Country Western Style Wedding Cakes

Updated November 24, 2018
cowboy and cowgirl cake topper

Couples who plan to have an outdoor wedding, enjoy farm and ranch life, or simply love western décor might choose country western style wedding cakes for their dessert. Add a little country flair with themed designs.

Designs for Country Western Style Wedding Cakes

Like any themed cake, a country western one should reflect the rest of the wedding's tone. If you are planning casual gathering in a decorated barn, you want your cake to fit the surroundings. Similarly, if you are planning an elegant wedding in a country western dance hall, you want your cake to reflect the ambiance you have created through the decorations and setting.

Horseshoe Cakes and Display

Place a classic round or square white cake on a pillar stand with greenery below and on top of the cake. Then surround the cake with shaped horseshoe cakes, also frosted in white, for an elegant display on your cake table. A few more pieces of greenery and a sign inviting all the guests to enjoy completes the cake display.

Horseshoes wedding cake

Classic Tiered Cowboy Wedding Cake

A classic cowboy cake is one that is understated but still gets the theme across. For example, you might choose a topper featuring cowboy and cowgirl figurines. Another option would be to use belt buckles, lassos, swags, horseshoes, and flower blossoms in a traditional tiered design.

Western cake with boot and lasso

Bride and Groom Horse Toppers

A couple who wants a traditional cake can still add country style by selecting a western wedding cake topper. The horses with bowtie and veil depict the bride and groom on top of a classic white cake.

Bride and groom horse toppers

Rustic Floral and Burlap Cake

Having a country western wedding cake doesn't mean you're stuck with paisley prints, cowboy boots, and animals. Look for a rustic design that incorporates pastel flowers, lace, and burlap for a pretty design that still looks like it's straight from the farm. Ivory frosting, rather than white, helps complete the country feel.

Rustic Floral Wedding Cake

Black and White Cow Cake

A black and white cow pattern cake is a great option for a couple who wants an understated design that still has a little ranch feel to it. The stacked tiers allow the pattern to come over the side and flow into the black ribbons wrapped around each cake edge. Keeping everything black and white adds a sophisticated touch.

Cow Pattern Wedding Cake

Western Cake Ideas for Grooms

Couples who want country western style wedding cakes but are not sure about making it their main cake can opt to include a decorated groom's cake in their celebration. Unique groom cakes are becoming trendy, and many couples get creative in their design choices. Place the groom's cake on the same table as the traditional cake, so everyone gets a chance to see the country western decorated cake.

Sculpture Cake

A sculpted cake is a great options for groom's cake. These 3D designs are often done in the shape of cowboy boots and hats. However, you can also shape them like barns, tractors, or even tree stumps.

chocolate brownie cake

Sheet Cakes

Wedding sheet cakes are a popular cake size and shape for a groom's cake, because a scene can be depicted on top of it with relative ease. Try one of these ideas for your country western groom's cake:

  • Cowboy figure on horse, herding cattle across water
  • Edible image of the couple from a photograph of them in western attire
  • Fence, stable and horse figures
  • Wagon train going across the cake
  • Graphics to match your western invitation

Country Wedding Cake Appeal

The appeal of a western wedding is far reaching. Even some city dwellers are drawn to country style weddings, opting to host their weddings in rural areas. Country cakes are the perfect dessert for these rustic weddings, and couples choose a country-themed cake for a variety of reasons.

  • The couple is already planning a country western or rustic themed wedding.
  • One or both spouses work in an occupation like farming, ranching, or large animal veterinary care.
  • The wedding location is being held in a rural venue.
  • Country cakes are versatile-decorations can range from cute and casual to elegant and simplistic.
    western cake with roses and horseshoe

Unified Theme

Rustic or country themes are popular for couples who feel a strong connection to the lifestyle and nature. A country western cake will pull the entire theme together and is a delicious way to end the wedding celebration.

Country Western Style Wedding Cakes