Mother's Day Party Ideas to Make Her Feel Extra Special

Updated January 20, 2022
mother and daughter hugging

Holding a Mother's Day party provides you with a wonderful way to honor your own mom and maybe a few other special women in your life. Make it a day to remember by planning the perfect party.

Celebration and Honor

The honoree of a traditional Mother's Day celebration is typically your mom, but if that isn't possible, there are many other women that can be honored during this wonderful day as well. Grandmothers, aunts, perhaps your mother-in-law, and any other woman who has played a significant role in your life can also be included in your next Mother's Day celebration. After all, a true celebration is about honoring those who are near and dear to your heart.

Ideas for Mother's Day Parties

How will you celebrate Mother's Day? Mother's Day parties generally revolve around delicious food and good conversation. This day is the time to catch up with family members and old friends. Mother's Day often becomes a family reunion, particularly if party guests come from out of town. You have lots of options when it comes to celebrating this special day. The following ideas will help you get started.

Location and Type of Celebration

Choose the location of your party based on the amount of people that will attend.

  • Home - If you're hosting a small, intimate gathering, then your home or patio may be the perfect place to spend time together. A garden tea party is a wonderful option if the weather will cooperate. Serve delicate cucumber sandwiches and other finger foods on the china you keep stored away in your cupboard.
  • Park - If your guest list includes extended family and friends, then consider reserving a pavilion at a local park. This is a wonderful option because children can run and play, and adults can sit around enjoying the scenery and each other. There is plenty of room for guests as well. Parks are the perfect setting for barbeques and cookouts. Be sure you have all the condiments and accessories necessary for this fun and easy meal.
  • Recreation center or church hall - If inclement weather is a problem but you still need lots of room, consider renting a recreation center, party hall or church hall for a few hours. Invite guests to bring their own potluck dish. Depending upon where you rent, clean-up may be included in the rental fee.

Time of Day

Mother's Day parties are often held in the afternoon after families have attended church, but this time certainly isn't set in stone.

  • Brunch - For an alternative party idea, consider hosting a Mother's Day brunch. Serve coffee, milk, juices and breakfast casseroles, complete with fruit, cinnamon rolls and breakfast meats.
  • Lunch - The traditional Mother's Day lunch could be a buffet complete with potluck dishes or a sit-down dinner served with turkey and dressing, vegetable casseroles, salads, breads, cakes and pies.
  • Mid-afternoon - If you don't want to feed everyone an entire meal, consider a mid-afternoon celebration, and serve snack foods and desserts. If the weather permits, invite some guests to bring their ice cream makers and serve a variety of homemade ice cream complete with all the fixings.

Alternative Mother's Day Party Activities

Put a different spin on this fun day with a planned outing that includes Mom and all the special people in her life.


family bowling on mothers day

Plan a trip to the bowling center, divide up into teams, and knock down those pins! If you have a very large crowd, you may need to call the bowling center for reservations.

Group Dance Lessons

Has your mom ever wanted to learn the samba or the tango? Celebrate this special day and give her the gift of a lifetime with a session of group dance lessons. All of the party guests will participate. Then, move the party back home and continue to dance the night away.

Movie Date

mother at movie theater with family

Mothers love any opportunity to go to the theater for a feel-good movie. Check with your mom a day and time that work for her schedule before purchasing movie tickets.

Pottery Painting

mother painting pottery

Making plans to go to a pottery studio can be a fun idea for those moms who love to get creative. Your mom can work on a piece of her choice with all the supplies included, glazing and firing.

Tea Room

mothers day tea party

Plan an afternoon and make reservations at your mother's tea room. Celebrating Mother's Day with a tea party is a traditional to many, so be sure to make reservations ahead of time.

Wine Tasting

mother tasting wine with friends and family

If your mom is a wine lover, consider hosting a wine tasting party or going to a vineyards. Your mother will be thrilled to sample different types of wine to add to her list while enjoying delicious appetizers.

Spa Day

mothers day at spa

Give your mom the gift of relaxation by treating her to a spa day complete with mani & pedis, beauty treatments and relaxing body massages.


mothers day resort idea

If your mom lives near a fancy resort she's been meaning to go to on a special occasion, this is a great opportunity to treat her to a wonderful staycation. She can spend the day relaxing by the pool soaking up while catching up with her favorite book.


mothers day brunch

Whether you are hosting a Mother's day celebration or taking your mom to her favorite restaurant, a brunch is always a great idea to celebrate any special occasion. Be sure to call ahead and book a table for the entire family.


family playing pickle ball for mothers day

If your mom is one of those modern moms who are into pickeball, consider reserving a pickeball court for 1-2 hours. Make sure the facility also offers indoor courts in case of inclement weather.

Make a Fuss Over Your Mom

Mother's Day is a day for honoring and celebrating the women in your life. Spend the day spreading some love, joy and bonding with your mom doing her favorite things and going to her favorite places.

Mother's Day Party Ideas to Make Her Feel Extra Special