Wedding Canopy Ideas

Updated July 19, 2019
outdoor canopy with chandelier

Cover your wedding space with a stylish canopy. A canopy is an alternative to tents and wedding arches that can be decorated to meet numerous wedding styles as well as be part of traditional Jewish or Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Canopy Options

Planning a wedding outside means you will need to signify exactly where the event will be taking place. While the obvious chair set up will designate the area, create a more cohesive space by using a canopy effectively.

  • Couples can stand below the canopy for the ceremony.
  • The canopy can go above the seating area to create an intimate feeling for guests.
  • If you have a cocktail or lounge area arranged, use a canopy to cover it.
  • Small cake tables or serving bars can also be covered by an outdoor canopy.

Beach Ceremony and Aisle Canopies

While many canopies are used to highlight the altar area, you aren't limited to this use. Instead, place a larger canopy over the guest seating area. Driftwood and bamboo make great posts for your canopies on the beach. Make sure the bridal arch is centered and the only additional decorations you will need are floral bows to help tie the seating canopy sides. Lining them above the aisle can further set your ceremony apart from the rest of the beach. Let the canopy fabric flutter in the breeze over the aisle.

Wedding setting on the beach

Colorful Luxury Canopy

Bright, colorful canopies in rich fabrics add a luxurious feel to an outdoor wedding ceremony. Combine traditional tulle or organza with heavier silk or jacquard fabrics for an opulent feel. Lush floral arrangements hung across the top of the canopy are replicated on the sides. The back of this canopy features floral strands and hanging beads to finish the look. Placing the canopy on staging helps set it apart from the rest of the site and makes the ceremony more visible to guests in the back.

Pink decorations at Hindi wedding

Garden Canopy With Greenery

If you're planning a backyard garden wedding, botanical center wedding, or wedding in an outdoor tropical locale, using a canopy that showcases the greenery surrounding you is is a wonderful idea. Ask your florist to incorporate greenery from native plants so the canopy looks natural. Utilize plants with different leaf shapes to keep the look natural. Strategically place oversized blooms across the front of the canopy that match the rest of the bridal party bouquets.

Wedding canopy outdoor

Romantic Reception Canopies

As the sun sets in the evening, you'll need to have reception lighting ready. Instead of hanging lanterns or torches, combine canopies with lighting strands. Set canopies above each table for a private, romantic feel. Line the tulle and top of the canopy fabric with strand lights. Lightly drape the fabric over the edge to soften the look. Colored light strands can also be used to tie into your wedding decorations.

Romantic dinner setup on beach at night

Indoor Canopy Ideas

Indoor canopies are used during the ceremony to designate and decorate the altar area where the bride and groom stand; sometimes they are religious in nature as well, like the Jewish chuppah. Generally, they do not cover the guest ceremony seating area inside. At receptions, they may cover a cake table, the dance floor, or even be suspended from the ceiling to decorate the entire reception room.

Traditional Ceremony Canopy

A canopy serves as a way to designate the ceremony location indoors, especially when you don't have a traditional altar to decorate. White flowers adorn the top of the canopy and match the arrangements that serve as the fabric ties, giving it a traditional yet classy look. Strategic lighting adds to the opulent feel of the event and decorations.

Beautiful photo of the Jewish Hupa

Reception Entrance Canopy

Everyone wants to make a grand entrance at the wedding, from the bridal party to the guests. Setting up a canopy near the entrance makes a great photo backdrop and lets everyone have a moment in the limelight. Incorporate colorful fabric that matches your scheme and instead of a traditional covering, hang designer panels from the ceiling.

Interior of a indoor wedding reception hall

Designate an Area With a Canopy

Canopies also work inside to divide up large open spaces into separate niches. For example, you could add a canopy around the bar, cake display table, head table, or the favor table. In fact, if you have to bring in a dance floor and place it off to the side, a larger canopy can help outline the area for boogying. Decorate the canopy with real or faux florals, fabric, and ribbons, just like you would in any other area.

decorated table in the main hall wedding

Creative Canopy Coverings

Canopies can be used in a variety of ways at your wedding. They are an excellent way to draw attention to a special part of the nuptials or carve out niche for a cake. Decorate the canopy so it matches the rest of the wedding decorations.

Wedding Canopy Ideas