Using Feng Shui Wisdom to Choose the Best Kitchen Colors

Published March 29, 2018
Country style custom kitchen

The best feng shui colors for a kitchen support the energy generated by this room. There are some colors that should be used sparingly, while others can be used freely.

Green and Brown Kitchen Colors Support Feng Shui Fire Element

The kitchen generates fire regardless which sector it resides. The fire element is powerful. The wood element fuels the fire element. The two wood colors, green and brown, can be used together or separately.

  • Pale green cabinets and dark brown floors provide a contrasting representation of the wood element.
  • You can use beige and ecru colors in lieu of dark browns.
  • Dark green can be used in a kitchen but is best when mixed with lighter greens to avoid creating a dark and dreary kitchen.

Yellow Shades Moderate Fire Energy

The use of yellow in a kitchen can help to curtail the potency of the fire element found in all kitchens. Yellow is an earth element color that exhausts the fire element.

  • Use a soft lemon or marigold color by itself or in combination with white or black.
  • Combine ochre or sunflower yellow with green for a nice element color balance in a kitchen. This combination presents a crisp and open design that invites auspicious chi into the kitchen.

Use Red Sparingly

Red represents the fire element. It can be used in the kitchen and is often a popular choice, but it should be used sparingly.

  • For example, in the exhaustive cycle of the five elements, the earth element destroys the fire element. Use earth element colors, yellow or tan with red to negate the fire element that red represents.
  • White is often viewed as a powerful neutral color and when combined with red balances a red themed kitchen design.
    Red and white checked kitchen

Combine Orange With Water Colors

Another fire color, orange is often used with black (water element color) or blue (water element color). In the destructive cycle, water destroys fire, so you want to be sure to maintain a color balance with using these combinations.

  • Blue is the complementary color of orange and this combination makes a striking design.
  • Orange can be combined with beneficial wood element colors brown and green.
  • Select a peach or melon color to highlight your kitchen for a touch of fire element color to stimulate chi energy combined with one of the favorable colors, such as green or brown.

Balance Blue and Black

The two water element colors are blue and black and can be used in a kitchen. The key to using either of these colors is the feng shui objective - balance.

  • Green and brown are wood element colors that fed the fire element, but are nourished by water element colors blue and black. When the wood and water element colors are balanced, the kitchen creates a fresh design.
  • White (metal element color) attracts water and makes a great accent color for a blue kitchen or a combination of blue and brown, blue and green, or black and blue color palette.
    blue and cream-colored kitchen

Choose Feng Shui Kitchen Accent Colors

When selecting a main color for your kitchen design, consider the appropriate accent color based on element colors. Use accent colors that support the main element color within the productive cycle, such as:

  • Water (blue and black) nourishes wood (green and brown).
  • Wood feeds fire (red, pink, orange, purple).
  • Fire creates earth (tan, yellow).
  • Earth creates metal (white, gold, silver).
  • Metal draws water (blue and black).

Consider accent colors for trim, small appliances, or decorative pieces within your kitchen design.

Decide Your Kitchen Colors

When deciding on the kitchen color for your feng shui project, consider the type of element you wish to bring into the design. Select companion and accent colors based on element compatibility.

Using Feng Shui Wisdom to Choose the Best Kitchen Colors