Creative Ways to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

Published May 15, 2020
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You can find creative ways to nudge a Pisces man to miss you. Being honest yet subtle in your approach is paramount since this intuitive man will quickly recognize any attempt to manipulate him.

1. Text a Pisces Man Who Is MIA

If your Pisces man is MIA and has retreated to his private quarters, it's time to turn to a few creative ways that will make him miss you. The simplest way to make a Pisces man miss you - text him. Depending on how the two of you communicate, you may simply text, "How are you?" or you may prefer a simple, "Hi." or "Are you ok?" Try to keep it light with a casual tone so you don't scare him off.

2. Play It Cool

You can greet your Pisces man and strike up a casual conversation just as a friend. Don't talk about anything serious. Just keep it about how things are going and if anything new is going on.

Ask Him About His Life

If he was scheduled for a performance review, ask how it went as long as you feel confident he would receive a good one. If he doesn't have good news to report, offer a sympathetic ear and let him tell you what he feels like sharing. Chances are Pisces won't divulge much at this point, so play it cool and bid him goodbye with a smile. He'll remember how you listened to him and find himself missing you.

3. Act Casual

Anytime you run into your Pisces man, remain cool, calm and collected. If you're in an emotional upheaval, don't let him sense it. Greet him with a slow smile and nod as you pass each other.

He'll Come After You

Chances are he'll call after you and hurry to catch up. You can continue walking while chatting with him. When you get to your destination, tell him it was good to see him and leave. You can probably expect a text or call later or the next day as he mulls over seeing you and how much he misses you.

4. Create a Little Mystique About Yourself

You don't want to give away all your mysteries when you fall into a love relationship. If Pisces no longer finds you mysterious, maybe it's time to step up your game. Find a new hobby or interest and get involved. You'll meet new people in the process and maybe develop some new friendships. Pisces will be curious about your new venue and may decide he doesn't know you as well as he thought.

5. Take a Breather

Sometimes Pisces just needs a little alone time, so let him have all the time he needs. Keep busy and continue your regular routine.

Keep on with Your Life

Don't ever put your life on hold for another person, especially Pisces since he could be secluded for an hour or a week. It's never easy to predict how much space a Pisces man might need. When he's ready to rejoin the world, he'll let you know. In the meantime, you may have plans and that will intrigue him and make him miss you even more!

6. Give Him a Helping Hand

If your Pisces man has dropped off the radar due to depression, then it's time to roll up your sleeves and be the caregiver. Pisces is a very nurturing person, so when it's his time for a little TLC, don't hold back. Spoil him the way he has always spoiled you.

Get Him Out of the House

Arrive on the scene with his favorite foods and a plan of action. Get him out of the house and into nature. If you live near the water, take a picnic and spend the afternoon on the beach or take him on a boat ride on the lake. Pisces connects with nature, especially water. You'll be surprised how quickly he perks up once he's on the water.

7. Encourage Him

If your Pisces man is absent due to something that has upset his plans or discouraged him, you can offer him a little encouragement. Be subtle and sensitive.

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Be Genuine

You can pay him a genuine compliment on something he does that you find extraordinary or valuable. This will get him focusing on his positive attributes. He'll soon realize how much he has been missing you and the way you make him feel good about himself.

8. Include Him

Sometimes Pisces just needs to be reminded that he is important and has value. Include him in your latest project or adventure. If you're planning a trip, invite him along. If you're meeting up with friends for dinner, include him. Being included in your life is vital for Pisces to feel he is an important part of your life.

9. Engage Him in a New Experience

A Pisces man is intrigued with new experiences. Plan an outing that is unique and something he's never done before. This could be walking a labyrinth or springing for a past life workshop. Come up with something special that you know he will enjoy. He'll quickly realize how much fun he has with you and how he has missed this type of adventure with you.

10. When He Gives You the Cold Shoulder

If Pisces is absent from your life due you hurting his feelings and you've apologized for it, then you have to let him lick his wounds. In the meantime, you can continue to be yourself and treat him the same way you did before his feelings were bruised.

Pisces Man Will Re-emerge

He will slowly re-emerge into the world from his self-imposed quarantine when he realizes life is going on without him. You are continuing to live your life just fine without him. As soon as he realizes how much he is missing out by not being with you, he'll make a hasty comeback!

10 Creative Ways You Can Try to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

There are many creative ways you can make your moody Pisces man miss you. Appeal to the side you know best in subtle ways to reset his interest.

Creative Ways to Make a Pisces Man Miss You