10 Prosperity Symbols in Feng Shui to Invite Abundance

Published February 1, 2021
woman choosing prosperity symbols

A feng shui prosperity symbol and feng shui abundance symbol often reference feng shui wealth symbols. The feng shui abundance symbols include aquariums and various wealth symbols you can use in your home, office, or carry with you.

Identifying a Feng Shui Prosperity Symbol

There are many good luck symbols and good luck charms in feng shui. To increase your prosperity and abundance luck, you want to choose feng shui symbols that are specific for stimulating prosperity luck and abundance luck in your home or office.

1. Fish Feng Shui Prosperity Symbol

Fish are an ancient feng shui prosperity symbol. You can use the feng shui lucky number of fish to stimulate your feng shui wealth luck. The auspicious combination is eight gold/red fish and one black fish in your home or office feng shui aquarium to ensure your prosperity luck is activated. Koi (carp) are traditional prosperity and good luck symbols. Koi ponds are a popular feng shui feature of prosperity and abundance.

Arowana, the Dragon Fish for Career Success and Prosperity

Another symbol of prosperity, the Arowana (dragon fish) is considered one of the most powerful feng shui symbols. In fact, the Arowana is so highly prized; they are given as coveted business gifts to be displayed in a large aquarium in business offices. You can also place a real Arowana fish in your outdoor pond, or hang a painting of an Arowana fish in your personal wealth sector based on your kua number. You can also place a brass figurine of the Arowana fish.

dragon fish

2. Feng Shui Abundance Symbol of Garlic

There are a few feng shui abundance symbols you can use to attract abundance and prosperity. The dining room is the generator of family abundance. The feng shui prosperity symbols you want to display on your dining room table is a bowl of garlic bulbs, still in their sheaths. You may prefer to use gold plated garlic figurine placed in a dining table centerpiece.

Fresh purple garlic

3. Fresh Oranges Feng Shui Symbol of Prosperity and Wealth

You can place a bowl of fresh oranges on your kitchen table, island, bar, or on a living room coffee table. The orange is an ancient symbol of prosperity and great wealth. It is used to represent gold coins. You can feast on the oranges, just make sure you replace them with more fresh ones.

Fresh oranges

4. Laughing Buddha Feng Shui Symbol for Abundance and Prosperity

The round belly laughing Buddha is a great feng shui symbol of abundance, prosperity, and good luck. You will preferably use a laughing Buddha statue in the southeast (wealth) sector or your personal wealth direction.

Laughing Buddha

5. Feng Shui Stones for Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity

There are several gemstones that are feng shui prosperity symbols for wealth and abundance. You can choose from any of these powerful crystals and good luck gemstones. You can place the gemstone(s) in sectors governed by the earth element. These include the northeast (education luck) sector and the southwest (love and relationship luck) sector.

  • Amethyst: Health and wealth luck
  • Citrine: Stone of wealth luck
  • Jade: Stone of heaven for health and wealth luck
  • Quartz: Good luck amplifier
citrine crystals

6. Feng Shui Items for Good Luck and Prosperity

Red envelopes are a favorite feng shui item to stimulate prosperity and abundance. You can attract these auspicious energies by inserting a coin from a good Chinese dynasty inside the envelope.

  • Carry the envelope in your purse or wallet to attract auspicious chi energy to activate your abundance and wealth.
  • If you're in sales, you can keep a red envelope on your desk or in your phone case to stimulate phone calls and sales.
  • If you own a retail business, keep a red envelope on or by your cash register or in the cash drawer.
New Year decorations

7. Feng Shui Good Luck Pictures for Prosperity

Feng shui good luck pictures are another great way to stimulate auspicious energies to attract prosperity. You can place a picture of a gold mountaintop or mountain behind your desk to stimulate abundance and prosperity in your career.

Sunrise from top of the hill

8. Feng Shui Chinese Good Luck Animals for Prosperity Symbols

There are several animal prosperity symbols in feng shui. The deer is an abundance symbol. You can place a figurine or picture of a pair of deer in the southeast (wealth sector) of your home or office. A three-legged toad, known as the money toad, is an abundance symbol. You can place this figurine in the southeast (wealth) luck sector. Another feng shui prosperity symbol and abundance symbol is the peacock. You can place a picture of a peacock in the south (fame and recognition luck) sector of your home or office.

Three-legged toad

9. Feng Shui Money Trees for Prosperity and Abundance Symbols

There are several types of money trees that are prosperity and abundance symbols. These include the jade tree plant, pachira plant (original money tree), lucky bamboo, coin (real coins) tree, and gemstone trees.

Money Tree

10. Feng Shui Mystic Knot of Infinite Prosperity and Abundance

The mystic knot is the feng shui symbol of infinity. It is also a symbol of never-ending prosperity, abundance, and good luck. The knot is created with entiwned figure eights that have no end points. A framed drawing of a mystic knot can be placed in whatever sector you wish to have abundant prosperity. The mystic knot is typically used to support a good luck charm or symbol as a way to ensure your luck never runs out.

Chinese knot

Prosperity Symbols and Abundance Symbols in Feng Shui

There are many prosperity symbols and abundance symbols for you to use in feng shui applications. You can decide if you want to use an object, image, or plant as your favorite feng shui symbol.

10 Prosperity Symbols in Feng Shui to Invite Abundance