Large Bingo Cards: Best Options for for Big Fun

Updated May 26, 2021
Seniors Playing Bingo

Bingo game sets for seniors come in designs with large print and easy-to-read cards. These bingo game sets have everything you need to hold this classic game in your home, senior center, or other location. They are also great for gift giving and can provide hours of entertainment and fun. Learn where to find the perfect bingo game set for a senior in your life.

Easy-to-Read Bingo Cards

For those looking for larger print cards, not sold in a set, there are several options to consider.

Free Printable Easy-to-Read Bingo Cards

You can download and print this set of easy-to-read Bingo cards for free.

Large bingo cards

Easy Read Bingo Card Set

A Flaghouse easy-read set is priced around $100 and contains 25 cards. These cards measure 9" high by 8" wide and features numbered shutters that are a half an inch high. The cards are extra thick, making them easy to handle.

Large Print Bingo Cards

These cards are priced around $10 and are ideal for those with not so perfect eyesight. Found at S&S Worldwide, the cards are printed on 110 lb index paper for added durability and the bingo numbers are extra large. The set contains 25 different cards.

Yellow Bingo Calling Cards

These giant calling cards can be found at S&S Worldwide and are priced at around $26. The calling cards can be shuffled and used in place of traditional bingo balls and a cage. They measure 8-1/4" x 11" and have extra large black print on a bright yellow background, which helps make them easy-to-read for seniors. They are laminated and come in a set of 75 cards.

Low Vision Bingo Cards

Low Vision Bingo Cards are available from the MaxiAids and are priced at about $12. These cards come in a pack of 10 and measure 7" high by 6-3/4" inches wide. The numbers are in large, bold black print and easy-to-read, making them ideal for seniors with poor vision.

Bingo Sets for Those With Arthritis

Sometimes conditions such as arthritis make it hard to hold items such as cards or markers. However, there are bingo sets specially designed for those with arthritis. Look for sets that contain slide or shutter cards that have been made from a thicker, heavy-duty stock which will make them easier to hold and use.

Bingo Party Set

This set is sold at US Bingo and is priced around $112. It contains vinyl coated cage, colored bingo balls, master board and 25 shutter cards. The shutter cards only require the numbers to be flipped and do not need to be marked. This makes it ideal for those with arthritis or other hand problems.

Extra Large Finger Tip Cards

These cards are sold at National Bingo Online and are priced at $89 for a pack of 25. They are easy to use and only require a flip of your finger to mark the numbers. They come in your choice of blue or green.

Bingo Markers and More

Remember that in order to play bingo, you will need some type of marker to mark the cards. Classic bingo markers are special colored dabbers to mark your bingo cards. You can find them at National Bingo Online and are under $3 for a 4-pack. For those not wanting to use an ink-based marker, there are other types of markers to consider.

Transparent Bingo Chips

Large Transparent Bingo Chips are sold in sets of 250 chips and priced under $5. These markers come in a range of colors including pink, purple, blue, and green. They are made larger, therefore they are easier for seniors to grip and place on their bingo cards.

Large Bingo Chips

Large Bingo Chips pair perfectly with the cards and are priced around $10 for 100 chips. These chips are easy to grasp and measure 1-1/2 inches. They come with a convenient container for quick clean-up.

Bingo Wand and Chips

Bingo Wand and Chips contains magnetic bingo chips and a wand that can be used to clear the cards and costs about $6 on Amazon. This set comes in colors such as pink, red and green and is a great addition to any bingo set.

Large Print Senior Bingo Sets

You can find a variety of bingo game sets that have large print for seniors online at a variety of websites. When shopping for a bingo game for seniors, look for cards with larger print and that are larger so it is easier to see the cards and correlate it with the numbers being called. Seniors will appreciate the ease of the larger print and can enjoy the classic game of bingo with their group of friends or family. You can often find bingo games sold as a set or separately where you can choose what components you need for the game.

Institutional Cage Set

This cage set is priced around $180 and contains easy-to-read bingo balls, a wire cage and 75 table tennis balls with numbers in large black print. The set is available at Flaghouse and also contains a plastic master bingo board that features large letters and numbers.

Bingo Is Fun for All Ages

Bingo is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a game set to give to a club of seniors, a group at a nursing home or for the seniors in your life, you can find items that will make it easier for them to play the classic game of bingo.

Large Bingo Cards: Best Options for for Big Fun