Crucial Feng Shui Rules for Better Luck in Every Room

Updated May 6, 2019
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There are certain feng shui rules that apply regardless of which school of feng shui you follow. These crucial rules of feng shui are essential for creating auspicious chi energy in your house.

Basic Feng Shui Rules Regarding Home Placement

Feng shui principles applied to architecture, home site, and interior design are practical and common sense directives not silly superstitions. Observe the following rules before building or planning a new home.

Be Aware Slopes Can Create Negative Chi

Use Caution Building Near a Power Station

  • Avoid power stations. They generate energy and can create energy chaos resulting in negative chi.
  • If you have no choice, place feng shui bagua mirrors outside the home to reflect negative chi away from home.

Be Careful With Homes Overlooking Cemeteries

  • A house that overlooks or has a view of a cemetery is considered ill placed since a cemetery is a place of death.
  • You can use bagua mirrors on the outside of the home to help diminish the negative chi, but you should avoid living near a cemetery.

Don't Build Near a Junk Yard or Trash Dump

  • This kind of clutter can be overwhelming.
  • Negative chi is difficult to counter.

Be Aware of Layout of Streets and Houses

The layout of the street in relationship to your home can either carry positive or negative chi to you.

  • Avoid a house on a street that forms a noose around the house.
  • Intersections and dead-end roads that dump into your home all bring poison arrows and too much chi.
  • Many Western feng shui practitioners feel a home situated below street level will bring oppressive and even financial ills to the dweller. This belief is not founded in authentic feng shui practice.
  • House numbers need to be visible and neat.
  • Winding streets in hillsides and mountains help slow down the chi.
  • Driveways should end at your house and not run along side your home and away through the back yard or in another direction. This kind of layout will assure opportunities bypass you.

Interior and Exterior Feng Shui Rules

You can help free up chi energy by applying basic feng shui principles.

Front Entrance Feng Shui

This is where chi energy enters your home so you want to make it inviting and easy for the energy to enter.

  • Remove all obstacles such as shrubbery, objects, furniture, etc.
  • Lighted entrance - Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Remove dead plants, trees, and shrubbery.
  • Trim and neaten up yard.
  • Keep sidewalks and entrance swept and clean.
  • Replace worn out doormats
  • Oil squeaky hinges
  • Tighten loose doorknobs
  • Repair or replace torn screens or blinds.
  • Don't align the front door directly across from the back door or the chi will go right through the house and out the back door.

Feng Shui Tips for Staircases

Staircases can cause the chi to rush through the front door and upstairs depriving the first floor of positive chi.

House interior staircase
  • Don't place a staircase directly across from front door entrance.
  • Don't make staircase cramped and narrow.
  • Don't place a bedroom door that opens directly into a staircase.
  • Don't use a spiral staircase; this causes energy to twist and rush upward and create negative chi.

Kitchen Feng Shui Rules

The kitchen is the heart fire of the home.

  • Don't place the kitchen facing the front door.
  • Don't place the kitchen facing a bedroom
  • Place the kitchen in same direction (Kua) as main income-producer of home.
  • Don't place the oven and range in northwest sector of kitchen.
  • Keep oven, microwave, freezer, and refrigerator clean.
  • Wash dishes. Don't let them pile up in sink or on countertops.
  • Throw away spoiled food.

Feng Shui Guidelines for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are places of waste and debris removal. They are also sources of water which signifies wealth. Don't wash your money down the toilet.

  • Close toilet lid before flushing and keep it closed when not in use.
  • Keep bathroom door closed at all times.
  • A red, black or dark blue mat around the base of toilet will assure wealth protection.
  • Place a mirror on the inside of bathroom door to reflect any negative chi and containing it to the bathroom.

Bedroom Feng Shui

These are the places where you want good relaxing chi energy flowing freely.

  • Don't place bed directly across from door.
  • Don't place bed in front of window.
  • Don't sleep with feet facing door.
  • Don't sleep underneath beams.
  • Place pink sheet over king size box springs, which are actually two twin beds, to avoid marital problems.
  • Suspend a faceted crystal ball from overhead ceiling fan to deflect negative chi.

Feng Shui for Windows and Doors

Energy enters and leaves your home through doors and windows. You want to be mindful of this energy flow whenever placing furniture.

  • Replace broken windowpanes.
  • Make sure all windows and doors open and close easily.
  • Replace tattered, torn or worn window treatments
  • Repair broken door and window locks
  • Avoid placing furniture that blocks doors and windows

Simple Basic Feng Shui Guidelines

Feng Shui is a matter of common sense and good hygiene.

  • Vacuum, sweep or mop regularly
  • Wash windows and door panes
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Mow yard regularly
  • Trim shrubbery
  • Rake leaves
  • Empty trash
  • Keep up with laundry
  • Repair leaky faucets, sinks, etc. These create drains on your finances.
  • Replace burned out bulbs
  • Replace dead plants and trees
  • Declutter and organize closets and drawers

Feng Shui Is Easy to Follow

Once you understand the basic feng shui rules, you can create a better energy flow in your home.

Crucial Feng Shui Rules for Better Luck in Every Room