Hanging Crystals in Windows for Positive Feng Shui Energy

Updated April 9, 2021
Glass sun catcher hanging next to a window glowing with early morning light

You can create good feng shui by hanging crystals in the windows of your home or office. The key is not to overdo and maintain a good balance of the type of window crystals you use and where you place them.

Types of Feng Shui Hanging Crystals

The types of hanging crystals used in feng shui include quartz and other gemstones, such as amethyst. You will use a multi-faceted, round crystal in the window of a room you wish to attract chi energy. This can be a Swarovski crystal, quartz crystal, or other type of crystal. The prism effect of multi-faceted crystals ensures the chi is sent out into the room at all angles. The round shape is important to avoid creating any poison arrows that non-circular shaped crystals can create.

Hanging Window Crystals to Slow Down Chi Energy

You may need to add a crystal to a window to slow down the chi energy entering through the window. This is a valuable feng shui tool when a window is directly across from a door.

Use Multi-Faceted Crystal Spheres to Energize Rooms

If your home suffers from very little natural light, a crystal or two in a window can lighten up a room. The sunlight refracted through the crystal will create light patterns on the walls, ceiling, or floor. This light will energize the room.

crystal ball near window and wall

Bedroom Window Crystal Disperses Chi Energy

A bedroom is a good place to hang a crystal in the window. The chi energy in a bedroom may rush through the window, especially if the bedroom door is across from the window. Hanging window crystals in your bedroom will slow down and disperse the chi energy entering through the bedroom window. This will prevent the beneficial chi energy from moving too fast through the window and right out the bedroom door. The crystal will force the chi energy to move about the space.

Restful Afternoon Nap in a Bedroom With a Window Crystal

If you choose to hang a crystal in your bedroom window to introduce fresh chi energy, you should close the draperies or blinds if you wish to take an afternoon nap. This will keep the yang energy at bay so you can rest easier.

Dining Room Window Crystals Attract Abundance

It is a known feng shui fact that crystal chandeliers are ideal energizers for dining rooms. If you want to attract more abundant energy into this vital space, hang a crystal in the window. You can use a Swarovski crystal or select one that attracts abundance, such as a green jade, quartz, or pyrite round, multi-faceted crystal.

crystal chanelier hanging by upper windows

Kitchen Window Crystals Ensure Wealth and Health

The kitchen rules the house and its occupants since it's where the food that nourishes the family is prepared. You can hang a multi-faceted quartz crystal sphere in the kitchen window to help balance the clashing elements of water and fire that are generated in a kitchen.

Bathroom Sha Chi Dispersed by Hanging Window Crystals

A bathroom is a room that transforms clean water into wastewater and carries it from the house. Negative energy (sha chi) often collects in this space. You can introduce auspicious chi energy when you hang a multi-faceted quartz crystal sphere in the bathroom window.

Living Room Window Crystals for Family Well Being

The living room is the family's space and where you spend quality time together. You want this area to have an exciting and healthy energy. You can hang a multi-faceted crystal sphere in obsidian or amethyst in this window. Both are known to attract healthy, beneficial energy.

Pink Crystal Ball

Foyer Window Crystals Invite Chi Inside Your Home

If you have a large foyer or front entrance into your home with a window or two, take advantage of the chi energy outside wanting to come inside. Place a matching pair of multi-faceted quartz crystal spheres in a window or one in each window. This is like ringing the auspicious chi energy's doorbell.

Garage Window Crystals Remove Stagnant Chi

Garages are notorious feng shui dead spaces with stagnant chi energy. You can energize this overlooked space by hanging a couple of multi-faceted crystal spheres in the windows. You'll immediately feel the difference, especially a home with a bedroom above the garage.

Office Window Crystals to Jumpstart Your Career

If you have a home office and want to jumpstart your career, you can hang a multi-faceted quartz crystal sphere in a window. If your office doesn't have much natural light, you can hang more than one crystal in a window. You can also use more than one office window to hang a crystal.

Crystal Ball On Ceiling Against Full Moon Seen Through Window

Hanging Crystals to Energize Your Office

A multi-faceted quartz crystal sphere will attract chi energy to enter through the window and into your office. The purpose of the crystal is to attract beneficial chi energy to venture deeper into your office. If your office space suffers from a lack of energy for whatever reason, this crystal will add more of each.

Office Window Crystals Increase Revenue and Wealth

If you want to increase your business revenue or you need a pay raise, try suspending a green aventurine multi-faceted, crystal sphere in your office window. Another crystal that attracts wealth is citrine. You can pair these two crystals for a powerful feng shui cure.

Business spreadsheet with a crystal on top

Best Compass Directions for Hanging Crystals in Windows

For good feng shui, you can hang a crystal in almost any window in your home. The optimum choice is a window located in the southwest or northeast sector of your home or office.

Best Use of Crystals Earth Elements

Crystals are natural earth elements, and the southwest and northeast compass directions are ruled by the earth element. This makes hanging crystals in the windows of either or both sectors a great way to activate this element.

Hanging Crystal in Window to Remedy Missing Corner

If you have a room with a missing corner, you can add a hanging crystal for a cure. You will either hang a clear crystal multi-faceted ball or choose the crystal based on the compass direction and its assigned color. The crystal will attract chi energy and send it into the missing area.

Ball and teardrop shape crystal rainbow maker sun catcher hanging in home

Hanging Crystals in Windows Is Good Feng Shui

You can use crystals as cures and chi energy magnets. It's easy to see how adding a hanging crystal in a window can boost the chi energy in a room.

Hanging Crystals in Windows for Positive Feng Shui Energy