How to Use Faceted Crystals in Feng Shui

Published August 1, 2019
Crystal On Floor

You can learn how to use faceted crystals for various feng shui remedies and cures. Faceted crystals are also used in feng shui to enhance various areas of your life, depending where you place them.

How Feng Shui Practitioners Use Faceted Crystals

The most common ways a feng shui practitioner uses faceted crystals is to remedy feng shui issues that require a way to spread the chi energy evenly. The first thing to understand is what a faceted crystal is and why it's an important tool in a feng shui practitioner's tool chest.

Multi-Faceted Crystals Explained

A faceted crystal in feng shui is a crystal ball that has been cut to have multiple facets. This process is like how a gemstone or diamond is cut. However, a crystal ball has facets over its entire rounded surface.

Close-Up Of Crystal

Faceted Crystals Refract Light in Colors

The faceting process allows light to refract from the smooth planes of the facet cuts. This creates a sparkling effect from the refracted light. The result is multiple colors in varying brilliance or fire. The most popular choice of faceted crystals are balls.

Faceted Crystals Disperse Chi Energy

Feng shui practitioners often recommend faceted crystals as ways to move chi energy. There are several instances where chi energy can be harmful without the feng shui application of a faceted crystal.

Faceted Crystal Ball

Fast Flowing Chi Energy

There are many instances when chi energy moves too quickly in a specific area of your home or office. A multi-faceted crystal can be used to slow the chi energy and disperse it throughout the area.

Long Hallways

Hallways are critical energy veins that carry beneficial chi energy deeper into your home or office. If a hallway is long, the chi energy will be funneled down its length like a wind tunnel. The easiest cure is to suspend a faceted crystal in the center of the hallway. This will slow the chi energy and disperse it into the rooms off the hall.

Too Many Doors

A room or hallway with too many doors creates chi energy chaos. Anyone walking down the hallway or through the room is blasted with chi energy rushing through the doorways. A hallway with more than three doors becomes harmful to all using it. A multi-faceted ball suspended from the center of the hall or room is an ideal remedy.

Staircase Across From Front Door

Another instance of fast-moving chi energy is a home featuring a staircase directly across from the front door. The chi energy enters through the front door and rushes up the stairs, bypassing the first floor. To disperse the auspicious chi energy into the rest of the home on the first level, you can suspend a faceted crystal between the front door and the staircase.

Crystals in Lighting Options

If you wish to bring more chi into a space, consider a multi-faceted crystal chandelier or a table lamp crystal shade. A crystal chandelier in a foyer will disperse the chi energy and send throughout the home. Placing a crystal chandelier over the dining table will ensure abundance for the family with chi energy cast to all corners of the room. If placing in a bedroom, avoid centering the chandelier (or any overhead light) directly over the bed. Instead, set the fixture just past the foot of the bed to avoid yang energy interrupting your sleep.

Doorway and steps in foyer

Front Door Aligned With Back Door or Window

If your front door is aligned so you can see the back door or a window in the back of the house, the chi energy will rush from the front door and right out the back door or window. You won't receive any benefit from the chi energy. To slow down the chi energy and disperse it into the rest of your home, suspended a multi-faceted crystal ball midway between the two doors or the door and window.

Bedroom or Bathroom at Top of Staircase

A bedroom or bathroom at the top of a staircase will receive most of the auspicious chi energy. More importantly, the chi energy will blast the room. If your bedroom is at the top of the staircase, you'll have difficulty sleeping and possibly have health and financial issues. Hang a multi-faceted crystal ball between the bedroom door and staircase to slow and disperse the chi energy.

Kitchen Element Clashes

Few kitchens are designed to be feng shui element compatible. Often the sink is opposite the stove/range or a refrigerator is beside the stove. The clash of water and fire elements creates inauspicious chi energy that can impact health, finances and other areas of your life. Hang a crystal mid-way between the incompatible appliances for a quick and easy remedy.

Missing Corner

Some floorplans have missing corners. This means the sector of this missing corner will be missing from your life. If it's your wealth sector (southeast direction), you may find yourself struggling financially. You can often remedy missing corners by handing a multi-faceted crystal ball in the area. If this doesn't completely correct the issue, you may need to make a few feng shui adjustments outside your home.

Crystal Prism Spectrum

Center of Home

You can place a faceted crystal ball in the center of your home to assist chi energy to move throughout your home. This placement benefits the entire family since the chi energy is sent out from the depths of your home.

Poison Arrows

Any corner that is pointed to you while you sleep, eat, work, or relax is a poison arrow. Other things, such as columns can create a poison arrow. This is especially true in bedrooms where an armoire or dresser edge points directly toward the bed. You can suspend a faceted crystal ball between the bed and poison arrow to deflect the inauspicious chi (sha chi) it causes.

Hang Crystals in Windows

You can hang a crystal in a window to invite beneficial chi energy to enter and be broadcasted throughout the room. If a poison arrow is pointed toward the window, a crystal ball can help to deflect it. A multi-faceted crystal fringe can be use for a window valance or trim along the edges of curtains to ensure more yang chi energy is attracted to an office, living room or dining room. However, you may not want that much yang energy in your bedroom.

Luxurious curtains at home

Improve Your Concentration

If you're having difficulty focusing on work, hang a multi-faceted crystal over your desk or other work area. A student having difficulty concentrating on studies, can hang a crystal above her/his study desk. The crystal bestows clarity and prevents chi energy from bombarding you as you work.

Stagnant Corner Chi Energy

Sometimes chi energy is accumulated in a corner. This creates clutter and is inauspicious. You can disperse stagnant corner chi energy by hanging a faceted crystal there. There may be design concerns about using a faceted crystal ball suspended from the ceiling. In such cases, you can add a mini-chandelier or table lamp with round faceted crystals for a more aesthetically pleasing yet similar effect.

Other Types of Faceted Crystals

Multi-faceted balls aren't the only type of crystals that can be used for remedies. There are instances when you may prefer to use a naturally or deliberately cut faceted crystal.

Crystal Wands and Standing Point Crystals

You can use faceted crystal wands that feature each one or both ends faceted into a crystal point. A standing point crystal is usually referred to as a crystal tower. This crystal is cut into a faceted crystal point. Some of these crystals may have a naturally formed faceted point. These crystals are available in all kinds of crystal stones as well as sizes.

How to Use Faceted Crystal Wands and Standing Points

You can place either type of crystal wands for standing points in the southwest sector of your home or office. You can also use these crystals in a southwest corner of a sector where you feel the energy needs to be activated. While point crystals are mostly used in energy healings, such as chakras or aura cleansings, you can still use them in feng shui applications as long as you don't turn them into poison arrows.

Using Colored Faceted Crystals

Colored faceted crystals offer you a way to add color and different energies. You can select a colored multi-faceted crystal ball based on the sector and the color(s) assigned to it. For example, you can hang a blue faceted crystal in a north sector room to represent the sector color of the ruling water element.

Colored faceted crystals

How to Use Faceted Crystals in Feng Shui for Home or Office

Once you understand the purpose of using a faceted crystal, you can remedy afflicted areas in your home or office. You can use more than once crystal in a window but should always strive for a balance of energies.

How to Use Faceted Crystals in Feng Shui