Leo Woman and a Capricorn Man

Updated April 10, 2019
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As a romantic match, a Leo woman and a Capricorn man can often be a tumultuous mixture. However, for those with the drive to make the relationship work, the match can be a compatible one. If each is understanding and tolerant of the other, a Capricorn man can be a Leo woman's rock, and she can bring sunshine into his life.

The Match Between a Leo Woman and a Capricorn Man

When a Leo woman and Capricorn man first meet there's an instant attraction, but when the fascination subsides, the relationship can subside also due to their different behaviors, needs, interests, and lifestyles. The vitality of each, as well as their sense of self, depends on the Leo woman doing Leo things and the Capricorn man doing Capricorn things. Which, as you can see below are very different.

Traits of a Capricorn Man

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign, which means a Capricorn man:

  • Is an Introvert who prefers a quiet dinner with a few close friends or a night at home with a good book
  • Has a lifestyle that is conservative and private
  • Is careful with money and considers price and value.
  • Is primarily focused on his career and worldly success
  • Is cautious, not quick to fall in love, and keeps his feelings to himself.
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Traits of a Leo Woman

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign, which means a Leo Woman:

  • Is an extrovert who wants to be the center of attention and loves hosting and attending parties.
  • Has a lifestyle that's designed to impress or attract notice.
  • Willingly pays an exorbitant price for what she wants.
  • Needs a lot of loving attention
  • Falls in love fast and hard and have no problem letting the person know.
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A Leo Woman and Capricorn Man as Friends

Friendship is less intimate and friends don't spend all their time together, so a life long friendship between a Leo woman and a Capricorn man will be less tricky than a lifelong romantic partnership because friends don't need to have day-to-day interactions and this gives each plenty of time to do their own thing.

A Leo Woman and Capricorn Man as Longterm Mates

When these two fall in love and decide to live together or marry, it will take tolerance and understanding as well as a willingness from each to make allowances for the other on a day-to-day basis. The best recipe for success as longterm mates is for each to accept the other as they are, adjust to the differences, and let love lead the way.

A Leo Woman and Capricorn Man: Different but Complementary

A Leo woman with a Capricorn man can be a mismatch when it comes to a more than friendship or a short sexual love affair. Of course, their initial fascination can turn into something grander and for the sake of their shared love they could both be willing to make allowances for the other. If they can manage this, the atmosphere of excitement and activity created by their differences can motivate and energize their relationship forever. The key is for both to understand and play to their differing but complementary personalities.

An Impressive Couple

A Leo woman and a Capricorn man are both are classy individuals who want to make a mark on the world, and together they're impressive. A Leo woman is magnetic, outgoing, and lively, while a Capricorn man is reserved and has success written all over him. They're both ambitious, desire recognition and praise, and are concerned with the way others perceive them.

Wonderful Date Mates

When dating, a Leo woman and Capricorn man want to impress each other. There will be fine dining at the best restaurants, concerts, and art crawls, etc. He'll be sophisticated and quietly charming, and she'll be romantic, flirty, feminine, smart, sassy, and fun. He'll find her amusing, make her the center of his attention, and be uplifted by her zest for life.

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Great Bed Mates

The physical intimacy between a Leo woman and a Capricorn man is where this mismatched couple can come together. A Leo woman is a hot, physical, and feminine woman, who enjoys giving pleasure. In day-to-day life, a Capricorn man is reserved and proper, but when it comes to sex, he wants it wild, woolly, rough and tumble. Lucky for him a Leo woman has a similar sexual appetite. It's in bed where a Leo woman has the power to make this customarily reserved man throw caution to the wind and become a bit crazy in love.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man: Love Makes it Work

A Leo woman is ruled by her heart. When she falls in love her life revolves around her partner. She showers the one she loves with words of love, physical affection, and grand expressions of her love. Her behavior is just what a Capricorn man needs in order to feel that he's loved and appreciated. When an emotionally cautious Capricorn man knows he's loved, he'll open his heart, go out of his way to make sure his Leo woman feels loved and appreciated and has everything her heart desires.

Loyal and Faithful Mates

When a Leo woman and a Capricorn man marry both have a sense of loyalty and are ever faithful. They both have a soft spot for kids and family and a desire for an impressive home. Which best have "Man Cave" for the Capricorn husband to retreat to when he needs some quiet and solitude.

  • A Leo woman is a playful and affectionate mother and a wife who is committed to both her husband and children.
  • A Capricorn man is a doting father and husband. He's devoted to his wife and kids and provides for all their wants and needs.

Odd Couple Relationships

Astrology can't tell you who you'll fall in love with, and astrological compatibility depends on much more than two Sun signs. The individuals in an odd couples' relationship usually run in different social circles, meet by chance, are fascinated by their differences, date and become intimate, but for them to become lifelong partners there must be "ties that bind" them together from the Moon and other planets and points in their full astrological synastry.

Leo Woman and a Capricorn Man