Healthy Feng Shui Bathroom Tips for New and Old Homes

Updated May 2, 2019
A toliet closet in your bathroom is ideal.

When building a new home, consider function and design to create a healthy feng shui bathroom. Where you place the bathroom and how you lay it out is important. If you have an older home and can't control the location of your bathroom, then feng shui can help you remedy any issues that may cause negative chi.

Consider the Functions of Your Bathroom

Consider the function of your bathroom before starting and be mindful of all activities that take place in this room. To help you get started:

  • The bathroom fixtures such as the sink, tub, shower and toilet, operate to deliver water and then to eliminate the water from the home.
  • The toilet is a major fixture that is used entirely for elimination and removing of waste and the water is what takes the waste out of the house.
  • The shower, tub, and sink are used for cleaning and removing of dirt and debris. They also clear out the personal chi in the washing and cleansing process. Unlike the toilet, there is an element of renewal in these three bathroom fixtures.

New and Old Construction

Consider feng shui principles whether you're building a new home or renovating an older home. You can correct the feng shui of an older home, but it's always easier to apply feng shui principles in new construction.

How to Locate the Bathroom in New Construction

If you are lucky enough to choose where your bathrooms are located in your home, you can optimize feng shui principles. It's important to know which areas of the home are best suited for a bathroom and those that are the worst places to situate a bathroom.

Don't Build Near or Next to the Front Door or Kitchen

Having a bathroom next to the front door flushes chi the second it enters the home. Likewise, the kitchen is the hearth's fire. The bathroom element of water extinguishes and damages the health and prosperity a kitchen's chi brings. Second floor bathrooms directly above a kitchen or front door are also problematic and should be avoided if possible.

Don't Place a Bathroom in the Center of the Home

Building a bathroom in the center of the home will destabilize the entire home's chi energy. You also want to avoid placing a bathroom under a staircase or in thee wealth, fame, and prosperity areas of your home.

Remedies and Cures for Misplaced Bathrooms in Older Homes

If you are not lucky enough to decide where your bathroom is located, you can still counter negative chi by applying a feng shui remedy. Many homes don't have the ideal bathroom placement, but you can counter the bad chi this creates with simple and inexpensive feng shui remedies.

Small powder room

If Your Bathroom Is Near the Front Door

  • Hang a full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door.
  • Place a mirror directly opposite the toilet.
  • Minimize the powerful negative effects of a toilet. Place fresh flowers or a bowl of pebbles on the tank lid. If this isn't possible, hang a shelf over the tank lid to hold the flowers or bowl. These design elements represent earth which contains water and gives it form.

Color schemes can assist in deflecting and minimizing negative bathroom chi. Prevent loss of wealth by adding either a black or red bath rug around the base of the toilet. These colors draw fire which counters the effect of too much water. Other bathroom colors for bathrooms near the front door include:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Light or pale blue
  • Gray

If Your Bathroom Is in the Center of the House

If your bathroom is located in the center of the house:

  • Paint the bathroom red to counter the shar chi (negative or bad chi).
  • Place in each corner of the bathroom a large stone, crystal, pottery, vase, statue, or other object that represents an earth element. This stabilizes the bathroom's strong water elements.
  • If your bathroom has a toilet closet, then hang a full-length mirror on the inside of the door. This gives the illusion of a hidden or invisible toilet and makes excellent feng shui for a bathroom.

Quick Feng Shui Bathroom Checklist

Bathrooms are places to create good hygiene and poor feng shui care can create poor health and bad finances.

  • Clean bathroom, especially the toilet, regularly.
  • Keep it organized.
  • Keep the door closed.
  • Keep toilet lid closed.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Repair running toilets.
  • Replace torn shower curtains.
  • Replace worn toothbrushes.
  • Tighten loose doorknobs.
  • Clean mirrors and windows regularly.

Identify Feng Shui Problems in Your Bathroom

If your home is not new, you can still apply principles to ensure proper feng shui. This is very important since the bathroom is a room of water. In feng shui, the symbol for money is water and therefore makes this room vital to your overall financial stability. The function of a bathroom is so clearly defined and limited, it's easy to identify any improper feng shui issues.

Symptoms of Improper Bathroom Feng Shui

Improper feng shui can sabotage the rest of your feng shui applications in other rooms of your home. If you've been experiencing any of the following, you'll want to pay close attention to the remedies and cures that can correct negative chi. Some things improper feng shui can create:

  • Finances wasted or drained
  • Flow of cash blocked
  • Lost opportunities
  • Slow but steady increase in expenses
  • Unexpected expenditures
  • Abrupt financial losses
  • Illness and disease
  • Miscarriages

Proper Feng Shui Bathroom Results

You'll see a difference in your finances and health once you properly apply feng shui principles your bathrooms.

  • Draining of finances stops
  • Increase in cash flow
  • More opportunities come to you
  • Health restored
  • Reversal in fortune - financial losses end

Flying Stars and the Bathroom

By far, the best star to have fall into the bathroom is nine. This number is also associated with the color purple. Nine is a fire element and the room with the most water is a perfect placement. Two and five stars are not ideal for a bathroom, especially if you have both fall into this sector of your home. The combination forebodes illnesses or accidents related to or within the bathroom. You'll want a feng shui analysis conducted to ascertain these placements for the current year.

Assure Good Health and Stable Finances With a Feng Shui Bathroom

Your feng shui bathroom is more than a necessity to your life, it's vital to your health and financial stability.

Healthy Feng Shui Bathroom Tips for New and Old Homes