Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement & Use for Energy Flow

Published December 2, 2020
Crystal ball in balance

A feng shui crystal ball is used to correct chi energy flow problems and provide auspicious chi energy in your home or office. You can add a crystal ball either as a smooth sphere or a multi-faceted orb.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Types and Placements

There are two types of crystal balls. One is a smooth sphere, and the other is a multi-faceted orb. Each type of crystal ball has specific feng shui uses.

A Peacock Feather Reflecting in a Faceted Crystal

Where Should You Place a Crystal Ball in Your Home?

You can display crystal balls in specific rooms of your home to capitalize on the auspicious energies the crystal ball generates. For example, you can place a bowl of smooth crystal balls in the center of your living room coffee table to attract abundance chi energy.

Colors of Five Elements for Feng Shui Crystal Balls

You can use five crystal balls by selecting the colors that represent the five elements. You can choose either crystal balls made from real crystals or glass spheres.

The five element colors include:

  • South: Red
  • Southwest: Yellow (ochre)
  • West: White (various metal colors)
  • Northwest: White (various metal colors)
  • North: Black or blue
  • Northeast: Yellow (ochre)
  • East: Green
  • Southeast: Green

Colored Crystal Ball Uses and Properties

You aren't limited to using different colors in your crystal ball displays. You can use one color that represents a sector. You can use one crystal ball or a group of six crystal balls of the same color.

A few examples of the types of crystal balls to use include:

  • Clear quartz can protect you and transform negative energies into positive ones.
  • You can display white smooth crystal balls to calm jittery nerves.
  • Pink crystal balls can soften angry emotions and encourage love.
  • Rose quartz is the energy of unconditional love.
  • Lavender crystal balls provide a feeling of inner calm.
  • Green crystal balls put the skids on office gossip.
  • Blue crystal balls offer healing energies.
  • Citrine crystal balls boost your energy levels and give you renewed strength.
  • Aventurine crystal balls offer a healing to a broken heart or comfort to a grieving soul.
  • Yellow jasper is a nurturing stone and heals mental and emotional anguish.
  • Obsidian provides energies of self-confidence and personal growth.
Blue Crystal Ball

6 Crystal Balls Feng Shui Remedy

The Mountain Star, number 6, is the star of harmony, happiness and calmness. Wherever this annual flying star takes up residence in your home, you can capitalize and magnify its wonderful energies with the 6 crystal ball theory. When you choose to use the 6-crystal ball feng shui cure, you can select 5 colored balls that represent the five elements. You can then add a clear crystal ball for number 6. Some people enjoy adding an etched or embossed clear crystal ball. This can be etched with sacred mantras or your Chinese astrology animal.

Type of Feng Shui Crystal Balls to Use

For the 6 crystal ball theory/cure, you'll focus on using smooth crystal spheres. You can simply place 6 crystal balls of different sizes in a tray or bowl or place each one on a stand to display on a coffee table, sideboard, end table, or shelf.

Crystal Balls Generate Beneficial Energy

The crystal balls made from quartz amplify the auspicious energy of the number 6 flying star. This energy brings harmony among family members and smooths out any possible social issues. If you place crystal balls in your office, you can reap the beneficial harmonious and lucky energies in your work environment. You'll find colleagues and business partners more agreeable.

Businesswoman sitting in hotel lobby holding a crystal ball

Other Placements for 6 Crystal Balls

You can also use the energy of the 6 crystal balls by placing them in an earth or metal sector. The crystals are an earth element, and in a productive cycle the earth element produces metal.

Northeast Luck Sector

The northeast is ruled by the earth element. You can place the crystal balls in the northeast sector to boost your education luck. The crystal balls will pave the way to overcome any education challenges you may be facing. If you don't have any issues, the crystal balls can ensure you'll continue along with smooth sailing.

Southwest Luck Sector

The southwest is ruled by the earth element, so you want to place six crystal balls in this sector to enhance your love and relationship luck. The crystal spheres will help your love relationship hum along with harmonious interactions and boost the love factor.

