Green Tourmaline Uses and Meanings

Published June 5, 2019
green tourmaline in matrix

Green tourmaline has many uses in feng shui, energy healing, and other practices. Its meaning is derived from the vibrational properties of the green tourmaline. This beautiful mineral is considered a semi-precious gemstone, and you can find it available in jewelry or in natural (rough) or cut and polished stones.

Green Tourmaline Basics

Green tourmaline is also called Verdelite. Green is only one of the colors you'll find in the semi-precious gemstone, tourmaline. Black is the most common color of tourmaline, although it also comes in pink, red, yellow, and many other colors. The shades of green in Verdelite can range from very light green to deep emerald to olive. One interesting coloration of tourmaline is watermelon tourmaline, a combination of green and pink tourmaline that can actually look like tiny slices of watermelon.

Watermelon tourmaline slice
Watermelon tourmaline

Meanings of Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline has a hexagonal crystalline lattice structure. Crystals with this lattice structure energize and manifest; that is, they can help you bring things you want into your life or help you cultivate energies you wish to have more of. Likewise, the color green is associated with the heart chakra, which is your center of love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. It's also where the negative expressions of these energies reside, such as anger and bitterness.

Green Tourmaline's Uses

Green tourmaline can help you manifest and support love and loving relationships. It can also help dissolve anger or bitterness, and it can facilitate forgiveness. Green tourmaline can also attract prosperity, particularly money, into your life. Likewise, green tourmaline can energize you, helping you gather emotional and physical energy when you feel it's lacking.

How to Use Verdelite

The simplest way to use green tourmaline is to wear it, but you can also place stones around your home or business depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

Facilitate or Grow Love

To facilitate or grow love, place green tourmaline in a shared bedroom with a spouse or in the love and relationships sector of your home (southwest compass direction). You can also wear a green tourmaline pendant on a chain that is long enough to extend to your heart region, or choose a bracelet made from green tourmaline or a green tourmaline ring worn on the fourth finger (which is the finger associated with commitment) of your non-dominant hand if you wish to receive more love, or your dominant hand if you wish to give more love.

Green tourmaline ring

Aid in Forgiveness

Placing green tourmaline in your spaces for forgiveness depends on who you wish to forgive.

  • If it's a coworker or your boss, then you might keep it in your office in the helpful people sector, which is the compass direction northwest according to the bagua.
  • If it's a spouse, partner, or significant other, then placing it in your love and relationships sector will be beneficial.
  • If it's a parent, grandparent, or an elder family member, then place it in the east sector, which supports family and ancestors.
  • If it is your children, then place it in the west sector, which represents children and creativity.

You can also wear a Verdelite ring in your pointer finger of your dominant hand if you wish to give forgiveness or on the pointer finger of your left hand if you wish to receive it, or wear a green tourmaline pendant centered over either your heart to feel forgiveness or your throat to express it.

Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Place green tourmaline in the southeast sector of your home, which is the prosperity sector. Carry a piece in your wallet or place it in your cashbox if you own a business to further attract the energy of money. You can also keep a piece of green tourmaline in the place where you pay your bills.


To energize with green tourmaline, place a piece in the center of your home, which supports overall health and well-being. You can also wear it as a ring on the middle finger of your non-dominant hand, which represents power and energy.

Green Tourmaline in Feng Shui

In feng shui, crystals represent the earth element, and green represents the wood element, so you can place green tourmaline in earth or wood bagua sectors to activate wood or earth energies.

Use Your Intuition

When using any crystals in feng shui, following rules is helpful. However, if you feel intuitively drawn to place Verdelite somewhere or wear it in a certain way, feel free to do so. Your intuition can guide you in using this beautiful and beneficial gemstone.

Green Tourmaline Uses and Meanings