41 Friendsgiving Invitation Wording Ideas (With Customizable Templates)

Published October 4, 2022
Friends Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner Together

The menu is set. The decorations are in your cart. Now it's time to create your Friendsgiving invitations, but what do you say? Rather than mull over the wording, try out a few festively fun Friendsgiving invitations or download free Friendsgiving invitation templates to make party planning a little easier.

Create a Friendsgiving Invitation to Remember

So you want to bring all your friends together. Well, a Friendsgiving party is the perfect way to gather. Take the first step to planning by nailing down the details of the invitation. Whether you're a seasoned party planner or new to the holiday party game, take a bit of the stress out by getting a quick list of what to say on your Friendsgiving invitation.

Party Details

Partygoers need to know what to expect. So, one of the first things you'll want to figure out is the details. Are you going to have a casual get-together with dishes to pass? Is it a potluck? Is it a more formal event? Lay out all the important details in the body of your invitation. Let your guests know how they should dress and if they should bring anything, what activities you're planning, and other expectations to make your celebration a Friendsgiving success. This also helps you think about the menu, decorations, and more.

Party Time and Location

If nothing else is clear on the invitation, the time and location should be. Make these clearly stand out.


Not all invitations need an RSVP. But if you are having a big crowd, you might want a head count for making food. RSVP can be as simple as a text or an email. You might also create a completely separate card for them to send back. It's a much easier way to know how much food to buy.

Free Friendsgiving Invite Templates for Your Celebration

Getting the details in order is only half the battle. Now you get to plan what your invitation looks like. Or, if you're more of a template person, you can personalize these templates for your Friendsgiving invites. If you need help downloading them, check out this tutorial.

Fall Leaves Motif

Play up your love of fall by creating a sensational fall Friendsgiving invitation. Capture the beauty of the season with a simple fall-colored invitation.

Friendsgiving Feast Invite

Is your celebration all about the food? The feast takes the center stage in this fun illustration. Let your guests know that you've got all the f's covered: fun, food, and friends.

Modern Friendsgiving Invitation

If you want a more modern feel to your invitation, go for bright colors and a simple layout. This template works great as an evite too.

Friendsgiving Potluck

Spice up your celebration by having a potluck. Make sure to let your guests know to bring a dish to pass.

Friendsgiving Invitation Wording to Make the Experience Unique

Templates make your life easy, but if you're more creative, then half the fun is creating the card yourself. Not a wordsmith? No problem at all. Enjoy an array of fun and unique Friendsgiving invitation wording.

Cute and Funny Friendsgiving Invite to Get a Laugh

When you and your friends get together, it's sure to be a riot. Get the party started with some of these fun Friendsgiving invitation headers.

  • You're invited to Friendsgiving! Let the food coma commence! Make sure to bring your stretchy pants.
  • Do you hear that gobble, gobble? Hopefully not! Join us while we celebrate and eat a fully cooked turkey!
  • Food, food, and more food! Kick it into high gear and get your eat on with us.
  • Get ready to eat so much gobble, gobble that you have to hobble, hobble to the livingroom. Join us for Friendsgiving.
  • Nothing is better than food, friends, and fun. We'll supply the food. You bring the fun!
  • Are you ready to get basted? We are talking about the turkey. Join us for Friendsgiving.
  • We don't give a cluck anymore. Don't be a turkey and join us for Friendsgiving!
  • Get your fat pants ready! You're invited to Friendsgiving!
  • Let's get stuffed together! Join us in the celebration of Friendsgiving together.
  • It's time to talk. Talk turkey! You're invited to our Friendsgiving celebration.

Witty Invite to a Friendsgiving Potluck

You know a potluck is what you are looking for, but you want to add a little pizzazz to your invitation. Try out these wording choices.

  • Join a Friendsgiving Feast! I've got the turkey. You bring the dishes.
  • Stuff yourself with side dishes. Bring a drink or dish to pass for our Friendsgiving potluck.
  • Let's eat, drink, and be thankful together! Bring your favorite dish and smiles to our Friendsgiving potluck.
  • Join us for a Friendsgiving potluck! Let's feast together by bringing a fun dish or dessert to pass.
  • Happy Friendsgiving! You're invited to get your potluck on.
  • It's a Friendsgiving potluck party! It's time to eat, drink, and be merry.
  • Come have a gobbling good time with us at our Friendsgiving potluck.
  • It's a potluck party. Join us to celebrate Friendsgiving and be thankful for one another.
  • Feast on good food at our Friendsgiving potluck party. Join us in sharing thanks together.
  • Let's be together this holiday. Bring a dish to share at our Friendsgiving potluck.
  • You make the sides come alive! Please bring a side to our Friendsgiving potluck.

Fall Friendsgiving Celebrations

Do you want your Friendsgiving invitation to have a fun fall theme? These invitation messages work great with leaves, pumpkins, and other festive fall décor.

  • Bringing turkey and toasts to the table! Fill your glasses with love and celebrate Friendsgiving with us.
  • Turkey, pumpkins, and pie, oh my! We want you to join us at our Friendsgiving table.
  • Gobble down a little turkey with us at our Friendsgiving celebration.
  • Never get stuffed alone! Join your friends for a Friendsgiving feast.
  • Gather around the table and give thanks with us this Friendsgiving at our party.
  • Get ready to gobble up a good time with us. Happy Friendsgiving!
  • Food just tastes better when we eat it together. Join us for Friendsgiving.
  • It's time to fall for a Friendsgiving feast. Come celebrate the season with us.
  • Fall into friendship by gathering around the table of turkey. It's our treat! Come celebrate Friendsgiving with us.
  • You're invited to a party! A Friendsgiving party! We've got the drinks, dinner, and dessert. Just bring your sense of fun.

Friendsgiving Evite Wording

Who's got time to print out the invitation? Get digital with this fabulous Friendsgiving evite wording. It's guaranteed to get the party started.

  • Bring on the food coma and football. Join us for a fun Friendsgiving celebration.
  • We are ready to celebrate what we are thankful for with friends. Join our Friendsgiving celebration.
  • Slide right in on the couch next to us for a little Friendsgiving fun! Come join our feast.
  • Nothing but friends and a good time. Celebrate Friendsgiving by sleeping off the food on our couch.
  • It's friends like you that make our world a better place. Bring your love to our Friendsgiving celebration.
  • Let's gather together to celebrate Friendsgiving. Share our thanks and gratitude this year.
  • It's time for a Friendsgiving extravaganza. Get your stretchy pants ready for the feast.
  • Let's be thankful! Gather with us to celebrate our gratitude for friends, food, and fun.
  • It's a Friendsgiving fiesta! Put on your party pants and join us.
  • We're bringing food, friends, and family together in one epic celebration. Happy Friendsgiving!

Knowing What to Say on Your Friendsgiving Invitation

It's time to celebrate. The first step is the invitation. Planning your invitation wording can help you nail down the rest of the party. You might choose a fall theme or a fun friend dance party. Use unique wording to really bring your invitations to life. And don't forget to nail down the details. Telling partygoers about dates, times, locations, and dress codes is a must.

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41 Friendsgiving Invitation Wording Ideas (With Customizable Templates)