Inspiring Feng Shui Vision Board Ideas

Published September 29, 2020
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A feng shui vision board offers you a way to set goals and realize your dreams. You can use the bagua to help you focus on the specific areas of your life that you wish to change.

How Do You Make an Effective Feng Shui Vision Board?

The bagua is divided into the eight compass directions, with each one assigned to a specific area of your life. Each of these luck sectors also has specific colors. You can use all of these to your advantage.

Use Feng Shui Bagua Luck Sectors

Contemplate each of the eight good luck sectors to decide if you wish to include any of these areas of your life on your vision board. It may be helpful to either draw or print a bagua to use on your feng shui vision board.

Download this printable PDF Bagua using LTK Guide for Adobe Printables.

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Bagua Map

Define Your Intentions

Once you've chosen the area(s) you want to focus on changing, define your intentions. Write out your intentions, but don't overload the sector(s). For this first board, choose one thing you want to change or improve.

Feng Shui Vision Board Ideas

You can choose one for each sector or just start out with one or two. It's up to you how many goals you set. Keep in mind that feng shui is all about balance, so don't overload your vision board. You can start out small and add more when you begin to achieve your goals.

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1. South: Recognition & Fame Luck

You may wish to gain more recognition at work or school. You may wish to be famous in your field or gain notoriety for a hobby. Whatever you desire for this sector, be specific when you write out your intention.

2. Southwest: Love & Relationship Luck

Whether you're in an existing romantic relationship/marriage or single, you can write out your intentions for this important sector of your life. You may want to improve your communication with your lover. If you're single and want to meet your soul mate, define and state your intention.

3. West: Descendants Luck

The descendants luck sector represents your children. This is the place to state your intention to start a family or spend more quality time with your children. This sector can also include grandchildren.

4. Northwest: Mentor Luck

The mentor luck sector can play an important role in achieving your other goals, such as career luck, recognition and fame luck, education luck, and wealth luck. Don't ever underestimate this sector and be sure to include it with as an important aspect of these sectors.

5. North: Career Luck

You may be seeking a career change or just graduating from college and job hunting. Write out your deepest heart's desire for this sector and be bold with your goals for career changes you want.

6. Northeast: Education Luck

If you want to get into a specific college, add it to your vision board. If you need extra training to get a promotion, include it. If you want to make a career change, but you'll need training, add your intention here.

7. East: Health Luck

If you have health concerns, add your intentions for finding a solution. If you don't have any issues, you can simply state you wish to remain healthy.

8. Southeast: Wealth Luck

Choosing to include wealth on your vision board, think about the kind of wealth you want. Do you simply want more money or are you seeking to accumulate wealth? Do you need a specific amount of money to achieve another goal, such as a down payment on a house? Define your intention and state it clearly.

Inspiring Representations of Your Desires

Now that you have clearly defined your intentions for the appropriate sectors, you need to add images that will give you a visual representation of the fulfillment of your goals. Choose colorful photos from magazines and the internet. You'll feel a resonance inside you when you come across an image that is related to your desires and goals. You can be as creative as you like in portraying the manifestation of your goals.

  • Print a photo of the college you wish to attend.
  • Create a collage of the new house you want to buy.
  • Add images of your ideal job.
  • Select pictures of your new wardrobe to purchase when you land that job or get that promotion.

Elements, Colors, and Symbols for Feng Shui Vision Board

You can reinforce your intentions by using examples of the feng shui element, colors, and good luck symbols. When you work with the sector(s), choose photos and other items that are the color for that sector. For example, if you want a new career, you can choose images that contain blue and black to reinforce your intention. You can add symbols for that luck sector for an added chi energy boost.

Feng Shui Directions, Elements, Colors, and Symbols

Compass Direction






Red, purple, orange, pink

Horse, phoenix, birds




Double happiness symbol, pair of Mandarin ducks, hearts, amethyst



Gold, silver, brass, copper, and platinum

Laughing Buddha with children, elephant, pomegranate



Gold, silver, brass, copper, and platinum

Kwan Kung, Fuk Luk Sau, 6-rod metal wind chime



Blue and black

Dragon tortoise, water feature, aquarium




Pagoda, crystal globe, crystal point



Green and tan

Crane, wu lou, bamboo, God of Longevity



Green and tan

Water feature, gold coins, ingots, wealth ship, pot of gold

Where Should I Put My Feng Shui Vision Board?

Once you have created your vision board, you need to decide where to put it. The simplest choice is the luck sector of the goal that needs to happen first. For example, if you want to buy a house, but you need more income and that will come from either a career change or job promotion, then the north sector (career) is the most logical place to put your career board for now. Once you achieve the promotion/raise/new career, you can then move your board to the southeast sector (wealth). The same goes for other luck sectors, such as west sector if you are trying to conceive and so on.

Separate Feng Shui Vision Boards for Unrelated Intentions

You should make separate vision boards for any intentions that are unrelated. For example, if you want a new career and a health related intention, then you should create a separate feng shui vision board for each one. You will place the career feng shui vision board in the north sector of your home or office, and the health one in the northeast sector of your home or office.

Feng Shui Vision Board Ideas to Inspire You

You should place your feng shui vision board where you can see it every day. When you use feng shui to guide the creation of your vision board(s) you can develop laser focus on your goals.

Inspiring Feng Shui Vision Board Ideas