Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister

Published November 4, 2020
Woman giving wedding toast

A wedding speech for a brother from a sister can be a mix of love and humor. You can illustrate your relationship with your brother by sharing one or two short stories about growing up together.

Creating a Wedding Speech for a Brother From a Sister

Your wedding speech for your brother should be from the heart. You want to use this opportunity to let your brother know how important he is to you. Keep in mind that others will be making a wedding speech or toast as well, and long-winded speeches quickly become tedious. Keeping these things in mind, your speech will be one of the first ones of the night, so you can set the pace and expectation by keeping it entertaining, but not drawn out. You can download the following three speeches as printables that you can edit and customize for your speech. To download, you can refer to the Guide for Adobe Printable.

1. Unconditional Love: Wedding Speech for a Brother Sample

In the speech below, you'll need to insert the names for Bride or Brother wherever indicated.

"Good evening. I'm so happy to be here tonight. First, I want to wish my brother and his new wife a wonderful life together. The two of you are great together, and today, your wedding, it was just magical."

[Turn to the guests.]

"Many of you only know my brother as the cool, dashing, athletic, somewhat successful professional [fill in type of career]. However, he wasn't always that way. I know. It's difficult to imagine, but he was once just a little guy, my baby brother. And, even though we're adults, I'll always think of him as my little brother."

[Look at your brother.]

"I spent our childhood looking out for you, Brother, and I'll always be your big sister and always look out for you."

[Insert a story about how you protected your brother or encouraged him when he was a little boy and was feeling discouraged or challenged.]

"What I've learned from being your big sister is unconditional love. I've always known that I love you unconditionally, but I never knew that you loved me unconditionally. Not until…"

[Insert short story of how you discovered your brother's love was unconditional. When finished, turn to the bride.]

"I know that you, Bride, have also discovered that same unconditional love. And, just as importantly, I know that you love my brother the same way he loves, with your whole heart. Bride, I'm so grateful that my little brother found the love of his life. Seeing the two of you together always makes me smile. I can't help it. You are a perfect match for each other. You give each other permission to be yourselves. You accept each other's imperfections. Most importantly, you support and encourage each other, no matter what task or project you decide to tackle, like the time Brother decided to…"

[Insert a funny story of a project or task your brother undertook that turned out badly in a humorous way. This can be anything from any time in his life.]

"Had you been by his side at the time he did that, I know you would have been right there with him, helping him. And, knowing that, I can breathe a sigh of relief as Brother's big sister because I know you will look out for him the same way I always have. I also know that he will always look out for you, the same way he has always looked out for me."

[Turn back to the other guests.]

"Please join me in a toast to Bride and Brother. To a life filled with happiness and love. May you build on the love and relationship you sealed today with your wedding vows and always have each other's best interest as your number one priority in your marriage, with your combined unconditional love guiding you."

Unconditional Love: Wedding Speech for a Brother Sample

2. Sibling Rivalry: Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister

This speech is good for siblings who have always competed against each other. It should be delivered as poking fun at yourself with some additional light-hearted teasing of your brother. This wedding speech for your brother should be delivered as entertainment to everyone at the wedding reception and given only a loving sister can only do.

Wedding guests toasting to newlyweds

"Thank you all for coming to my brother's wedding. I love my brother, dearly. You know that right, Brother? But I must admit we've always had a kind of competition going on between us. Yeah, Brother, you can't deny it. Sometimes, it wasn't very pretty."

"But today! I mean, Brother, I have to say, you took all this competitiveness between us to an extreme level by being the first one to get married. And yeah, you won the whole marriage competition, but you are so much more than the winner of our little competition. You are a star winner because you chose Bride to be your wife! You truly rose to stardom level in our competition when you somehow convinced this poor woman to marry you."

[If you were the first one to get married, then replace the previous paragraph with the following one.]

"But I beat you at the whole first to get married competition. And even though you're the loser, I have to say you are very much the winner by marrying, Bride! You truly rose to stardom level in our competition when you somehow convinced this poor woman to marry you."

[You can then continue.]

"No offense to you, Bride, because I love you dearly too. But this is about my brother and his obsession to best me and just how far he's willing to go. You don't believe me? Once, when we were kids, he..."

[Insert an example that demonstrates this kind of sibling rivalry. Keep it fun and in a loving spirit.]

"Of course, I was the more mature one, I rose above the pettiness of such competition and..."

[Insert what you did to get back at him that shows you were not at all the more mature one.]

"In all seriousness, though, Brother and Bride I am so happy for the two of you. Watching the two of you preparing for your wedding, I realized just how much you adore each other."

[Turn to the guests for the final toasting.]

"Please raise your glasses and join me in toasting my wonderful brother and his new wife! May you always be the winners in life. I love both of you very much."

Sibling Rivalry: Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister

3. Twins: Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister

If you and your brother are twins, then you have quite a bit of material (history) to draw on for your wedding speech. The most obvious theme is how alike the two of you are. You can use this wedding speech for your Brother to express how much he means to you. The following sample is intended to be used as a guide. You can edit and change anything you wish to make it fit you and your brother.

Woman giving wedding toast

"Good evening, everyone! What a wonderful wedding we all just attended! [Pause for applause] As you know, Brother and I are twins, but we are very different people. Brother likes rock music, I like classical. Brother is athletic and I'm a bookworm. Brother likes comedy movies, I like sci-fi. And the list goes on. For twins, we just aren't very much alike. In fact, I'd say we are pretty much like most siblings, except we do have the typical twin connection. Fro example, I knew when Brother..."

[Insert a twin story of when you and your brother had that kind of ESP or other unique connection and you knew something had happened to him or he was feeling something.]

"That wasn't the only time we've had such a strong connection. I know when he's happy and when he's sad. And the most important connection I have felt with you, Brother was earlier today. I could feel your exuberance. I felt the love you have for Bride, and it made me so grateful that you've found such fulfillment in Bride, your new wife."

"Your happiness is so important to me, and I know you will always have it with Bride. The two of you have so much in common and you both have big hearts."

"Bride, when you entered my brother's life, it was like you turned on a light switch. He always had a lot of energy and zest for life, but you've amplified all that and so much more. You complement him, the way he seems to complement you."

"And isn't that what a marriage needs? Two people who are whole by themselves. It's obvious that you make an amazing team, and I can't wait to see the life you carve out for yourselves-together."

[Turn to the guests with toasting glass in one hand.]

"Please join me in celebrating Brother and Bride as they start their lives together as husband and wife. May you forever hold the joy you share today in your hearts and never let it go!"

Twins: Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister

Personalizing Wedding Speech for Brother Samples

You can use a wedding speech for brother sample to craft your own speech. You may even decide to combine a few ideas from these wedding speech samples to personalize your speech at your brother's wedding. The important thing is that your words come from your heart, even if you used a little help to put your speech together.

Sample Wedding Speech for a Brother From His Sister