21 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Couples That Fit Your Relationship

Choose winning ideas you'll love seeing in photos 50 years from now.

Published February 14, 2023
Young romantic couple standing face to face at beach

Getting engaged is a pretty huge deal, so of course you want your engagement pictures to be perfect. What you wear matters, but there are so many great options for engagement photo outfits that you'll have no trouble finding one that's super flattering for you and your beloved. These real-world outfit ideas will help you get great photos that show off who you are as a couple.

Let Your Setting Inspire Your Engagement Picture Outfit

man carrying woman piggyback on beach

Where you're holding your photoshoot can play a huge role in what you wear for your engagement photos. Most places have colors that stand out. Think blue water at the beach, purple flowers at the botanical garden, that kind of thing. If your outfits work with where you're shooting, you'll end up with photos that have a sophisticated and coordinated feel. Try some of these awesome location-specific outfit ideas for your engagement photoshoot:

  • Beach - You can't go wrong with blue here (bonus points if you can match the exact shade of blue in the water). Use accessories or a shirt or dress in this watery shade.
  • Fall forest - Fall leaves make a gorgeous engagement photo backdrop, and they're even better if you pick up one of the shades in your clothing or accessories. A deep burgundy also always looks good.
  • Evergreens - Pine trees make a neutral backdrop for pretty much any outfit, but shades of pink or red look especially lovely in front of them.
  • Prairie - Grasses are just gorgeous in photos, and they're also totally neutral. Any color works here, so play up texture with flowing fabrics that mimic the movement of the grasses.
Quick Tip

We can't overstate how important it is to be comfortable in your photoshoot outfit. Pick something you can move in, and avoid tight waistbands and itchy fabrics at all costs.

Dress for Golden Warmth

Happy woman embracing female partner

If you want that golden, romantic light in your pictures, chances are your photographer will want to shoot at golden hour. About an hour before sunset, the light turns super warm and flattering. You can play this up with your outfits, infusing the pictures with the most gorgeous glow:

  • Yellow - Warm yellow tones, both in the actual articles of clothing and in accessories, are the first choice here. Make sure it's not a green-yellow, but one that leans more toward orange.
  • Ivory - Neutrals always work, but a warmer neutral like ivory will feel more romantic than a traditional white. This is great if you want to keep things less colorful and let the light and your love take center stage.
  • Warm metallics - Metallics might not be your first thought for engagement photo clothing, but you can bring in a little bit of metallic gold or rose gold for an unbelievable glow. Mention this to your photographer first to make sure they're up for it, since sparkles can be hard to photograph in super bright light.
  • Cozy fabrics - Warmth is about color, but there's also literal warmth to consider here. If you're wearing cozy sweaters or scarves and looking at each other with love, people will be able to feel the heat in your photos.

Mix and Match to Show Your Personality

Young couple laying in grass and holding hands

You don't have to look like you planned your outfits to match each other perfectly. After all, you're two different people, even if you're soulmates. There are lots of ways to wear different things and still look coordinated in your portraits:

  • Scale - If you're wearing two patterns, such as stripes and flowers, choose one that's way bigger or smaller in scale than the other. Then you won't clash.
  • Color - Pick one color that will appear somewhere in both your outfits. It doesn't have to be a huge part of your clothing; the color of the flowers in a dress and the shade of the other person's socks work just fine, for instance.
  • Formality - If you go casual, you should both go casual (but that doesn't mean you need to wear the same jeans and t-shirt combo). Same thing with fancier looks.

Let Your Outfits Show Who You Are

Young female couple

Love your beloved's funky hair and your tattoos? Adore your leather trench coat and their floral sundresses? Embrace all of it. What we wear says a lot about who we are, and your engagement photos should too. If you wear something all the time or have a unique look you love, that's what you should wear. These tips can help make that approach work:

  • Background - If there's a lot going on with patterns or bright colors, keep your photo backgrounds simple. This lets the viewer's eye rest where it belongs - on the two of you.
  • Activity - Do you love surfing or skiing or anything else that has specific clothes associated with it? Then do your photoshoot in those outfits and that place. Your images will be super you.
  • Statement - Personality-based outfits work best in photos if there aren't too many statements being made at the same time. Don't compete with each other for the spotlight, even unintentionally. Instead, take a sec to look in the mirror and see if you are clashing or stealing the focus from each other.

Embrace Neutral Engagement Photo Clothing

Couple wearing a blanket

While it's super fun to show who you are in your outfits, you can also do the opposite - let your outfits be the background for your awesomeness. Neutrals are never, ever the wrong choice when you're choosing what to wear for photos. That's because they don't take any attention away from you and your love. There are lots of ways to choose neutrals that show your personality.

  • Texture - Neutral doesn't mean boring. Pick cable-knit sweaters, silky satins, and other pretty textures to add that something extra.
  • Mood - There are warm and cool neutrals, and which you choose depends on the mood you want to convey and the background of your photos. Warm-toned neutrals are perfect for yellow light and golden backgrounds, while cool tones are great for snowscapes and overcast days.
  • Style - You can show your style with casual or fancy outfits in neutral tones. Flowing skirts, soft knits, and pretty much anything else can work.
  • Dark and light - Choose engagement photo clothing that differs how dark or light it is, so the two you don't blend into each other or the background. Pick one super dark thing (like a pair of pants or a shirt) and add in some mid-toned or lighter items.

Keep It Casual and Comfy

Happy embraced couple walking with umbrella at foggy forest

While it's fun to dress up, it's even better to wear something that's really comfortable. That way, you'll both be at ease in front of the camera and better at focusing on one another. There are no rules about casual clothing, but these tips can help.

  • Nothing fancy - Wear what you might typically wear - maybe just a little more coordinated. Plaid shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and anything else you normally wear can work.
  • Homey - What do you wear when you're lounging at home? That's definitely worth a second thought as an option, especially if you're going to do the photoshoot in your house or apartment.
  • Jeans - Jeans are never the wrong answer for photos. They're neutral, and everyone has jeans that look good on them. Plus, they are easy to photograph and give your pictures a really relaxed vibe.
Quick Tip

Go for solids if you're keeping it casual. Skip t-shirts with words or distracting graphics because they can distract from your faces and make the image look less-than-pro.

Comfortable, Simple, and Totally Stress-Free

There are so many engagement photo outfit ideas to choose from, but don't feel overwhelmed by the options. You can't go wrong if you pick something comfortable and simple. The point of these pictures is showing everyone who sees them, whether you're sharing them online with the perfect caption or sending them out in paper announcements, just how much you guys care about each other.

21 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Couples That Fit Your Relationship