Advice on Dating a Strong Virgo Woman

Published June 8, 2020
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Dating a strong Virgo woman can be daunting, but a few tips and advice may ensure you put your best foot forward. If you ask her on a second date, be sure to let her know exactly what you're planning since she needs time to make her own pre-date plans.

Dating Advice for How to Attract a Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman often appears to be reserved when you first meet her. Her reservation is actually a telltale sign that she is sizing you up. A Virgo woman is a very particular about everything in her life, especially who she dates.

Make a Good First Impression to a Strong Virgo Woman

When you meet a strong Virgo woman, you'll immediately note how put together she is. Her makeup is perfect, her hair is styled flawlessly, and her outfit is stylish and spotless. Everything about this woman tells you that she is precise about her looks and is detail oriented. You immediately recognize that her self-esteem is top-notch and her standards are high. Make sure yours matches hers.

Dress Neat and Look Your Best

If you wish to impress Virgo on your first date, then arrive on time and show up showered and wearing fresh clean and neat clothes. Personal grooming is paramount. You don't want dirt under your fingernails: it'll be the first thing she notices and you can forget a second date.

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Bring Her Flowers and Candy

It doesn't hurt to bring your Virgo woman fresh floral bouquet and candy. She'll appreciate your attention to this romantic gesture and find it endearing.

How to Communicate With a Virgo Woman

You want to be open and direct with a Virgo woman. She expects you to be as honest with her as she is with you. Just be sure you cushion your words with politeness and sincerity.

Inquire About Her Job

Virgo is a very industrious sign. Your Virgo woman is very accomplished her chosen field and highly respected by peers and superiors alike. She enjoys talking about her work, so be sure to ask about her day and what her work schedule is like.

Let Her Know Your Intentions

When you date a Virgo woman, you want to communicate your intentions. This woman has goals and plans. If you aren't looking for a serious relationship that leads to a real commitment, you're wasting her time.

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Don't Play Games With Her Heart

A strong Virgo woman is on a mission and doesn't play games. If you're a player, she'll leave you in the dust.

Watch Your Language

A Virgo woman expects her date to have impeccable manners and excellent social skills. She won't tolerate swearing or any kind of foul language. She finds such language insulting. If you swear in front of her, she'll interpret it to mean you don't respect her.

Appreciate the Truth About Virgo Woman's Emotions

A Virgo woman isn't an open book. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve. She doesn't consider public displays of emotion to be dignified and feels they should be kept for private times together.

Acknowledge Your Virgo Woman Is in Control

A strong Virgo woman is always in control of herself and everything around her. Her house is neat, clean and organized. She believes that everything should have its place and be returned to it when no longer being used.

Accept Her Perfectionist Nature

While Virgo may be described as controlling, the truth is a Virgo woman is a perfectionist to her core. This personality trait drives her to make everything exactly right, including you. If you don't like to be fussed over and advised on how you can improve yourself, then you shouldn't continue dating her.

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Get in Line With Her Organized Life

A Virgo woman is a planner and has everything in her life mapped out. She'll expect you to follow her rules and if you can't get in line with how she organizes her life, then she'll find someone who will.

Is a Virgo Woman Testing You?

Some suitors complain they feel as though Virgo was testing them on their first date since she asked so many questions. It shouldn't be unreasonable to ask your date various questions in order to get to know him. However, some Virgo women are more skilled and tactful than others.

Be Patient With Her Critical Eye

Virgos are known for their inner drive for perfection. This bestows a critical eye that focuses on everything, especially a mate. When stressed, Virgo can become overly critical of herself and her mate. You'll need an abundance of patience if you're going to survive her scrutiny.

Recognize the Signs When a Virgo Woman Is Falling for You

You can tell when a Virgo woman is falling for you by the way she responds to your text messages, phone calls and while on your dates. A Virgo can become overwhelmed with the emotions of new love and will often act out of character and express emotions that she normally would keep under wraps.

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You Need to Commit to Your Relationship

Once the first bloom of love is spent, a Virgo woman will return to her rigid self-control. However, you'll know how she truly feels even though she won't express her feelings so ardently. You can rest assured that once a strong Virgo woman commits to you, she's dedicated to making your relationship work. You need to convey the same commitment to her.

Dating Advice for Success With a Strong Virgo Woman

You want to understand a strong Virgo woman's attributes before dating her. If you know what to expect, you can ensure a smooth first date.

Advice on Dating a Strong Virgo Woman