How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding

Updated January 18, 2019
red wagon wedding decoration

If you want to add a playful touch to your ceremony or reception, find out how to decorate a red wagon to match your wedding theme. From a wagonload of flowers to a great favor-delivery method, it's fun to decorate these pull toys for a variety of wedding-related tasks.

Outdoor Wedding Wagon Decorations

Wagons are the ideal addition to a casual backyard wedding and reception. Landscaping decorations often include wagons, so making a red wagon part of your wedding decorations is a natural choice. A red wagon as décor is also perfect for people who met in childhood, as it is often a beloved toy.

Spring and Summer Wedding Wagon Decorations

If your wedding colors include red, you do not need to worry about covering the entire wagon to hide the red. Instead, let a little show through for an added pop of color. A distressed wagon is also great, whether it's metal or wood, as it can lend a great country flair to your event. Hang a cute sign or banner, such as "Mr. and Mrs." on the side of the wagon and load it up with blooms. There are several ways to fill the wagon with seasonal flowers.

  • Fill the wagon with a wedding flower arrangement using the same flowers as the bridal bouquets.
  • Choose to fill your wagon with de-potted hanging flowers. The hanging leaves and blooms will cover any brand names or flaws on the side of the wagon.
  • Fill the wagon with decorative rocks or pebbles, and then intersperse large blooms, greenery and branches inside for a miniature garden.

Fall Wedding Decorations With Wagons

fall red wagon wedding decoration

Couples who need decorations for an outdoor wedding in the fall can also use a red wagon. Red is one of the colors of the season, so it makes decorating easy. You can use metal, plastic, or wood wagons. There are plenty of great options:

  • Use miniature pumpkins, full-sized pumpkins, or gourds to give your wagon a beautiful harvest feel.
  • Fill the wagon with apples if you're getting married in an orchard or want to embrace an apple theme or the color red.
  • Surround the wagon with fall wedding flowers like chrysanthemums and add a fun autumn wedding banner to the outside.

Decorating a Red Wagon for Indoors

You can use red wagons as part of your ceremony and reception decorations, and you can even make them a functional part of your event. Either way, they give you wedding a fun, playful ambiance that everyone will enjoy.

How to Decorate a Miniature Wagon for Your Ceremony

wagon with flowers for a wedding

Use a miniature red wagon, available for about $13 on Amazon. You can fill the wagon with cut flowers and place it next to a welcome sign or your guest book. Red and white tulips are a simple choice. Alternatively, you can make a bow to tie on the wagon handle and fill the wagon with programs or bubbles. Place flowers nearby or wrap the wagon in a garland of blooms.

Decorating a Wagon to Use at Your Reception

wagon with wedding favors

You can make the wagon functional, as well as decorative. In fact, if your wedding favors are packaged in a beautiful way, they can act as the decoration for the wagon. It will give you a beautiful, cohesive look if you decorate the favors with red ribbon or red flowers to play up the color of the wagon itself. Simply decorate the wagon to match your theme, and then put the wedding reception favors inside the wagon. Place it near the drink station or by the doors so everyone gets a chance to take a favor. Attach balloons to each side of the wagon to make it more noticeable.

Decorating a Wedding Wagon for Kids

You can also use a red wagon to pull younger children, such as flower girls, down the aisle. This is and ideal option for little ones who can't reliably walk in the direction of the alter or arch. Check out some great ideas to decorate a wedding wagon for kids to match any theme or style of wedding. Your guests will be overcome by the cuteness.

A Classic, Playful Choice

Use a red wagon as a wedding reception decoration, ceremony prop, or as part of decorations for a garden wedding to personalize your wedding day with a festive, unique, and nostalgic touch. No matter how you decorate it, this is a classic and playful choice that everyone is sure to remember.

How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding