Fire Signs of the Zodiac: Traits & Tendencies

Updated July 28, 2020
Heat of fire

The element of Fire is radiant energy, it's excitable, and brings warmth and color to the world. Fire is associated with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Individuals with Fire Sun traits and tendencies are forceful, courageous, enjoy being in the public eye, and have great faith and belief in themselves.

Fire Sign Traits and Tendencies

The Fire element indicates an individual who is self-centered and tends to require a great deal of freedom. Their happiness depends on living in a state of excited and inspired activity.

Positive Traits of the Fire Signs

The Fire signs have enormous enthusiasm for life and when at their best are:

  • High-spirited
  • Inspiring
  • Have unending energy
  • Are direct and honest
  • Self-motivated

Negative Traits of the Fire Signs

When Fire signs go bad they can be:

  • Impersonal
  • Insensitive
  • Inpatient
  • Aggressive
  • Lack self-control
  • Willful and overpowering

Fire Signs and Compatibility

The elements are crucial to understanding synastry, commonly call relationship compatibly chart comparisons. If there's a harmonious interchange of elemental energy, it indicates there's an experience of satisfaction, vitalization, and completeness in the pairing. The zodiac signs that are the most harmonious with the Fire signs are the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.)

Fire Paired With Earth

Fire and Earth are drawn to each other. Earthy people provide a stable base that contains a Fiery person yet allows them to radiate light and warmth in all directions. A fiery person can make the earth move under the feet of an earthy person. At its best a Fire and Earth relationship, it can be like a warm campfire.

Fire Paired With Air

Fire needs Air to burn. Air needs fire to warm it up and keep it moving. A Fire and Air couple can soar like a hot-air balloon. However, a Fire person can glow so brightly in the presence of an Air sign person that they burn themselves out, but as long as there's even a tiny spark remaining, air can rekindle it. This is a relationship that can blow hot and cold but last for a lifetime.

Fire Paired With Fire

When two Fire sign individuals pair up they inspire and encourage one another and can have a dynamic and adventurous relationship. Of course, problems can arise when they both want to be in charge and attempt to dominate the other. This is when the relationship becomes dramatic, and they're likely to part ways.

Why Are Fire Signs Attracted to Water?

Water and fire are mutually destructive. Water can extinguish a flame, just as fire can boil the water away. So why would a Fire sign person be attracted to a Water sign person? Fire is attracted to energy that comes from a Water sign person's intense emotions. These two can have a passionate and steamy affair, however, in the end, a Water sign person's emotionalism can dampen and even extinguish the Fire sign individual's natural enthusiasm and high energy.

Are Fire Signs Emotional?

The Fire signs are not emotional in the same sense as the Water signs, they're passionate and dramatic, but it's hard for a Fire sign person to be soft and vulnerable. They may be in tune with their partner's emotions and be willing to have emotional conversations, but they don't want to appear weak. The most natural emotion for a Fire sign individual to express is their tempestuous anger.

Fire Signs and Career

The Fire signs are the entrepreneurs of the zodiac. They excel in careers that offer them freedom. They enjoy working with the public and it's important that their work is inspiring, exciting and keeps them on the go. The best careers for a fiery individual are ones that keep them on their toes and force them to direct all their attention and energy into what they're doing.

How the Three Fire Signs Differ

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are grouped together because they share the same fiery enthusiasm for life; however, they are very different in their modes of operation. It's the three Modalities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, that separates one from the other.

Aries Fire

Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign of the zodiac. Aries Fire is the initial combustion, i.e., the spark that gives life to the creative process. Its fundamental concept is a single-pointed release of energy toward new expression. Those with an Aries Sun have a self-willed urge for action. The symbol for Aries is the Ram. Its glyph depicts the Horns of a Ram.

Fire Signs of the Zodiac - Sagittarius

Leo Fire

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign of the zodiac. Leo Fire is a controlled burn. Its fundamental concept is sustained warmth and radiant visualization. Those with a Leo Sun have an urge for recognition and a sense of drama. The symbol for Leo in the Lion. Its glyph depicts the head of a Lion and its mane.

Fire Signs of the Zodiac - Leo

Sagittarius Fire

Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire sign. Sagittarius Fire spreads. Its fundamental concept is restless aspirations propelling one toward an ideal. The life of an individual with a Sagittarius Sun is about gathering and disseminating knowledge. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer. Its glyph is a depiction of a bow and arrow.

Fire Signs of the Zodiac - Aries

Is Fire Your Dominate Element?

The element of your Sun sign is important, but your birth chart is a combination of elements. Some individuals identify more with their dominate element regardless of the element of their Sun sign. You can determine your dominant element by looking at your entire birth chart and synthesizing it based on the planets, houses, and signs. Astrotheme has a free tool that can easily do this for you.

Fire Signs of the Zodiac: Traits & Tendencies