Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Instructions and Tips

Updated April 16, 2021
White Salt

The salt cure is one of the most important classical feng shui remedies to counter negative chi energy. The feng shui salt water cure is a specific remedy for the annual inauspicious flying stars.

Feng Shui Salt Cure Counters Negative Energy

The feng shui salt cure counters the negative effects of the annual flying stars #2 black star (illness) and #5 yellow star (illness and loss/misfortune). These flying stars are considered the two negative energy culprits of classical feng shui. These ill-fated stars move each year, so you need to use an annual salt water cure to counter them.


Gather the needed supplies before setting out to make your salt water cure. You can find an online supplier to buy the Chinese I Ching coins, but the other supplies are common so you may already have them around the house. At the end of the year, you will throw all of these items into the trash, so make sure you use items you don't mind giving up.

  • 1 pint jar
  • Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt
  • Water
  • 1 plate, tray, or bowl
  • Protective plastic or mat larger than plate, tray, or bowl
  • 6 Chinese I-Ching coins from an auspicious dynasty
  • Flying stars calculator or flying star chart
Salt Coin Cure


Once you've used the following steps to creat the cure, set it in the afflicted sector. One cure is usually sufficient, but if you find your home is heavily afflicted with negative energies, you may decide to place a second salt cure.

  1. Fill ¾ of the pint jar with salt.
  2. Fill the jar with water very slowly until it is even with the top of the jar.
  3. Place six Chinese I-Ching coins face up (Chinese character side) in a circle on top of the salt.
  4. Using a mat, tray, plate, or large bowl, place the jar in the current year's position of the #2 or #5 star.
  5. Be sure you set the jar in the open and never inside a cabinet.
  6. If you need two salt water cures, just repeat steps 1 through 5 to make one for the other location.

Tips for Maintaining Salt Water Cures

The salt water cure will begin to crystalize along the rim of the jar. Depending on how afflicted the area where you placed this cure, the crystals may spread and completely cover the jar and the plate or tray. Be sure you have some type of protective cover or mat underneath these and that it is larger than the plate or tray.

  • Check the water regularly and refill as needed to keep it topped off.
  • Don't touch the jar once you've placed it. This will disturb the accumulated negative energy.
  • Don't place a lid over the jar. It should remain open at all times.
  • If your salt cure grows to a point of being unmanageable, dispose of it properly (see how in below section) and replace it with a new salt cure.

Where to Put a Salt Water Cure

To determine where to put your feng shui salt water cure, find the current location where the #2 and #5 flying stars are residing in your home. You will either use the flying stars calculator or create your own annual flying stars chart.

Place Your Feng Shui Salt Cure

Not all rooms in your home need protection from the #2 and #5 flying stars. The sectors where these two stars reside for the current year will impact your areas of life ruled by these sectors. For example, if the #2 or #5 flying star resides in the southeast sector of your home, the negative energies of the star will impact your wealth luck. When you place the salt cure in your wealth sector, it will counter the negative influences on your wealth.

How Long Will You Keep Your Salt Water Cure?

You want to keep the salt water cure in place for the entire Chinese solar calendar year. Next year, these two detrimental stars will move, and you'll create a new salt water cure for the sector(2) they will inhabit for that year.

Rooms That Need the Salt Water Cure

The main rooms in your home that are used on a daily basis are typically the most vulnerable to the negative impact of #2 and #5 flying stars. This usually includes bedrooms, dens, home offices, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and all common rooms of the home. If the #2 or #5 star is residing in any of these rooms for the current year, you will place your salt water cure in that room.

Instances When an Afflicted Room Doesn't Require a Salt Water Cure

Classical feng shui rules state that if the #2 or #5 flying stars are residing in your laundry room or bathroom, then a salt water cure isn't necessary. The bathroom and laundry room carry out waste water, so the negative impact of either flying star is much the same as the typical existing inauspicious energy already found in these rooms.

Room Rarely Used Still Needs Salt Water Cure

If a #2 or #5 flying star resides in a room that is rarely used, such as a guest room, there may be no significant impact on the family. However, before you discount it as insignificant, you want to consider the sector the guest room occupies. The guest room might fall in an important sector, such as health (east), wealth (southeast), career (north), descendants (west) or any other impactful sector. In any of these cases, you'll need to apply the salt cure in the guest room.

How to Remove and Dispose of the Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure must be disposed of properly. Never attempt to recycle any part of the cure. All the salt, coins, and materials have absorbed the negative chi energy the #2 and #5 flying stars attract. Once the flying stars have moved on, you must immediately get rid of the salt cure you've used for the year. You must get it out of your home!

Salt Water Cure

Dispose of Used Salt Water Cure

To dispose of the spent salt water cure, you need to seal the cure in a plastic bag, and throw it into your outside trash bin for the next trash pickup. Never bury it on your property. This will merely anchor the negative energy into your land, so be sure to dispose of all related salt cure items, including the mat and plate/tray used to protect the floor or table surface.

How the Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Works

Classical feng shui offers you what is known as time dimension techniques to chart the movement of chi energy in your home. Not all schools of feng shui use the salt water cure. It was created by the Flying Star School of Feng Shui. This school is the feng shui practice of calculating feng shui star placements for homes and businesses for both auspicious and inauspicious stars.

Calculate Inauspicious Flying Stars

In feng shui time dimension is governed by the nine numbers used in Chinese numerology. These numbers are arranged on the Lo Shu grid (nine squares). In Flying Star Feng Shui, the numbers rotate through the grid in fixed patterns that you can apply to your home via compass directions. These numbers represent the flying stars.

Determine Which Rooms #2 and #5 Flying Stars Reside

Feng shui calculations based on the Chinese solar New Year reveal through the use of the Lo Shu grid where each star is residing for the current year. You simply place this grid over the layout of your home to determine which room(s) the negative stars #2 and #5 have moved. Each flying star has a specific set of energies assigned to it. The salt water cure counters these negative energies of stars #2 and #5, so your life isn't impacted negatively.

Use Correct Calendar Date

The Chinese New Year is often referred to as the Lunar New Year and shouldn't be confused with the Chinese solar calendar. The date to set your annual salt water cure is the Solar New Year. You aren't restricted to only setting up a cure on that one day. You can set up a new cure anytime during the year, just be sure you have the correct positions for the #2 and #5 flying stars.

Salt Water Is Cleansing

In many ancient cultures, including the Chinese, salt is considered a cleansing properties and has been used by various sects and religions. Salt is believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

Metal Coins Dissipate Negative Chi

In the feng shui salt cure, the purification of salt is incorporated with water that when combined are a powerful cleansing tool. It's the addition of metal coins that helps to stimulate the chemical reaction that cleanses and dissipates the negative chi energy brought into a home by the annual movement of the flying stars #2 and #5.

Replace Feng Shui Salt Cure Every Year

The feng shui salt cure should be replaced each year on the date of the Chinese astrology solar new year. This is the easiest way to ensure you have removed the old cure and replaced it with a new one.

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Instructions and Tips