Leo Personality Traits Revealed

Published June 8, 2022
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With their fiery energy, passion, and enthusiasm for everything, Leos have standout personalities, traits, and characteristics. Like their animal symbol, the lion, they are social animals who are difficult to tame. If there's a Leo in your life, it's best to accept them as there are, play with them, and revel in the excitement and drama they bring to your life.

Leo's Primary Traits

Like all zodiac personalities, Leo can display both positive and negative traits. These "see me" individuals have a flair for the dramatic. So, you could say that when Leo is "good, they are very, very good, but when they're bad, they're horrid."

Leo Traits and Characteristics

The Leo Nature

Leo, the zodiac's fixed fire sign, is ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion. This mix is central to the traits and tendencies of Leo.

Leo's Elemental Nature

Leo is a fire sign whose passionate nature can flare up as quickly as a fire doused with gasoline. By the same token, the fire can be extinguished if it's robbed of fuel. What fuels Leo's fire? A Leo needs compliments, words of praise, and undivided attention for its fire to radiate brightly.

Leo's Fixed Nature

Leo's fixed modality means that, like Leo's ruler, the Sun, Leos have a hot core, are an immovable force, and are the center of their world. Leos radiate heat, and their bright childlike spirit brings life to everything surrounding them.

Leo's Lion Nature

Leo's lion nature

The lion, king of the jungle, symbolizes Leo's strength and courage. Leos have the heart of a lion and an unmistakable presence of nobility. Leos move with the dignified gait of someone in command and, like a Lion, are seldom in danger of being ignored.

The Leo Personality

Leos want to be noticed and take center stage. A Leo can be self-absorbed and self-centered, but they can just as easily abandon all thoughts of themselves if they see someone in trouble. They are courageous individuals who will rush in "where angels fear to tread," conquer all obstacles, and come out victorious.

Kind and Benevolent

Leos are always willing to come to the aid of their friends and loved ones. They have a compassionate heart and are kind, benevolent, and generous.

Protective and Loyal

A Leo is loyal, fearless, strong, and watchful. Like a king or queen ruling over their kingdom, Leo has a sense of obligation to take care of and protect their subjects.

Honest and Direct

Leos are very honest and tend to be direct and straightforward. They will give you feedback if you ask for it. However, Leos seldom mince words, and their honesty can come off as a bit too biting.

Clever and Witty

Leo knows how to entertain everyone with their theatrics. If there's a Leo in the crowd, you can expect them to be clever, creative, witty, and the amusing center of attention.

Leos Strive to Excel

A Leo never accepts defeat and will continue courageously fighting until they conquer every challenge they set their minds to. Once Leo takes on a project, they will not only achieve their goals, they're likely to exceed expectations.

Leos are Warm and Passionate Leaders

A Leo is warm and passionate, and their passion is contagious. Leo is a leader who can inspire and motivate you to follow them. They do everything with grandeur, flair, and finesse, as you'd expect from royalty. Leo's authoritative and confident style of leadership commands respect and can unite those they lead.

A Leo's Less Lovable Traits

Leo zodiac sign

However, there are some less desirable characteristics associated with the Leo personality. Still, Leos are so big-hearted that many tend to overlook these less-desirable qualities.

Cocky and Arrogant

Leos sees themselves as the center of their universe and can often get caught up in their own self-importance. Yes, a Leo can at times be cocky, arrogant, pompous, and patronizing.

Image-Oriented and Materialistic

Leos desire the best of everything. The best cars, the best wines, the best restaurants, and the most beautiful woman or handsome man. Leos can sometimes get a little carried away with this concept of "the best and most beautiful" and forget that it's the character that defines who they or others are.


Leo's fiery and fixed nature often prompts these individuals to continually direct the spotlight onto themselves. A Leo can be quite the entertainer. Still, their shady side reveals an individual who is self-absorbed, highly ego-driven, fears being irrelevant, and acts as if life is all about them.

Leo in Love

Leos know how to love and be loved. They're sexy, virile, and romantic to the end. A Leo will cherish and protect their partner and remain loyal throughout the relationship. So, if your idea of romance is the stuff of romantic movies, a Leo could be the match that can make your dreams come true. However, they do expect something in return. Leo expects to be the center of your world.

More About a Leo Sun

Every Leo is different. Other placements in a Leo's entire birth chart can magnify or mitigate these generic Leo traits. And you don't have to have a Leo Sun to act like a Leo. You might have a Leo stellium, or your true astrological sign could be Leo.

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Leo Personality Traits Revealed