How to Choose Feng Shui Door Colors: A Detailed Guide

Updated February 28, 2022
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Good feng shui for your home starts at the front door, as it is considered the mouth of chi through which positive energy should flow. When you choose the most auspicious color for your front door, you're inviting positive chi energy into your home. Finding the perfect feng shui front door color for your home can not only improve your chi, but boost its curb appeal.

How to Choose the Right Feng Shui Front Door Color

Finding the best front door color to optimize positive chi energy flow and good fortune isn't difficult. There is more than one way to choose the right feng shui color, and it's important to know that your choice can generate positive or negative chi energy based on how you feel about it. Using feng shui techniques to choose your front door color can offer many opportunities to find one that you love.

Compass Direction

When you know the direction your front door faces, you can choose the colors that correlate with the feng shui elements for each direction. The compass direction approach may seem difficult at first glance, but it can make choosing easier by narrowing down the choices while still providing the highest level of positive chi for your front door.

Feng Shui Elements

A more casual approach to improving your front door chi is through the colors of feng shui elements. Each element has its own colors and its own energy. You can choose to enhance specific energy for your feng shui front door with this approach.

Personal Preference

If you take the feng shui compass direction or elements into consideration, that doesn't mean that you are required to choose a color you don't love for your front door. Explore different shades of a recommended color that you may not like, or don't coordinate with your home's exterior color scheme. If your door color is bound by a HOA (Home Owner Association,) there may be a shade of your best feng shui color that meets the requirements of your neighborhood.

Feng Shui Door Colors for Positive Chi Energy

You can increase your positive chi energy through the right front door color. Every color in feng shui has a meaning and a purpose.

feng shui elements for front door colors


Red feng shui front doors are the most popular choice for increasing auspicious chi for a home's entry. While the most favored use of a red front door color is for south-facing doors, it can also be used to bring positive energy to your curb appeal. Red front doors bring fire energy to your home's exterior, so you might choose it to brighten up a dark and unwelcoming porch area.


Black is considered an auspicious color, especially for north-facing doors. Black feng shui doors represent the water element, and can soften bright brick exteriors and fiery landscaping.


Yellow is not only a cheerful and welcoming front door color, it is also generates positive chi for northeast and southwest front doors. The earth element is represented by the color yellow, and in muted shades it can serve to stabilize chaotic chi energy around the entrance. Neutral colors like sandy beige and soft brown can work well if they have a yellow undertone.


Blue feng shui front doors are popular in many shades. Dark blue is associated with the water element, and suggested for north-facing doors. Front door shades of light blue, aqua, or cobalt blue, can be used as a way to complement brighter elements around your home's entrance to create balance and enhance curb appeal.


White is a very common front door color, but what does it mean for feng shui? A feng shui door in white represents the metal element. Because the metal element represents helpful people and travel, white front doors offer positive chi energy for neighbors and visitors from out of town. White and other metal element colors are recommended for west and northwest-facing front doors.


Green is ideal for feng shui doors facing east and southeast. The earth element is represented by green and is a comfortable and anchoring color for your home's entrance. With the wide range of shades available, green is a versatile choice with many options.

Using Compass Direction for Feng Shui Front Door Color

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Choosing a feng shui front door color based on the direction your door faces is a popular practice. It's not only a good way to enhance the chi at the entrance of your home, but also an easy way to narrow down your front door colors if you're feeling overwhelmed. Using a compass direction is a helpful tool for improving the chi of your home by inviting positive energy through your front door. Your feng shui front door color is a significant element for your home's beneficial chi. Use a compass, or a compass app on your phone, to find the direction to your front door. Once you identify your front door direction, you can use the corresponding element to enhance your chi through color.

Choosing an Auspicious Feng Shui Garage Door Color

How your garage is situated dictates how you should treat the garage door color. If you choose to use the compass direction method of choosing garage door color, you may want to consider applying feng shui principles to increase positive chi energy.

  • If your garage is a detached building, or the door opening faces a different direction than the front door, apply the compass direction test to the garage and select a color that complements your feng shui front door and home colors.
  • If the garage door faces the same direction as the front door and is attached or visible from the street, consider a different color value of the front door color--lighter or darker--or the same feng shui color for a coordinated look.

Home Office Door With Public Access

An exterior door to your home office may be treated as a main entrance, as clients or customers will use it to enter your space. You can use a compass to determine the door-facing direction and select from your optimum color choices based on the elements of that direction. As the door may be visible from the street, along with the main house entrance and the garage door, look for a common color or color family for all the doors to create strong curb appeal. If your main home entrance has a vivid splash of color, tone down the exterior office and garage doors with a lighter or darker shade so they complement, not compete with, the mouth of chi.

Feng Shui Your Interior Doors

Interior doors do not require the same consideration as the exterior of your front door. Inside a home or office, the unimpeded flow of energy or chi is the objective. In almost every case, harmony is valued over pops of bright color, and the flow of colors throughout the space is the best design choice. Reflect on the room's use and the qualities associated with the feng shui colors for each room. Then let space and layout determine whether you paint the doors and trim to match the walls.

Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

Your doorway is an invitation in feng shui, so pay attention to the entire space as you are selecting an auspicious front door color. Clutter, lighting, and maintenance affect the flow of benevolent chi. Choose your optimum color for good fortune and an attractive appearance for curb appeal. Then, reinforce your color choice with welcoming access for people and for positive energy.

How to Choose Feng Shui Door Colors: A Detailed Guide