. A few feathers, beads, bells, or confetti can provide the finishing touches.

Jester mask with boa and beads

Centerpieces Add a Finishing Touch

From simple, classic looks to elaborately themed creations, there are many Mardi Gras centerpiece ideas to choose from when planning a party for this wildly festive occasion. Some centerpieces may be purely decorative while others double as party favors or even additional snacks, but all of them will enhance the beauty and fun of a Fat Tuesday party and add the finishing decorative touch to your table décor.

Unique Mardi Gras Party Centerpiece Ideas