Balloon Decorations for a Wedding Reception

Updated December 29, 2018
wedding reception with white balloon decorations

Balloons are a festive and affordable way to decorate your wedding reception. Although you may not think of balloons as sophisticated décor, they can be made into stunning displays for modern wedding receptions.

Wedding Balloon Arches

Guests can enter the reception site through a simple wedding arch made with balloons. Arches can also frame cake and dessert tables as well as the head table.

Traditional Entrance Arch

traditional balloon wedding entrance arch

For couples who want a traditional arch, you can also dress it up a little. Consider having the arch reflect your overriding theme, like a rainbow colored arch or grapevine and ivy crawling up an arch. Add large floral arrangements to the end of each side of the arch. This adds a touch of elegance to the arch. You can also have large balloons displays along the reception entrance aisle.

Head Table Arch

Wedding head table balloon arch decoration

The head table can be highlighted with a balloon arch. Have one made in your wedding colors and added as a backdrop over the bridal party. Add hanging balloons to help create the scene and large pedestal arrangements at each end.

How to Make Balloon Wedding Arches

Chicken netting, some glue dots, and fresh florals, plus some time and patience are all that's needed to create a beautiful arch on a wall or around a doorway.

Table Decorating With Balloons

Balloons add interest and appeal for table decorations.


Wedding reception balloon decoration centerpiece

Incorporate balloons into your reception centerpiece. The height adds visual interest, drawing the eye upwards, and you make the most out of reception spaces with high ceilings.

Head Table Backdrop

head table balloon decorations

The head table is often a focal point for the reception. Make it one to remember by creating swags behind the table and along the front of the table. Large shapes like double hearts can be hung behind the couple. Add large balloon trees, topiaries or columns to the ends of the head table. Lights strung near or with the balloons can look stunning in soft lighting.

Cake Table

cake table with pink balloons

Create a unique cake table look by doing it with balloons. Small Mylar or latex balloons can be fashioned into a cake topper. Set up bride and groom figures made with balloons next to the cake. Hang a balloon swag made of an accent color on top of a tablecloth in the main wedding color.

Balloon Ceiling Decorations

Balloons are often hung from the ceiling at wedding receptions. This utilizes a large space and helps fully decorate the area.

Above the Bridal Party and Guests

Yellow and white balloons on ceiling

Put colorful balloons above the bridal party or space them across the entire reception areas. Balloons can be filled with helium and allowed to float as they cover the space or you can create clusters.

Balloon Drop Over Dance Floor

Hang balloons above the dance floor using netting. At a designated time, have them "popped" or released and they will fall down upon guests. This is a fun twist to your reception decorations.

Additional Balloon Decoration Ideas

Plenty of spaces in the reception area can be accented with balloon decorations. Don't feel like you're limited to the entrance, ceiling, and tables.

Wall Display

Love balloon wall decoration for wedding

A wall display creates a nice backdrop for photos and is an interesting alternative to traditional fabric backdrops. Hang up words and phrases like "I Do", "Mr. & Mrs.", or even your initials in a monogram formation. Use your colors and theme to tie the design into your wedding.


Swan balloon decoration at wedding reception

Balloon sculptures can be created by blowing up balloons of different colors and shapes and arranging them so they create a shape. This is especially helpful at a themed wedding, where you can add swans, butterflies, or even Celtic knots.

Bride and Groom Printed Balloons

BalsaCircle 2 pcs 14

Balloons don't have to float to be pretty and effective decorations. Blow up various sizes of balloons, but skip the helium. Attach them to one another and spread along the floor near a wall, banister or table (to avoid tripping). They can also float freely near walls and kids can play with them as desired.

Festive Reception Decorations

Balloons offer versatility and add a punch of color to your reception decorating scheme. Whether you just want to add a few in strategic areas, such as the cake table and guest book table, or you decide to go all out with arches and head table backdrops, they let your guests know they're in for a fun evening!

Balloon Decorations for a Wedding Reception