Simple Ways to Enhance Helpful People in Feng Shui

Published March 3, 2020
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There are 14 simple ways you can enhance the helpful people sector in feng shui. You can activate this sector with the appropriate element and feng shui symbols and charms.

What Is the Helpful People Sector in Feng Shui?

The helpful people sector is known in Classical feng shui as the mentor luck sector. This sector is located in the Northwest area or corner of your home or office.

1. Activate Helpful People in the Northwest Sector

You can activate the northwest sector in your home or office when you need a mentor or influential person to assist you with an element or good luck charm. Activating this sector can be beneficial for your career or for some other area in your life, such as spiritual development or educational studies.

2. Add Metal Elements Northwest Sector

Whatever the reason you need helpful people to enter your life, you can follow the same guidelines for activating this sector. Metal is the element assigned to the northwest. You can activate your mentor sector by adding a metal element.

3. Hang Metal Wind Chimes

Some of the metal items you can use to activate your helpful people sector include a 6-hollow rod wind chime. Hang this from the ceiling in the northwest sector of your home or the northwest corner of your office.

Metal Wind Chime

4. Utilize Round Metal Objects

You can use round metal objects to activate the northwest sector since round is the shape that symbolizes metal. You can use round metal decorative wall accents or a round metal table. Metal table lamps with metal shades are also a way to further activate this sector.

5. Hang Metal Picture Frames

You can use round metal picture frames as a subtle way to introduce the metal element in the northwest sector. Choose art or photos for the frames that are in keeping with your ideal of helpful people. This can be images of you at work or the project you need help in completing.

6. Add Tokens or Images of Mentors

If you have a specific person in mind that you wish for a mentor, you can use a token to represent them. You may admire an expert in your field. You can place a book this person wrote, an article about them, a business card, or even a photo of them in the northwest corner of your office or northwest sector of your home.

Side Table By Sofa

Example of Professional Mentor

One example would be an artist who admires a specific artist, using their image or one of their pieces of art in the northwest sector. If you opt for this type of representation in the northwest sector, make sure you place the photo or artwork in a metal frame.

7. Use Color to Emphasize Metal

You can also use a metal color to represent this powerful element. Choose either gray, gold, white, or copper for the northwest sector of your home. You can paint the room this color or use it for an accent wall. One or more of these colors can be used in your home décor, such as draperies, furnishings, artwork, and accent pieces.

8. Include a Metal Bell or Gong

You can place a metal bell or metal gong in the northwest sector of your home or office. You can ring the bell three times or tap the metal gong three times to activate the metal element. Repeat daily until your mentor appears in your life.

9. Add the Big Metal Symbol

The trigram Chien is called big metal. The trigram Chien is three unbroken lines stacked upon each other. You can use this symbol in the northwest sector.

Trigram Chien

10. Hang Six Metal Coins

You may decide to go with something simple, such as six Chinese metal coins tied together with a red cord or ribbon for big metal. The metal round shapes serve to activate the metal element.

11. Place a Brass Rooster in the Sector

You can place a brass rooster in your northwest mentor luck sector. The rooster is used as a symbol of influential people. If you desire to climb the corporate ladder and need greater opportunities, the bronze rooster invites helpful people to see you achieve your goals. Make sure the rooster is facing into your office or northwest sector of your home, never out a door or window.

12. Utilize Representations of Religious or Spiritual Beliefs

Whatever your religion, you can call upon God, Buddha, a saint, or other deity by placing a religious motif or statue in the northwest sector. For example, you might choose a metal relief panel or statue of Buddha in this sector or corner of your office. Kwan Kung, the Chinese god of war, is a powerful ally when placed in the northwest sector.

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13. Place Fuk Luk Sau Figurines

Fuk Luk Sau are the three immortals. Their names have specific meanings, such as Fuk (good luck), Luk (financial success) and Sau (longevity). Set them in the northwest. Place them in the order they are known, Fuk Luk Sau, as a line moving from left to right.

14. Use Nine Emperors Coins

You can also use the powerful Nine Emperors coins from the Ching Dynasty. In feng shui, the number nine is the symbol of being complete and whole. These coins imbue the power of the Ching Dynasty. It's believed the coins offer blessings to whoever hangs them in the helpful people sector. The coins are said to invite the spirits of the nine emperors and other nobles to help you gain the status you desire.

What Not to Place in Helpful People Sector

There are a few things you don't want to place in your helpful people/mentor sector. The main objects to avoid are pointed ones or ones with sharp edges since these create poison arrows.

Use 14 Simple Ways to Enhance Helpful People in Feng Shui

You can use simple ways to enhance the mentor/helpful people sector in feng shui. Choose one method and refrain from overloading this area with symbols and items to ensure you have a balanced response to your invitation.

Simple Ways to Enhance Helpful People in Feng Shui