Chinese Zodiac Marriage Match Chart

Updated January 14, 2019
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Chinese zodiac marriage combinations are similar to Western astrological combinations. For the Chinese, compatibility in marriage is important. Checking zodiac combinations is a good starting place. You can determine if the couple has any astrological aspects in common or if their signs are incompatible.

Compatible and Incompatible Signs

In the modern interpretation of Chinese Zodiac compatibility combinations, you'll find that compatibility charts typically match the signs either by groupings of twos or threes with one group being compatible and the other incompatible. While this makes for very easy understanding and is a great way to approach Chinese astrology and compatibility, there is another way to designate the signs that are compatible. Many of the non-paired signs fall into various levels of compatibility.

Chart: Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Below is a chart based on the ancient division of compatibility which is divided into four distinct categories. You'll notice some categories have only one match while others may have several matches for a single category. While this method is more difficult to remember or memorize, it tends to be more accurate and takes into account that all things are not always equal in the human equation.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatibility Chart
RAT No long-lasting friendships, determined, ambitious Rat, Ox, Pig Dragon, Monkey, Tiger Snake, Ram, Rooster Rabbit, Horse, Dog
OX Loner, inspiration to others, wonderful parent Monkey, Snake, Rat Ox, Rooster, Rabbit Dragon, Ram, Dog, Pig Tiger, Horse
TIGER Brave, aggressive yet caring Horse, Dog, Pig Rat Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Rooster Rabbit, Ram, Monkey, Ox
RABBIT Lucky and rather shy by affectionate Dragon, Pig, Ram Rabbit, Snake, Ox, Dog, Monkey Horse, Rooster Rat, Tiger
DRAGON Robust and passionate about life Snake, Ram, Monkey, Rabbit Pig, Rooster, Rat Horse, Dog, Ox, Tiger Dragon
SNAKE Hard-worker, friendly, calm Rooster, Dragon, Ox Rabbit Snake, Tiger, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rat Dog, Pig
HORSE Goal-oriented, See all sides, sense of humor Ram, Dog, Tiger Dragon Horse, Rooster, Pig, Rabbit, Snake Monkey, Rat, Ox
RAM Homebody, social, artistic Rabbit, Pig, Dragon, Horse Monkey Ram, Rat, Ox, Snake Rooster, Dog, Tiger
MONKEY Curious, playful, prankster Dragon, Ox Monkey, Rat, Rabbit, Ram Rooster, Dog, Pig, Snake Tiger, Horse
ROOSTER Multi-Taskers, ambitious, expectant Pig, Snake Ox, Dragon Dog, Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Monkey Rooster, Ram
DOG Loyal, honest, leader Pig, Tiger Horse Rabbit Dog, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster Rat, Snake, Ram
PIG Planner, leader, family-oriented Pig, Rat, Ram, Rabbit, Tiger, Rooster, Dog Dragon Ox, Horse, Monkey Snake

How to Use Chinese Zodiac Marriage Match Chart

You can use the above chart by first exploring your ideal match in your search for the best compatibility in a marriage partner. These tend to have a proven track record for good and enduring marriages. The next section reveals possible good matches for your sign. A good match might not be the ideal or perfect match, but it also has a good track record for a long-lasting and happy marriage. The couple might not be as yin and yang as the ideal matches but are still a good balance of chi energy.

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Difficult and Worst Matches

The other two categories of difficult match and worst match are self-explanatory. While you aren't being told not to marry someone with one of these zodiac signs, it does signal that there may be some rocky times within these relationships that may not survive as well as the other two groupings. Just remember there are always exceptions to any rule. Use these as guidelines when there are no emotions yet attached to someone whose zodiac sign might not be the right yin or yang to yours.

Examples of Ideal Matches

These few examples of the Ideal Match demonstrates how the chart can help you in determining if a Chinese zodiac sign is the marriage match you need. Look at the different characteristics of each sign and see how they can complement the other. You may need to read between the lines to see exactly how these sign can fit together to create an ideal marriage.

The Most Compatible Sign: Pig

You'll notice that out of all the signs, the Pig seems to be most compatible with the other signs. This is because the pig tends to be a very generous sign, sometimes to a fault, making it one of the most eligible signs for a marriage match. The pig is also loyal and very accepting of others and life in general, making the person born under this sign someone who can easily get along with most people. There is no competitiveness in the pig and the ego has little control over the pig's heart. This lack of aggressiveness, however, can turn the pig into a doormat if matched with the wrong sign. There's also a tendency to being rather naive and vulnerable to those who would take advantage of the pig's good nature.

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Rat and Ox Marriage Match

The rat and ox marriage will be a yin and yang relationship. The rat isn't used to long-term relationships, so it will be an adjustment, but the ox isn't clingy and enjoys alone time so won't be dependent on the rat for constant affection. The rat is a good breadwinner while the ox enjoys being a parent and excels in this role. This combination will allow each person to do their own thing without the other feeling neglected. All in all, it is a well-balanced relationship.

Horse and Dog Marriage Match

The dog and horse marriage will prosper since the dog is loyal and honest and is a natural leader. These qualities are ones the powerful horse can respect. The horse is goal-oriented and the dog will find its mate to always be fair. The horse is able to understand points of view that may differ from those it holds. This bodes well for the dog. The horse also has a great sense of humor and that trait is often needed in any relationship.

Ox and Monkey Marriage Match

A known loner yet a wonderful parent, the ox is a good match for the monkey known for childlike tendencies, such as being playful and very curious. The ox will find these qualities endearing and the monkey will enjoy the ox's attention and appreciation. Both are great with kids and they will share the joy of raising their children together.

Rooster and Snake Marriage Match

The rooster is a great multi-tasker and is cool in during a crisis. The rooster has ambitions, and this trait is greatly appreciated by the hard-working snake. When the rooster becomes nervous and expectant, that snake knows how to diffuse that anxiety, making them the yin and yang needed in any marriage.

Chinese Zodiac Marriage Combinations Examined

These ancient guidelines can help you in choosing a mate based on the Chinese zodiac. Understanding the animal signs can help you recognize which animal signs make great Chinese zodiac marriage combinations and which ones make the worst marriage partners when paired together.

Chinese Zodiac Marriage Match Chart