Does Sagittarius Make a Good Friend?

Published August 14, 2018
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Sagittarians are friendly, happy individuals who always seem to see the bright side of things and share their euphoria with everyone they meet. Few individuals can express happiness and joy or be a more fun friend that a Sagittarian.

A Sunshiny Friend

Sagittarians, both male and female, are students of life who are drawn to explore, make friends, expand their awareness of the human experience, and have a good time doing it. A Sagittarian is the sunshine and rainbows friend everyone needs. Perhaps the very best thing about having a Sagittarian as a friend is that their joy in life is contagious.


Sagittarians are born optimists with an uncanny ability to see a rainbow in every dark cloud. This makes them a friend that can encourage you to do your best even in stressful situations and make you believe that whatever is troubling you it will turn out okay.

Spirit of Adventure

Sagittarians are adventurous, brave, and bold. They do things on the spur of the moment, just for the fun of doing it. As a friend, their "don't- worry-be-happy" spirit of adventure and their trust in the goodness of life can boost a friend's spirits and remind them of what fun it can be just doing what they want to do when you want to do it.

Philosophical and Intellectual

Sagittarians are not only philosophers, they are also independent thinkers who are open-minded and understanding of different peoples and cultures. They can amaze their friends with their philosophical revelations, their gentle irreverence, spiritual curiosity, and intellectual knowledge, and open their friends up to a world full of different people and alternative viewpoints.

Optimism and Enthusiasm

Sagittarians are filled with optimism and enthusiasm. They don't believe in failure and are always pushing to win. With a Sagittarian friend as your cheerleader, you'll be inspired and motivated to be the best you can be and go for whatever you want with a confident, positive, can-do attitude.


Friends Meeting Up

A Sagittarian is restless, lives life wide open, and is always on the hunt for the next piece of excitement in their life. Life is a party for a Sagittarian, and everyone around them is invited to join in. Having a Sagittarian as a friend means having a lot of other friends, and the time you spend together will always be fun and never be laid back or boring.

Honest and Loyal

Sagittarians are honest, loyal, and trustworthy. As a friend, they can be trusted to honestly tell you what they think and never talk behind your back or repeat anything you tell them in confidence.

Kind Heart

Sagittarians have kind hearts. They will do anything to help a friend and expect nothing in return. They treat their friends the way they want to be treated, with acceptance and honesty.

Sharper Edges of a Sagittarian Friend

Sharper Edges of a Sagittarian Friend

Of course, no friend is perfect, and a Sagittarian's personality does have some sharper edges that are likely to test a friend's patience. They can be pushy, talkative, insensitive individuals who are better matched with less sensitive individuals. Sagittarius, is also a rough and tumble and straight-forward masculine sign, which means the sharper edges of Sagittarius will be more noticeable in a man.

Sharpe Tongue

A Sagittarian can be a loud, bossy, and blatantly honest. They tend to say what's on their mind no matter how hurtful it might be, even to a friend.


A Sagittarian can be a preachy, opinionated, self-righteous "know-it-all" who will not give others a chance to speak and dispense advice to their friends when it's not wanted or asked.

Selfish and Unreliable

The decisions a Sagittarian makes can be based only on what they want or want to do at the moment. And often that's just what's convenient or benefits them in some way. If something more fun or more to their liking comes along, they can be selfish, unreliable, or chronically late when it comes to plans made with friends.

Male and Female Sagittarians

Males and females are physiologically different, and there are differences in the early stages of development but as time goes on, the differences in how a male or female expresses their Sagittarian nature lies more how they are nurtured and raised. Gender does play a role in astrology. Sagittarian boys are allowed to be their rough and tumble selves, encouraged to test their limits and be straight-forward. Sagittarian girls are tomboys who are more often overly protected and taught to be nice.

Horoscopes Are Complex

There are many Sagittarian men with feminine energy in their horoscope that will soften their sharper edges. There are also Sagittarian women who have additional masculine energy in their horoscope which compels them to have sharper edges. A horoscope is very complicated, and while having the Sun in Sagittarius says some specific things about having a Sagittarius friend, it certainly doesn't tell the entire story.

Does Sagittarius Make a Good Friend?