30 Ideas to Take Traditional Valentine's Gifts to the Next Level

Give your sweetheart something truly meaningful this holiday with these twists on traditional and popular Valentine's gifts!

Updated January 17, 2023
Valentine's Day Gifts

Choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be difficult. The most important thing is showing that you care, and there are dozens of great gift ideas that can help you do just that. However, for the folks who are tired of gifting traditional Valentine's gifts like chocolates and flowers, we have some amazing alternatives on the most popular presents that are guaranteed to make your date swoon!

Make Traditional Valentine's Gifts Special for Your Person

Every year, people flock to the florist and jeweler to grab their Valentine a gift that shows they care. Why are these items so popular? And how can you change things up to really wow your love? Check out these cool classics that stood the test of time, plus creative ideas that can serve as a fun twist on the most popular Valentine's Day gifts that you likely give every year.


Roses are a coveted choice on Valentine's Day, and for good reason! This scarlet-colored bouquet is a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on exquisite arrangements featuring these crimson blooms. Interestingly enough, this tradition began back in the 19th century as a way to send secret messages about one's feelings for another. This makes flowers a fitting gift for this holiday of love.

couple attending a floral jamming workshop

Possible Alternatives: Take a twist on the age-old classic of popular Valentine's flowers as a gift with these ideas:

  • Instead of just gifting a big bouquet, let your person try their hand at flower arranging! Florists often offer flower arranging courses at their shops, which can make for a fun date idea and a thoughtful gift at the same time.
  • If you want to gift something tangible, consider flower-themed gifts like a blanket to get cozy under or a sexy silk robe.
  • For those looking to get a floral gift for their loved one that's a little different, give them your secret message of love in the form of meat. Jerky bouquets can be a thoughtful option that sticks with the traditional Valentine's gift theme.


Giving candy on Valentine's Day is about as traditional as it gets. What you may not realize is that this tradition came to light in the mid-1800s thanks to famous chocolatier Richard Cadbury! While this might not be a very imaginative gift, a box of truly high-quality chocolates is sure to melt your sweetie's heart.

Possible Alternatives: Everyone knows that Godiva and Lindt make spectacular chocolates, but why not elevate this delectable treat and turn it into an experience your valentine will never forget?

  • Sign up for a chocolate pairing class.
  • Buy a truffle-making kit you can do together.
  • Cozy up in front of a warm fire with your favorite hot chocolate that has a dash of chocolate liquor in it.

These romantic ideas can turn one of the most common Valentine's Day gifts into something unique and fun!


Rings have been a symbol of everlasting love and commitment since Ancient Egyptian times. This makes it unsurprising that jewelry is nearly always a hit on this global day of love. If you're looking to give this type of gift should think about the style your person likes to wear and then look for complementary pieces.

Possible Alternatives:

If you want to go beyond a typical jewelry option, consider these Valentine's Day gift ideas:

  • Have a ring engraved with a few words from their favorite poem or song.
  • Give them a charm bracelet that you can add to as the years go by.
  • Buy your sweetheart a locket and add in photos of the two of you
  • Purchase earrings with stones that match the color of your loved one's eyes.
  • If they already have plenty of jewelry, consider giving them a large jewelry box instead.

Clothing and Accessories

According to Statista, clothing gifts are among the top 10 Valentine's presents. Clothing may be a practical gift, but it's a gift your darling can use over and over again. Traditionally, Valentine gifts for guys include items like ties and sweaters, as well as heart-covered silk boxers to their sweethearts, a custom that has been around since the 1950s. Tie tacks and watches are also popular presents for men. Some common clothing and accessory gifts for women include sweaters or tops, lingerie, or robes and sleepwear.

Possible Alternatives: Instead of gifting an item that they can wear to church or in the bedroom, consider what your person actually likes to do in their free time! Do they like hiking? Then get then some new boots! Do they play golf or tennis every weekend? Gift them with new golf gloves and hats to wear on the green, or a new tennis outfit. The purpose of Valentine's Day is to show that you are paying attention to your person. That means finding clothing and accessories that they would potentially pick out themselves.

Wine and Spirits

It's a popular custom for couples to share a bottle of wine or toast their love with various spirits over a romantic candlelight dinner. Selecting a bottle of your boo's favorite drink can be an easy way to enhance your Valentine's Day, but you try other ideas too.

