Dragonfly Meaning in Feng Shui + Placement Tips

Published September 14, 2020
Dragonfly outdoors

The dragonfly meaning in feng shui as a good luck symbol is one of change, new beginnings, adaptability, and prosperity. Dragonflies in feng shui epitomize wisdom and the ability to find meanings and nuances often hidden.

Dragonfly Meaning in Feng Shui Offers Insight

Dragonflies are very fast predators that attack their prey midair. In feng shui, this attribute may symbolize the ability to see opportunities coming your way and to grab onto them as soon as you recognize them. You can use this amazing good luck symbol in your feng shui décor to attract this keen sense of potential opportunities that can advance your knowledge, career, and life in general.

Awareness of Adversity and Obstacles

The flip side of the dragonfly's powerful ability to see what lies ahead is the ability to identify possible adversities. If your eyes are wide open, then you can avoid potential obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Recognizing Your Inner Survival Instincts

The valuable meaning of the dragonfly symbol in feng shui can be seen in the two stages of its short lifespan. Having lived between one and five years in an aquatic larvae stage, by necessity the dragonfly is a vicious predator. It devours other insects and aquatic life, such as tadpoles and minnows, in its mandate to survive such an extended period of time in the larvae stage. It molts between 5 and 14 times as it slowly matures.

Predatory insect black dragonfly

Introspection of Self

If you have been like the dragonfly nymph, merely surviving, then you can refocus your energies on the type of metamorphosis the nymph undergoes to become an adult dragonfly. Unlike the butterfly, the dragonfly skips the pupal stage and by sheer will emerges from the water to molt one last time while basking in the transformative power of the warm sun and length of the day. Using the dragonfly in feng shui applications, you can capitalize on this amazing feat when you place a dragonfly symbol in your home or office.

Living in the Present and Adaptability

As an adult, the dragonfly remains a formidable predator. However, it now has only a few short months left in its lifespan. This dynamic insect can serve as a role model for living in the present and being adaptable. It is also a symbol of achieving transformation by sheer will power to change. In feng shui, the dragonfly serves as a symbol of personal power. It embodies the power to emerge from whatever stage you're in and transform into whatever you wish.

Dragonfly Feng Shui Placement Tips

Once you understand the various attributes of the dragonfly that aid its fight to survive and change, you can effectively use a few feng shui placement tips. With a better concept of how to use this feng shui cure, you can place it in select luck sectors to support life changes you desire.

Bring the Dragonfly Energy Into Your Life

You can examine each of the feng shui sectors that represent different areas of your life and decide which one(s) you wish to transform. You can then place a dragonfly picture, painting, print, wall art, or other art object in that sector of your home and/or office.

The following sectors that rule each area of your life include:

  • South governs recognition and fame luck.
  • Southwest rules marriage and love relationship luck.
  • West governs descendants luck.
  • Northwest rules mentor luck.
  • North governs career luck.
  • Northeast rules education luck.
  • East governs health luck.
  • Southeast rules wealth luck.

Dos and Donts for Using Feng Shui Dragonfly Symbol

The dragonfly carries the essence of the dragon into the world. You want to treat this symbol with the same kind of respect given to dragon symbols in feng shui. This means you need to follow similar rules of placement.

  • Don't place a dragonfly in a bathroom, since represents the fire element and bathrooms are full of wastewater energy.
  • Avoid placing a dragonfly in a kitchen, since this room harbors the fire element and a dragonfly can create an imbalance with too much fire energy.
  • Never place a dragonfly facing a door or window. Always point it so it is facing into a room.
  • A dragonfly on the south wall of your office reinforces the fire energy and imbues your recognition and fame luck with a powerful symbol.
  • Never use a dragonfly motif on the floor where you walk on this powerful feng shui symbol.
  • Don't overuse and overload the symbol by placing it in multiple many sectors.

Dragonfly Meaning in Feng Shui and Where to Use It

The positive feng shui meanings of the dragonfly make it a great symbol to use in your home and/or office. You can use specific feng shui rules for identifying different placements for this great symbol.

Dragonfly Meaning in Feng Shui + Placement Tips