Meaning and Symbolism of Different Color Tulip Flowers

Whether you gift them or grow them, understanding the meanings of tulip colors makes them even more special.

Published March 24, 2022
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Tulips are beloved springtime flowers, with their cheerful appearance and bright colors. Sure, they're beautiful, but did you know tulips also have meanings and symbolism behind them? By learning about this symbolism, as well as tulip color meanings, you can plant or buy the perfect tulips for your mood.

Tulip Symbolism and Meaning

There are a few common meanings behind tulips. The most common tulip symbolism is that the tulips stand for true love or pure love. Another common meaning behind tulip flowers is tied to the fact that they bloom in the spring, making them a symbol of new life.

No matter which meaning you like more, the flower itself is only part of the symbolism. Colors have their own meanings as well, and when you pair a color with the flower, the symbolism becomes even more meaningful. With so many different types of tulips, you can easily find just the meaning you're hoping to express.

The Symbolism of Tulip Colors

Color symbolism is a somewhat subjective issue. Take the color green, for example. For some, green symbolizes calmness and new life, while for others, it's the color of envy. With that in mind, here are the most common interpretations of tulip flower color meanings.

Tulip Color Meanings

Pink Tulip Symbolism

Pink tulips symbolize congratulations and the wish for good luck in whatever comes next. This calming, cheerful tone in a bouquet or vase of tulips is the perfect choice for sending a friend or family member your very best wishes.

Purple Tulip Symbolism

Purple has long symbolized royalty, primarily because a few centuries ago, purple dye was ridiculously expensive to make, so only the very wealthy could afford it. Nowadays, it's widely considered a color symbolic of elegance or refinement. Give purple tulips to someone you admire for their elegance and poise.

White Tulip Symbolism

White tulips have several meanings, and the interpretation will depend on the circumstances. They're traditionally a symbol of saying you're sorry about something, and, related, a symbol of condolences over the loss of a loved one.

Because white is the color associated with purity, and tulips are a symbol of new life or pure love, white tulips are also popular in arrangements for weddings, baptisms, and holy communions.

Yellow Tulip Symbolism

Yellow is just a naturally cheerful color, and yellow tulips represent hope, happiness, and good cheer. Give them to someone who makes your life brighter, or someone who could use a little extra cheer in their life.

Red Tulip Symbolism

Close-up of red tulips in field

Red flowers in general, including red tulips, are symbols of love or lust. Since tulips can represent true love, this goes double for red tulips. Give them to someone you're in love with, whether you're a new couple or have been together forever.

Orange Tulip Symbolism

Orange is generally a color that's symbolic of friendship and appreciation. This warm tone evokes feelings of happiness and cheer, and tulips in this color are a perfect gift for a dear friend or acquaintance, someone you're happy to have in your life.

Blue Tulip Symbolism

A true blue (not purple or violet) tulip is pretty hard to come by, though breeders continue to get closer and closer to creating one. If you manage to find a blue tulip, the symbolism would be unique, refreshing, or new. Give blue tulips to someone who inspires you, who is unlike anyone you've ever known!

Black Tulip Symbolism

Like blue tulips, pure black tulips are difficult to find, but there are some purple tulips that are so dark they appear almost black. Black tulips symbolize power and strength. Give them to someone who is powerful, dramatic, or intense.

Green Tulip Symbolism

Green is the color of renewal or rebirth, which means that green tulips are a symbol of fresh, hopeful beginnings. Give green tulips to a person who's starting a new phase of their life or "turning over a new leaf."

Variegated Tulip Symbolism

Variegated tulips, which are available in a wide range of combinations of colors, are very romantic flowers. The general meaning behind them is "beautiful eyes," since often, the most beautiful eyes are a complex mix of shades. Give them as a gift to someone you have a crush on, or as a gift for anyone whose eyes make your heart flutter. A stunning variegated Parrot tulip arrangement would be a wonderful thing to give to that special someone.

Give a Message Without Saying a Word

The language of flowers is one of the sweetest, most personal ways of communicating, either between friends, family members, or romantic partners. And remember that a bouquet can be a mix of colors, so you can share all your emotions in one beautiful arrangement. For a meaningful arrangement that comes back year after year, consider planting tulips so the message will go on.

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Color Tulip Flowers