Possible Alternatives: Think about these options for twist on a classic bottle of wine or top-shelf liquor:

  • Enjoy alcohol enhanced desserts like cherries jubilee and bananas foster. Flambéing these treats can make for an exciting end to the evening!
  • If you are dining at home and want to avoid an accidental fire, consider gifting options like Jack Daniels Chocolates or Sugarfina Tequila Sours.
  • For the couples who want to extend Dry January into February, you can gift zero-proof spirits! Companies like Ritual Zero Proof and Spiritless are tasty options for those looking to stay sober this holiday.

Non-Traditional Valentine's Gifts for Couples

For those folks wanting to look a bit farther outside of the box, consider steering clear of typical Valentine's Day gifts and giving customized presents and experiences to better build your connection.

Tickets or Experience Gifts

Give the gift of a fun experience over a material item by getting your guy or gal tickets to a special event. These can include concert tickets to a band that you both love, a game day experience to watch your favorite rival sports teams play, or a monster truck competition, if that's what you like to watch!

Possible Alternatives: Bump up your adrenaline and grab tickets to a skydiving experience or go with an iconic date night idea and grab tickets to a local fair or festival. These can serve as spectacular opportunities to connect and they will make memories you will never forget.

Valentine Gifts Based on Their Hobbies

Think about what your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner is interested in as far as interests and hobbies when you consider their Valentine's gift. Giving them a gift that shows that you support their passions will make them love you all the more. Maybe they like fishing and your gift can include new fishing gear. Maybe they have a love of gardening and custom gardening gloves or shears fit the bill. If it's tailored to who they are and what they love, you can't go wrong. Follow your custom gift by treating them out to lunch.

Possible Alternatives: A big part Valentine's Day is bonding with your special someone. If your person likes to play sports, consider an experience gift like signing the two of you up for a co-ed club sport! This will not only give you quality moments together, but research shows that exercising with your special someone can actually increase intimacy. A great gift to go with this experience is custom jerseys with funny or cute names on the back.

Try other types of classes and related gifts based on your loved one's interests, like cooking classes and matching aprons if they're interested in expanding their culinary skills.

Couple baseball player embracing on a baseball field

Monthly Gift Clubs or Subscription Boxes

In 2010, subscription boxes took off snd there seems to be no end in sight! If you want to keep the feeling of Valentine's Day going all year long, then enroll your love in a gift of the month club. You can choose from classic Valentines gifts like wine, chocolate, orchids, cheese, cheesecake, fruit, or candles. However, with the popularity of these memberships, you can also find options that call attention to their favorite things. This can be a great way to show that you truly care! Think about their hobbies and pastimes - whether your significant other likes to get crafty, cook, read, or shop, there is a subscription box for them!

Possible Alternatives: If you are going to invest in this type of present, make it worth your while. What do we mean by that? Shop for options that can serve as a great monthly date night for both of you. Companies like The Adventure Box will send couples a surprise date box every month. This can be something to look forward to all year long.

Unique DIY Valentine Gift Basket

A DIY gift basket filled with a few of your significant other's favorite things is another fantastic way to show that you take notice of what they like. Similar to a subscription box, you will want to pick out gifts that mean something to your date. That means looking for their favorite candy, tickets to the drive-in showing of their favorite movie, their go-to cologne or perfume, or the same bottle of wine that you drank on your first date.

Couple relaxing on rooftop against sky during picnic

Possible Alternatives: Instead of a gift basket, consider putting together a picnic basket with all of their favorite foods. Then, pick a spot that has a significant meaning behind it or visit a place on your bucket list and create a new memory!

Fun and Practical Valentine Gifts They'll Actually Use

While some people may think "practical" and "romantic" don't go together at all, some gift recipients actually prefer something they can put to use rather than a gift that is cute or even sentimental. What is most important is that your gift shows that you have been listening to what your sweetheart has said. Therefore, think about what they have mentioned in passing and use that as a springboard for gifts. Some ideas include:

  • Fuzzy slippers or moccasins
  • Cozy bath robes (customize with their initials for a twist)
  • New pajamas, socks or underwear (try a high-end brand for a practical gift that feels luxe)
  • Cooking gadgets (only if the recipient is truly passionate about cooking!)
  • Board games for two (We love We're Not Really Strangers)
  • His and hers mugs (plus their favorite hot drink)
  • Yard games (cornhole boards, giant Jenga, Yardzee, etc.)
  • New luggage (for your next romantic trip)

Thoughtful Gifts Impress the Most

You don't have to give the most expensive gift you can think of. You just need to give a gift that shows you truly care for your sweetheart and understand what he or she really likes. If you can do that, you'll give your love the most impressive gift of all.

30 Ideas to Take Traditional Valentine's Gifts to the Next Level