How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp (Plus Everyday Care Tips)

Updated April 13, 2021
himalayan salt lamp

Learn how to clean a Himalayan salt lamp in a few quick steps. Likewise, there are a few easy steps you can take to remedy problems such as flaking or leaking. When you follow specific care instructions, your Himalayan salt lamp will last a long time.

How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Your Himalayan salt lamp may require cleaning for a few reasons, including dust and debris accumulation and sweating. In fact, sweating is one of the main concerns for a Himalayan salt lamp. The salt acts as an air purifier by absorbing the moisture in the air. When the lamp is turned on, the salt grows warm and collects the microscopic water particles that slowly evaporate. Sometimes your salt lamp may collect more moisture than it can process, which results in dampness.

Choose the Right Cleaning Cloth

Choose a soft, dry cloth to clean your lamp. Keep in mind that your lamp has a rough and uneven surface. Avoid using a cloth that has lint or a material that is easily snagged.

Turn Off Lamp, Unplug, and Remove Light Bulb

Before you begin, turn off the lamp, unplug it from the electrical outlet, and remove the light bulb. This ensures you can safely clean your lamp without any danger of electrocution. By removing the light bulb, you'll have access to the socket to ensure you can safely check the area for dust or condensation.

Dab Cloth, Don't Rub

When cleaning your Himalayan salt lamp, the tendency may be to rub it with the cloth. Instead of rubbing the lamp, dab the cloth over surfaces to ensure you don't dislodge pieces and end up chipping away chunks of salt.

Return Light Bulb, Plug In, and Turn On

Once you've dusted and cleaned your lamp, you can return the light bulb, plug in your lamp, and continue to use it.

Commonly Asked Questions About Salt Lamp Care

There are several common questions owners have about their Himalayan salt lamps. As you start using your salt lamp, you may have a few of these same questions about caring for and using your salt lamp.

Can I Wash My Himalayan Salt Lamp?

You do not want to wash your Himalayan salt lamp since water will dissolve the salt. Some owners argue that washing a salt lamp will interfere with the salt's natural self-cleaning properties. Water can damage the health properties arising when the light bulb heats the salt. The heat releases the beneficial ions from the lamp's surface. These ions revitalize the air quality.

Can I Clean My Salt Lamp With a Damp Cloth?

If you can't remove the dust and debris with a dry cloth, you may try a damp cloth. Wring out the cloth really well so it is only slightly damp. Then, dab at dust and debris to clean it from your lamp.

How Often Should I Clean My Salt Lamp?

There is no set rule about how often you need to clean your salt lamp. The best guideline is to clean it when it gets dirty. How often this is depends on your environment.

How Long Can You Leave a Salt Lamp On?

When the salt lamp is not heated by the light bulb, it will absorb/attract more moisture. Often, the moisture will collect in your salt lamp and fail to evaporate completely. Most people find that leaving the lamp on for 24/7 solves any moisture problems. At the very least, you should aim for leaving your salt lamp on for 16 hours to remove any dampness that has collected.

switching Himalayan salt lamp

What Do I Do if My Lamp Is Leaking?

If your Himalayan salt lamp appears to be leaking or you find a pool of water around it, don't panic. This is a manifestation of sweating, only more extreme. A sweating salt lamp is a common issue for salt lamp owners.

  1. Fix a leaking salt lamp issue by first unplugging your lamp. Once the lamp is no longer connected to the electrical outlet, you can safely check for any signs of damage.
  2. Remove the light bulb to make sure there is no moisture build up in the lamp socket - you don't want the lamp to short out, blow the bulb, or cause other electrical problems.
  3. Check for areas that may be cracked and causing leaks. |If you don't find any cracks, your salt lamp may just be accumulating too much moisture.
  4. If you live in a high-humidity region, your lamp may not be able to keep up with the amount of moisture in the room.
  • Try moving the salt lamp to a room that has less humidity, such as a room you keep air conditioned or with a dehumidifier in it.
  • If your salt lamp continues to leak, the best solution is to place a plate, tray, or some type of protective plastic underneath the lamp base so the lamp doesn't damage your furniture.

Why Is My Salt Lamp Wet?

Your lamp may be absorbing a large amount of moisture. Take immediate action to remedy this problem. If let unchecked, the saturation of your salt lamp can cause the salt to dissolve or break off.

  1. Unplug the lamp and remove the light bulb.
  2. Place your lamp in direct sunlight to allow it to dry completely.
  3. Once the weeping has ceased and your Himalayan salt lamp is dry, you can return the light bulb and plug the lamp into the outlet to use as normal.

Why Is My Salt Lamp Shedding Salt?

If you live in a low-humidity, dry environment, your salt lamp may begin to shed or flake. The lamp is not absorbing enough moisture. The first thing you need to do for a shedding salt lamp is dust it.

  1. Unplug your lamp and remove the light bulb.
  2. Use a slightly damp cloth to dab away the shedding salt and any flakes.
Himalayan pink salt crystals lamp

Why Is My Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Turning White?

Sometimes, white crystals form on Himalayan pink salt lamps. This is a natural reaction to the evaporation of moisture collected in the salt. If you live where the humidity is high, this color change will be more prominent.

  • As with other issues, wipe away the residue with a slightly damp cloth; it won't harm the lamp.
  • Never rinse your lamp. Just as table salt dissolves in water, so will your Himalayan salt lamp.
  • Moving forward, slightly increase the light bulb wattage to remedy an ongoing problem with a build-up of moisture, but never use a wattage that is higher than what the manufacturer recommends.

Places Not to Use Your Lamp

There are a few places and rooms you don't want to place your Himalayan salt lamp. Some are more obvious places to avoid than others may be.

  • Any room that has a high and unusual moisture level, such as a bathroom, sauna, laundry room, or kitchen (steam from cooking) isn't the right environment for your lamp.
  • Avoid placing your lamp in an unfinished basement since this space tends to have a high humidity level that would be detrimental to your lamp.
  • Don't leave your lamp on a porch, covered deck, or patio overnight since the night air is often humid.
  • Rain can destroy your lamp if you leave it out in the elements.

Salt Lamp Care for Pet Safety

If you have house pets, keep them away from your Himalayan salt lamp. Cats are especially curious about most things and tend to lick objects. Salt poisoning can occur when a dog or cat intakes too much salt. Be sure to protect your pets by placing your salt lamp out of their reach.

Easy Salt Lamp Care and How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Your natural salt lamp is an easy-care addition to your home decor. When you understand how to combat moisture buildup, you can prevent your lamp from becoming over-saturated, so you can enjoy using your lamp with little maintenance.

How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp (Plus Everyday Care Tips)