Balancing Feng Shui for the Fall Season

Published May 13, 2022
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Following the intense energy and heat of summer, feng shui fall signals that the time to slow down is coming. Feng shui translates to the words wind and water, so it's no surprise that weather is an essential element of this philosophy. The belief that chi energy moves through everything on earth and in heaven is expressed through the changing of the seasons. Whether you're experiencing the passive yin energy of feng shui fall or the fiery yang energy of summer, the chi of any season can bring overwhelming energy that can be easily balanced.

What Is the Fall Feng Shui Element?

Feng Shui Fall Infographic

Fall is represented by the metal element. The yin energy of metal quiets the yang energy that lingers after summer season and early autumn. Fall is the time to gather resources, both material and personal, for the upcoming winter season.

  • Feng Shui Fall Colors: The metal element is reflected in cooling colors and surfaces of gray, white, and silver.
  • Chi Energy: As winter approaches and days become shorter, the yin energy of fall intensifies. The heat and activity of summer mellow into comfortable temperatures and quieter activity.
  • Feng Shui Fall Personality: Unlike the vibrant yang energy of spring and summer, autumn is filled with soothing colors and the appreciation of home and relationships. Beautiful mornings and the bounty of the harvest encourage self-reflection and gratefulness.

How to Balance Fall Chi Energy

Fall can be a welcome respite to the intensity of summer, but it can also be a difficult time for some people because of the shortening days. The key to balancing sleepy fall energy is to introduce yang energy of more-vibrant elements with some simple tips.

Attract Yang Energy With Color

Adding yang colors from the fire element is easy to do in the fall. Most decor and accessories for autumn are in yang colors of yellow, orange, and red. Home accents in fall colors can warm up a yin space effortlessly.

Activate Fire Energy

If you have a fireplace, you are already one step ahead of balancing an overly dark yin space. You can also bring yang energy into your home with candles, and accent lighting. String lights can be used with your decor to light up dark spaces.

Keep Your Summer Routines

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It's natural to slow down when fall arrives, and the energizing summer weather has faded. You can create your own personal chi energy to balance passive yin, by keeping your routines consistent in the fall. With changing light and shorter days, adjusting your schedule to maximize daylight can also help attract yang energy.

Watch Out for Excessive Yin Water Energy at Home

Fall's yin metal element can create excessive water energy, which can feel overwhelming as the weather changes. You may find it necessary to pack away tabletop fountains, or add yang symbols or colors, to balance the heavy yin vibe.

Fall and the Feng Shui Fifth Season

Feng Shui Early Autumn Infographic

In feng shui, there is a fifth season that divides autumn. The lingering heat of summer into fall is considered its own season. Unlike other seasons that have a clearer transition, fall weather changes gradually. Early autumn and late autumn are considered separate seasons in feng shui. Early autumn is more closely related to feng shui summer, and shares many of its characteristics and its purpose to calm the fiery yang summer energy.

  • Feng Shui Early Autumn Colors: The early autumn season is represented by the earth element colors yellow and brown. All shades of these colors are included, but to get the benefit of cooling down yang energy as you ease into late fall, use soft yellow and pale neutral colors.
  • Early Autumn Chi Energy: The earth element extinguishes fire slowly, and can restore balance gradually as the summer yang energy comes to an end. While the chi energy for late autumn is yin, the chi for early autumn is a balance of yin and yang.
  • Feng Shui Early Autumn Personality: Feng shui's fifth season gives you the opportunity to move comfortably into the changing season, and new activities and focus. With renewed focus on indoor activities and the gathering of friends and family, it's time to reestablish schedules and routines at home. The stability of the earth element grounds your home and enhances comfort and reconciliation.

Get Ready for Winter With Feng Shui

It's important to transition your yard or outdoor space to avoid stagnant yin energy as you leave fall and to prepare for the upcoming feng shui winter season. Positive chi energy that should be moving to your front door can become stagnant outdoors when it runs into clutter. Summer activites and yard care can leave behind tools, toys, and dead plants that should be removed to encourage good chi. Preparing your yard and porch for winter is an important feng shui routine that's also good for your home.

Balancing Feng Shui for the Fall Season