Capricorn in Marriage: Partners for Life

Updated June 23, 2022
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Most Capricorns expect to marry and raise a family, and a Capricorn marriage will be traditional. However, if you're thinking about marrying a Capricorn, you should know that marriage is a serious lifetime commitment for Capricorns and not something they rush into or take lightly.

The Best Marriage Partner for a Capricorn

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet. Speaking astrologically, Capricorn is most compatible with Scorpio, Taurus, or Virgo.

Who Will a Capricorn Marry?

A Capricorn is cautious when choosing a mate and does have some specific requirements when it comes to the person they marry. A Capricorn will marry a person who:

  • Works hard and is committed to long-term goals
  • Is loyal, independent, and confident
  • Shares a traditional approach to marriage
  • Values home, family, and security
  • Is passionate, with a healthy libido
  • Shows them respect and never causes them any embarrassment

Regardless of their sun sign, if a Capricorn's mate is all of this and can also add a dash of unpredictability to keep things exciting, a Capricorn's marriage will go the distance.

What a Capricorn Is Like in Marriage

Whether it's a male Capricorn or a female Capricorn, if you marry a Capricorn you can expect a loyal, patient, prudent, determined, reliable, disciplined, conscientious, and dutiful spouse. Still, they need to be in control and don't handle conflict well. Rather than fight, a Capricorn spouse will just have the last word, leave it at that, and walk away.

A Capricorn Mate's Work Ethic

A Capricorn mate works long and hard. They are often financially successful and good providers who want to be respected at work and home. Due to their innate work ethic, they seldom allow themselves to get sick, and no matter what's happening in their personal life, they put a smile on their face and go to work. For a Capricorn mate, work can be the cure-all for everything, even problems in a marriage.

A Capricorn Mate Is Security Conscious

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A Capricorn spouse can be frugal. Money equals security and survival for them. Additionally, they have a keen awareness of time, worry about the future, and want to save for a rainy day and their retirement years. Marriage to Capricorn means living within your means and saving for the future. They're not greedy or excessively materialistic; they just want to ensure their money is well spent and their future is secured.

Capricorn Marriage: Romance and Affection

A Capricorn spouse doesn't do mushy romance very well. For Capricorns, being romantic is about thoughtful, sentimental gestures that communicate to their spouse they care, understand, love, and are thinking about them.

  • A handwritten note
  • A thoughtful, loving comment or touch
  • Taking their mate's hand when walking
  • Letting their partner sleep while they do what needs to be done around the house
  • Supporting and helping their mate in small, caring ways

A Capricorn Marriage in the Bedroom

What a Capricorn spouse lacks in romance, they make up for in the bedroom. They are earthy, sensual, physical beings who enjoy an active sex life and are usually extremely good in bed. They enjoy pleasuring their partners, and they will engage in kink. Underneath their serious, traditional façade, a Capricorn mate has a wild streak when it comes to sex. Capricorn mates tend to let go in the bedroom and:

  • Become playful and adventurous
  • Want their mate to get a bit creative
  • Are not in a hurry
  • Want less talk and more action
  • Will ask for what they want
  • Are attentive to their partner's needs
  • Have great stamina
  • Will cuddle and bask in the afterglow if that's what's needed to satisfy their partner

A Capricorn Spouse: Family and Parenting

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Capricorns expect their marriage to go the distance, are huge on family, and have everything it takes for a marriage to succeed. They are often the "rock" that everyone in the family leans on and works hard to ensure all the family's needs are met. When Capricorn becomes a parent, they seem to lighten up a bit and be affectionate with their children. Still, they will always be the authority figure in their children's lives. They will also teach their kids the value of money, perseverance, and the importance of keeping their promises.

A Capricorn's Marriage Is Forever

A Capricorn takes the marriage vows "till death do us part" to heart. As long as they are shown they are loved and respected by a supportive, appreciative, and trusting spouse, they are stable and faithful mates. They expect the same from their marriage partner.

The Best Is Saved for Last

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Capricorn mates are hard workers who save for the future. As they age, life gets easier, and they seemingly grow younger. So, if their marriage partner is supportive, loving, respectful, and hangs in through all the hard times and hard work, the marriage only gets better and better. When retirement time comes, a Capricorn's spouse will be rewarded with some serious romantic fun and adventures.

Capricorns Are Sensitive, Loving Mates

Capricorn mates are sensitive, but they don't show it. They're sentimental and loving, but have difficulty verbalizing their affection. Best of all, Capricorn spouses are committed to their families and faithful to their marriage partners.

Capricorn in Marriage: Partners for Life