8 Strong Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You

Updated April 5, 2022
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Sagittarian men are said to be the bachelors of the zodiac. They are friendly and flirty guys who have a lot of admirers and like to spread themselves around. This makes it hard to figure out if a Sagittarian man genuinely likes you or if he's just being his usual friendly, flirty self.

How to Tell if a Sagittarian Man Likes You

A Sagittarius man who likes you will show his interest with big and small romantic gestures. He will take his time in getting to know you before he commits to openly declaring he cares. However, if he encounters competition for your affections, he'll make his intentions known fairly quickly. Still, a Sagittarius man's first moves tend to be subtle as he tests the waters.

1. A Sagittarius Man Engages You in Conversation

He'll catch your eye and strike up a conversation with you. He'll ask lots of questions about you that will go way beyond the ordinary. This is a sign that he's genuinely interested in knowing who you are.

A Sagittarius man is very picky about who he gives his heart to and must first know that you have your own life and interests. He isn't looking to complete you or for you to complete him. His ideal is to find a real partner with whom he can share and explore everything in life. The more questions he asks--the more interested he is in you!

2. He Finds Ways to Be With You

If a Sagittarian man is interested in you being more than just one of his many casual friends and acquaintances, He'll find ways to be with you. He's not ready to make an official date. He's not there yet. He must first get an overall idea of who you are, what you want from life, how intelligent you are, what you want to give back to the world, and how you feel about everything.

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Depending on how you meet, he may need to be very creative in finding ways to be with you unofficially. If you meet at one of your regular haunts, such as a local dinner or bookstore, you'll probably run into and talk to him a few times before he asks you out on a date, but don't expect it to be a full date. Not yet. It will be for lunch during the workweek or for coffee on the weekend. If things go well and your conversations go smoothly, he'll step up his game and invite you to an evening meal or event.

If you work together, he'll find general ways to meet and have conversations with you. This could be as simple as frequently bumping into you at the company cafeteria or at the food truck. He'll take advantage of these seeming chance meetings to talk to you in a very casual and friendly environment.

Each meeting in the break room, after a department meeting, or walking to your car or bus stop are opportunities for him to get to know you without it being an official date. He wants to see how you handle yourself in real-life situations, how you treat others in the workplace, and other clues he finds helpful in determining if you're someone he wants to pursue. So, be patient!

3. A Sagittarian Man Stops What He's Doing to Talk With You

Another sign that a Sagittarius man genuinely likes you is how his face always breaks into a wide smile and he stops what he's doing when he sees you. If a Sagittarian man is in a conversation with someone else when he spies you, he'll quickly break away to come over to you. His greeting will be one of great enthusiasm and genuine happiness to see you. Be prepared to fill him in on everything you've done since he last saw you, even if it was only an hour ago. He's interested and really wants to know. The more he wants to know--the more interested he is in you!

4. He Shares Funny Stories

A Sagittarian is a born storyteller and comedian. Once he knows more about you and trusts you, he'll begin to share entertaining stories about his adventures in life. He'll also make himself the butt of his own humor to entertain you.

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Sagittarius won't hesitate to tell you his most embarrassing moment if it's a funny story guaranteed to make you laugh. He has a repertoire of misadventures that he makes very funny in his talent for storytelling. He'll love to make you laugh and the more you laugh, the more stories he'll share. The more you enjoy and laugh at his comedic efforts, the more he'll care!

5. He Gradually Increases Caring Gestures

Sagittarius is a very attentive suitor. He gives small gestures that show just how much he cares since he took the time to notice and then did something to show you that he noticed.

For example, he'll notice the last time you met in the break room that your thermos didn't keep your chicken soup warm and you had to eat lukewarm soup. The next day, you'll find a new thermos on your desk and it'll be filled with the best chicken soup you ever ate. This type of gesture is just second nature to this man. He's sincere in every small gesture he makes. If you get this type of attention, enjoy it because it shows he cares!

6. He Inquires About Your Family and Friends

Sagittarius is interested in everything about you. As the two of you get to know each other better, he'll want to hear everything about your family and friends and eagerly tells you about his.

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If a family member or friend is sick or has a problem/issue, the next time you meet with your Sagittarian man, he'll inquire about them. He'll want details and offer assistance should you need it.

7. A Sagittarian Man Leaves You Caring Notes and Texts

A Sagittarius man will call or text daily and leave sticky notes on your desk or computer when you're not around. He might even leave a note on your car windshield wishing you a good day.

Of course, he'll text or call whenever he has a sudden idea about a problem, issue, or just to say hi. However, he's all about the personal touch, so you may find a cup of your favorite coffee flavor waiting for you in the morning when you get into the office. You could find a greeting card left in your office chair when you return from lunch. It might simply say, Thinking of You with a short personal message, such as "Saw this card at a bookstore during lunch, and it reminded me of you."

8. He Shows He Admires Your Talents and Abilities

A Sagittarius man has a great appreciation of other people's intellect, talents, and abilities. He'll notice yours and will encourage you to pursue anything that is of interest to you.

When a Sagittarius man genuinely likes you, he has an unwavering belief in you and your abilities. For example, if you're an artist but have kept your talent hidden from others, he'll mention your talent to his friend who owns an art gallery and before you know it, you're having your first art show with him by your side on opening night. After the show, he'll invite you to dinner to celebrate your success!

A Sagittarius Man Is Honest and Straightforward

Although everything above can clue you in on his intentions, generally, if a Sagittarian man really likes you and wants to take your relationship beyond friendship, you won't have to wonder. He'll tell his friends and be honest and straightforward in telling you just how much he cares about you.

8 Strong Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You