West Luck Sector

The west luck sector is governed by the metal element. This is the descendants luck sector, which means it can bestow great energy and success to your children. Placing 6 crystal balls in this sector will smooth out any sibling arguments or any conflict you have with your children.

Northwest Luck Sector

The northwest is also ruled by the metal element. Placing smooth crystal balls in this mentor luck sector ensures your relationship with your mentor(s) remains harmonious and beneficial. If you don't have a mentor, but desire one, you can set the 6 crystal balls here to stimulate finding a mentor or perhaps having a mentor volunteer to take you under their wing.

Seven healing chakras stones

Swarovski Crystal Balls Feng Shui

You can use Swarovski crystal balls in feng shui, just as you can use glass ball spheres. The purpose of using quartz crystal balls is to take advantage of the earth element they activate. Swarovski crystal balls are made of man-made faceted lead glass and are excellent tools to send light and chi energy into a space or room.

How to Use Feng Shui Multi-Faceted Crystal Balls

There are several ways you can use multi-faceted crystal balls, like the Swarovski crystal balls. You can use them to deflect poison arrows, bring light and energy into a room, and disperse chi energy.

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Feng Shui Multi-Faceted Crystal Ball Sha Chi Cure

Sha chi (negative energy) in your home is harmful. You can use a crystal ball for an effective feng shui cure.

Hanging Feng Shui Crystal Ball With Red String

When you hang a feng shui crystal ball, it is most auspicious to use a red string. However, if you're trying to be more subtle, you can use fishing line or a string of clear crystals.

Crystal Balls for Poison Arrows

You can use a crystal ball to negate the negative energy created by protruding wall corners. You simply place the crystal ball in front of the sharp corner edge. This may require hanging a crystal ball from the ceiling. In most instances, you'll use a multi-faceted crystal ball or orb.

Column Poison Arrow

A column is considered a poison arrow. If you have columns inside your home as an architectural feature, you can suspend a multi-faceted crystal ball to break up the energy. Make sure the crystal ball is in front of the column. If your sitting area is directly across from a column, then hang the crystal so it is between the sitting area and the column.

Correct Inauspicious Door and Window Alignments

You can hang multi-faceted crystals between aligned front and back doors, a front door and window, and a front door and staircase. You need to suspend the crystal between the two aligned objects to deflect the negative chi this creates with the chi energy attempting to rush out through the door, windows or up the staircase. The crystal captures the chi energy and through its multi-facets disperses it in all directions. This also slows down the beneficial energy so it can enter the rest of your home instead of rushing out of your home.

Alleviate Negative Energies in Home

If you're dealing with a generalized feeling of negative energies inside your home, then you can hang multi-faceted crystal balls in your windows. Multi-faceted crystal balls refract light in a rainbow of colors. These colored lights and energies are cast into your home from the crystal in the window and disperse beneficial chi energy.

Crystal rainbow maker sun catcher hanging in home

How Can You Tell A Crystal Ball From Glass Ball?

Most crystal balls are either made from glass or lead glass crystal. Some crystal balls are made from quartz crystal that are reconstituted. The reconstituted quartz is also known as clarified quartz. It is crushed, melted with intense heat, and most impurities are removed before it is shaped into a sphere (reconstituted). A natural quartz sphere is cut from a quartz into the shape of a sphere and will usually be more expensive than a crystal glass ball. Natural quartz will feature inclusions and internal fractures as part of its natural appearance.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball in Car

Some feng shui enthusiasts hang a feng shui crystal ball in their car. The safest way to use a crystal ball is on your keyring. You should avoid suspending a crystal ball from your rearview mirror since it can send blinding refracted light directly into the eyes of other drivers. A few tips on how to feng shui your car can help you get the most out of applying feng shui principles to your vehicle.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

A feng shui crystal ball is a valuable feng shui tool to counter and deflect negative chi energy. You can also use a feng shui crystal ball in your home or office décor to infuse auspicious chi energy.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement & Use for Energy Flow