Using Feng Shui Crystals and Gems

Published March 12, 2019
Feng shui crystals

Crystals and gemstones are easy to use to create auspicious feng shui. When you place them with care and intention, you can use them in feng shui design to attract good fortune and luck.

Put Crystals in Earth Element Sectors

Because they come from the earth, crystals and gemstones support the energy of the earth element in feng shui.

Support Love and Marriage

The earth element strengthens the sectors of love and marriage, which is in the southwest sector of the home in traditional feng shui or in the back right-hand corner from the front door facing in with the Western school or Black Hat sect of feng shui.

Rose quartz crystal

Strengthen Wisdom and Knowledge

The other earth element sector in feng shui where crystals are highly beneficial is the wisdom and knowledge sector. In traditional feng shui, this is the northeast sector of a space, while in Western feng shui it is the front, right sector of any space from the front door facing in.

Place Gemstones Based on Their Healing Properties

Individual gemstones and crystals are also imbued with different healing vibrations based on properties such as the crystal's color, opacity, and internal structure (lattice system). Therefore, you can use different crystals to boost luck in various feng shui bagua sectors that correspond with the individual healing properties, regardless of the feng shui element that governs that sector.

Amethyst crystal cluster

Place Crystals Based on Their Colors

You can also place crystals according to bagua colors and feng shui elements.

Colorful crystals
  • Black crystals, such as black tourmaline and obsidian, and metallic crystals like hematite, bismuth, or pyrite support the element of metal and the sectors of travel (northwest) and creativity (west).
  • Red crystals, such as garnet or ruby, support the element of fire and can bring luck in the fame sector, which is the south.
  • Purple crystals, such as amethyst or sugilite, also support the element of fire and can bring luck in the wealth sector, which is the southeast.
  • Pink crystals, such as kunzite, rhodochrosite, or rose quartz, support the element of earth and can bring luck into the marriage sector.
  • Brown and yellow crystals, such as tigers eye, citrine, and smoky quartz, also support the element of earth. Place crystals of these colors in the sectors of marriage or wisdom and knowledge (northeast).
  • Green crystals, such as emerald, amazonite, or malachite, support the element of wood. They bring luck to the family sector, which is in the east.
  • Blue crystals, such as lapis lazuli or chalcedony, support the element of water. Place them in the sector of work and career, which is in the north.

Use Himalayan Salt Lamps for Feng Shui

Did you know Himalayan salt lamps are actually crystals? Himalayan pink salt crystals, which are used to make the lamps, are also known as halite.

Himalayan salt lamp

Tips for Using Crystals in Feng Shui

Crystals are easy to use, but it helps to keep the following in mind as you use them for your feng shui design.

Cleansing a smoky quartz crystal

Gemstones for Auspicious Feng Shui

Gemstones are not only beautiful, but they also vibrate with the energy of the earth and bring luck and healing. Because of this, you can use gemstones in all sectors of your home to support improved flow of chi energy.

Using Feng Shui Crystals and Gems