How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for a Peaceful Oasis

Updated December 29, 2021
beautiful master bedroom interior

Your bedroom is so much more than a place to sleep, so having the right feng shui bedroom layout creates energy that vastly enhances many areas of your life. Use some simple feng shui bedroom rules and tips to improve sleep, strengthen your passion and romantic relationship, and create an oasis of calm in a space that is uniquely yours.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Modern bedrooms have become multi-purpose spaces where you might read, watch television, have sex, sleep, exercise, work, or even eat. Unfortunately, creating your bedroom as a multi-use space can be detrimental--it invites active (yang) energy that doesn't support the bedroom's primary purposes of sleep, relaxation, and romance. So, when considering your bedroom layout for feng shui, the first thing to do is to pare down the bedroom's uses so it is designed only to support these activities. This means removing any items that don't fit within your bedroom's primary purposes.

Examples of items and furniture that support these purposes include:

  • Beds, bedding, and pillows
  • Headboard
  • Soft lighting and lamps
  • Bedside tables
  • Window treatments
  • Dressers or armoires
  • Additional seating
  • Art

The map below depicts the ideal feng shui bedroom furniture arrangement, but you can also put them in other sectors to avoid bed placement that causes negative or disruptive energy.

Bedroom bagua map

Ideal Feng Shui Bed Placement

Bed placement is the most important design aspect of your bedroom. Chi enters and leaves a room through windows and doors, and when you sleep, you want to be away from this rapidly moving energy. You can also minimize vulnerability with good feng shui bed placement. Your bedroom should offer you protection and safety so you can rest without fear and worry of interruptions and noise. To accomplish this, you need to place your bed in the optimum position.

bed against wall
  • Ideally, put your bed in the love and marriage sector if you can meet all of the other conditions below as well.
  • Place the bed away from the entry door. This prevents chi from flowing rapidly over you while you sleep. If you can't, use a privacy screen or curtain between the bed and door to slow the energy entering the room.
  • Don't sleep with the door at your feet. This is called the coffin position, and it represents death, which is energy you don't want to cultivate. A privacy screen or curtain at the foot of the bed can remedy this if you have no other place to put the bed.
  • Put your bed against a solid wall. This will provide strong, sturdy support and prevent any sense of movement behind you.
  • Avoid placing your bed in a corner diagonally. This allows too much energy movement by your head as you sleep.
  • Never place your bed on a wall shared with the bathroom.
  • Try to put your bed on the wall that is diagonally across from the entrance. This allows you to see anyone who enters your bedroom. However, work with limitations. If the only place available for your bed is on the same wall as the door, then put it as far away from the door as possible.
  • Avoid putting a bed under a window or partially blocking a window with your bed or headboard. If you must have a bed under a window, have a tall headboard that's the same height as the window and leave enough space between the bed and window that you can walk between them. This allows a space for the chi to flow as it comes through the window.
  • A good feng shui bed direction never faces the bathroom door. If you must, always keep the door closed.
  • Don't place the bed under beams. If you must, then hang a bamboo flute from the beam to soften the energy.
  • For ideal feng shui, never place your mattress directly on the floor--always use a bed frame and a headboard.

If the size or configuration of your room, especially window location, prevents you from following feng shui guidelines, then you can apply corrective feng shui cures and remedies.

How to Feng Shui Your Desk in the Bedroom

Your desk represents work and has too much active energy, which can prevent you from sleep and relaxation. Move the desk to a dedicated office space or another room where more active energy won't hamper relaxation. If you must have a workspace in your bedroom, try to consider good feng shui for desks. Additionally, choose furniture that can shut it all away, such as a secretary or armoire with a desk that closes up as soon as you are done working.

Feng Shui Rules for TV in the Bedroom

Woman Lounges in Bed Watching TV

Televisions (and other electronics) don't belong in the bedroom; they create too much active energy, which can disrupt sleep and relaxation. So, for ideal feng shui, keep the television out of the bedroom. However, if you must have a TV in your bedroom, place it in an armoire and keep the door closed when you sleep or cover the television before you go to sleep. If a laptop serves as your bedroom TV, close it and put it away in a drawer before going to sleep.

Where Do You Put the Dresser?

The ideal location for a dresser in the bedroom is in the family and new beginnings sector. If this is feasible, it's perfect placed up against a wall. If your dresser has a mirror, consider removing it or covering the mirror when you sleep to keep energy from darting about the room. You can also place the dresser (with or without a mirror) in the closet and keep the door closed.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules to Consider

Along with the above, the following feng shui bedroom rules can help you create the ideal environment.

