Crystals for Scorpio: Support and Harmony

Published July 22, 2020
Crystals for Scorpio

Crystals for Scorpio are those that can balance Scorpios' emotional natures and bring more harmony into their lives. Scorpios' stings are notorious, and their presence is intense, so Scorpio crystals can provide support to lessen Scorpios' negative tendencies and strengthen positive traits.

5 Best Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign with yin chi energy. This combination of factors contributes to Scorpio's strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, motivations, and drives. With specific advantages and challenges inherent with the Scorpio personality, using Scorpio crystals can help bring balance and harmony to this complex water sign. It's important to note that crystals for Scorpio are not the same as Scorpio birthstones.

1. Rose Quartz: Tempers Jealousy

Scorpios are notoriously jealous; they can be jealous in romantic relationships, friendships, and elsewhere. Rose quartz, which is a pink-colored heart chakra gemstone, softens jealousy, allowing Scorpios to welcome compassion and love in place of possessiveness.

Rose Quartz

To work with this crystal for jealousy, wear a rose quartz pendant on a long chain so the gemstone falls over the heart region. If you start to experience jealousy, sit with a rose quartz in your non-dominant hand, which is your receiving hand. Visualize the person towards whom you are experiencing jealousy surrounded in a warm, loving pink light. Then, visualize that pink light flowing from the gemstone into your hand and up your arm into your heart.

2. Dumortierite: Creates Flexibility

Another personality trait associated with Scorpios is their stubbornness and lack of flexibility. Scorpio's fixed quadruplicity is stabilizing, but it can also result in people who are set in their ways when Scorpio is present in the natal chart. Therefore, scorpions can benefit from crystals that facilitate movement in set-in-their-ways Scorpios. Dumortierite is a dusty deep blue crystal that is soothing, calming, and harmonizing. It can also help Scorpios release intensely set-in ideals so they can begin to approach the world with more flexible minds and hearts.

Dumortierite mineral gem stone

Wearing dumortierite as earrings or a pendant that falls over the throat helps stubborn Scorpios soften their position. You can also carry it in a shirt pocket.

3. Sodalite: Builds Trust in Others

Scorpios are enigmatic, and because they are so personally secretive, they also tend to suspect others of hiding things. This can lead them to mistrust others in all facets of their lives, ranging from romantic partners to colleagues. Scorpios need to learn to trust; it is one of their most significant karmic issues to overcome. Lack of trust is a throat chakra issue, and the peaceful blue-grey color of sodalite supports and strengthens the throat chakra while providing calming energy.

Sodalite gemstone

For Scorpios with trust issues, sodalite placement is important. For example, if you have difficulty trusting the people you work with, then keep a chunk of sodalite in your office or conference room. If you're mistrustful of a romantic partner, then place a piece of sodalite in the bedroom or any other room where you spend much of your time together. It is also helpful to carry a piece of sodalite in a pocket during important conversations where mistrust is likely to flare.

4. Lepidolite: Balances Moodiness

People who have Scorpios in their close circle are likely intimately familiar with Scorpio's well-known moodiness. Water signs are the most emotional signs of the zodiac, and Scorpios tend to be the broodiest of the moody. Enter lepidolite, a mood-stabilizing purple crystal that balances emotions.

Lepidolite stone

To use lepidolite to stabilize moods, sleep with a piece of lepidolite between the mattress and box spring. Carry lepidolite with you in a pocket or wear it as jewelry (any location on your body is fine) to facilitate calm centeredness.

5. Smoky Quartz: Fights Negativity

Scorpios get their feelings hurt easily, which can lead to a downward spiral of negative thinking and energy. People born under this zodiac sun sign also display a tendency for pessimism, which can contribute to overall negativity. Smoky quartz is a plentiful and affordable quartz crystal that transmutes negative energy to positive, so it can lift Scorpios' spirits when they fall into a pattern of negative thinking.

Smoky quartz mineral

Wear smoky quartz as a bracelet or as a ring on your middle finger, which is the finger associated with negative emotions such as grief or anger. During especially intense periods of negativity, meditate with smoky quartz in your dominant (giving) hand and visualize your negative energy flowing from you and into the crystal. After each session, cleanse your crystal.

Scorpio Crystals Provide Harmony

Crystals for Scorpios are all about providing harmony in a Scorpio's life in order to smooth out the rough edges and bring emotional balance and stability. By working with these crystals, Scorpios can bring their positive qualities to the fore and live their best lives.

Crystals for Scorpio: Support and Harmony