Extravagant Wedding Ideas

Published March 9, 2018
Newlywed couple sharing romantic moment

Even if you can't afford an extravagant wedding, you can add some touches that are over-the-top and will make a lasting impression on your guests. Incorporating even one idea will wow everyone and bring a luxurious touch to your nuptials and reception.

Roaming Ceremony Peacocks

If you're planning a peacock themed outdoor wedding, see if you can have peacocks roaming the grounds. Check with your location and local ordinances, then contact a reputable zoo or exotic animal trainer. Make sure you have someone trained who will accompany the bird throughout the festivities to ensure its safety.

Roaming ceremony peacock

Hire an Orchestra

Couples often hire a violinist and pianist for their ceremony music. However, you can go the extra mile and hire a half or full orchestra. This will create a stunning sound experiences for all of your guests that is sure to be memorable. Place the orchestra up front so everyone can enjoy their prelude music as well as the ceremonial pieces.

Winds section of orchestra

Ceremony Sculptures

Custom sculptures can take everyone's breath away when they are used as part of the decorations. While many people are familiar with ice sculptures on reception buffet tables, they may not think of having a sculpture for the ceremony.

Floral Arch Sculpture With Aisle Details

While floral arches are used in many outdoor ceremonies, a full floral decoration complete with beads and crystals is going to make a statement beyond the traditional wood or tulle and floral combination. Have aisle embellishments added using the same blooms that are in matching shapes, and everyone's entrance will be elegant.

Floral wedding sculpture by sea

Sand Sculpture

Hire a sand sculptor to create a stunning visual for your seaside nuptials. Turtles, seashells, hearts, dolphins, and flowers can all be sculpted out of sand. Have your monogram or wedding date added for a beautiful reminder.

Celebration of Love Sand Sculpture

Luxury Table Settings

Table settings don't need to be basic. Choose opulent place settings that feature crystals, silver, gold, rhinestones, and even gemstones. Glass or mirrors on the table add to the elegant look of the tables and reflect the candles and lighting. Make sure you select linens, like tablecloths and napkins, with a high thread count and rich feel.

Elegant table setting for wedding

Hanging Ceiling Florals

Long floral ropes hanging from the ceiling create an ethereal fairytale impression upon all of your guests. The additional expense of these floral designs, along with the labor for hanging them and removing them, make them an extravagant expense that's well worth it when you see the ambiance they create. Add crystal ropes for even more effect.

Hanging white ceiling florals

Special Effects for the First Dance

A first dance with spotlights and special reception lighting is nothing new. But hiring a special effects group or DJ with special effects available will take your first trip around the floor to the next level. Small ground fireworks that go off behind you, along with smoke and fog effects, are sure to create a magical moment for all.

Amazing first wedding dance

Grand Helicopter Getaway

Limos are out -- instead, hire a helicopter to make a grand exit from your wedding reception. You'll need to clear it with your location, but this is one way to head to your honeymoon in style that you'll remember forever. Your guests can send you off like a rock star!

newlyweds about to board helicopter

Edible Gold Cake Favors

Don't skimp when it comes to letting your guests enjoy a taste of luxury. Instead of traditional chocolates or bubbles, have miniature cakes covered in edible gold ready to go home with each guest. They'll savor the night with each bite!

Edible gold cake favors

Opulent Options for Your Wedding

When the budget isn't an issue, you can find plenty of ways to add rich ideas to your wedding ceremony and reception. Elegant touches ensure your wedding is the toast of the season.

Extravagant Wedding Ideas