Bedroom Interior Design With Modern Minimalist Style
  • Get rid of clutter; clean it out of closets, dressers, and bedside tables and from under the bed. Remove clutter from all horizontal surfaces as well.
  • Dirt and dust create stagnant chi, which can result in such things as illness, disharmony within your relationships, and loss of wealth, so keep all surfaces scrupulously clean and dusted.
  • Remove all work and exercise equipment from the room, as these attract the active energy that's detrimental to sleep and relaxation.
  • Keep mirrors out of the bedroom or place them inside your closet with the door closed.
  • Live plants bring too much active energy. This is great in other areas of your home, but keep them out of the bedroom.
  • Water doesn't belong in a feng shui bedroom. Keep water fountains and art depicting water out.
  • Avoid furniture placements that block natural pathways and doorways.
  • Avoid open bookshelves; books create a poison arrow effect. Remedy by adding either glass or wood doors.
  • Place a full-length mirror on the bathroom side of an en suite door and keep the door closed. This will keep bathroom energy in the bathroom and out of the bedroom.

Avoid and Fix Poison Arrows

Avoid or remedy placements that create poison arrows directed toward the bed. Poison arrows are created whenever you place an armoire or dresser so that the sharp edge of the corner is angled directly at the bed.

Sometimes you can't avoid poison arrows in your bedroom layout, but you can use remedies.

  • If furniture creates poison arrows, then remedy this by suspending a multi-faceted crystal ball from the ceiling so it is between the poison arrow and the bed.
  • Another solution is to use a runner for a dresser to conceal and soften the corner edges.
  • Place nightstands on either side of the bed; just be sure that the nightstand isn't higher than the mattress since this creates a poison arrow targeting the bed.
  • Open shelving creates poison arrows. Keep it out of the bedroom or use shelving that closes or has glass doors.

How to Feng Shui a Small Bedroom

Space is a premium in small bedrooms, which can make it difficult to follow many feng shui rules. The trick, then, is to scale down to fit the size of the room. Here are some feng shui layout tips for a small bedroom:

Small beige bedroom with bed and wardrobe
  • Smaller rooms can feel cramped and cluttered if they aren't carefully maintained. Ruthlessly clear out clutter and make sure you have a space for everything.
  • Downsize furniture to fit the room, opting for a smaller bed and smaller, lighter bedside tables and dresser. You can even try wall-mounted bedside tables.
  • Try wall sconces, which are more space-conscious choices than tabletop or floor lamps.
  • When laying out the room, start with bed placement, since this is the most important aspect of the bedroom.
  • Follow all other feng shui guidelines and rules for bedrooms.

Additional Feng Shui Tips & Ideas for a Bedroom

Minimalist bedroom décor helps keep clutter at bay, but you'll still want to bring your personal touch since it's your sanctuary.

Young couple making bed in morning
  • Make the bed every day.
  • Keep the room clean and free of dust, debris, and clutter.
  • Repair anything if it breaks, including chipped paint, burned out light bulbs, etc.
  • Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Feng Shui Bedroom Décor and Decorations

Try the following personal touches:

  • Bring items representing the earth element into your bedroom but don't overdo it; too much of anything quickly becomes clutter.
  • Use soft, indirect lighting to create a relaxing oasis.
  • Choose peaceful, restful colors for your bedroom such as soft yellow or relaxing blue.
  • When you select wall art, choose subjects that are happy and calm. Nature images and themes in twos, such as two mandarin ducks, swans, or peach blossoms, promote romance and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Place a red chair or lamp in the wealth and prosperity sector to promote wealth luck.
  • A dresser or small bookshelf in the family and new beginnings area amplifies family love and wellbeing, especially when topped by a small dish of tumbled rose quartz crystals or a deep green jade bowl--and no clutter.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Layout for Love

Feng shui is abundant with ways to activate your love and relationship luck in the bedroom. Love luck is symbolized by using pairs of items and objects along with various placements. With careful attention to your bedroom design, you can strengthen harmony and love in your life.

bedroom layout for love
  • Put the bed in the love and marriage sector of the room.
  • Decorate with pairs of objects to represent love and relationships.
  • Bring rose quartz into your bedroom to promote love and romance. Place them in either the wealth and prosperity sector or the love and romance sector.
  • Red can ignite passion, but use it judiciously--too much can keep you awake by overstimulating energy. Add small pops of red, such as a throw pillow, a chair, or a lampshade.
  • Add a few other items representing love, such as peony paintings or a pair of mandarin ducks.
  • Place things in pairs in the room: two throw pillows or matching nightstands, for instance.

Cultivate a Calming and Restful Space

Your bedroom is your YOU space. It's your sanctuary where you go to rest and renew. Using feng shui allows you to cultivate peaceful and serene energy so you can recharge after even the most hectic of days.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for a Peaceful Oasis