Guide to the Aries Ascendant

Published March 9, 2020
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A guide to the Aries ascendant includes personality traits, physical characteristics, and compatibility with other rising signs. You can use this guide to gain a better understanding of the influence Aries rising has on you.

A Guide to the Aries Ascendant Characteristics

The Aries ascendant characteristics mirror those of the Aries zodiac sign. This is how the world sees you - your personality. Aries is self-confident, bold and a natural leader.

Fire Sign Aries' Effect on Your Personality

When the fire sign Aries is your rising sign, it bestows you with the nature of fire. You can be easily irritated, but just as quickly those flames burn out. Your fire nature makes you impatient and anxious at times.

Reputation Is Important

Your reputation is important to you. You pride yourself in having a good reputation within your community and business.

Sense of Right and Justice

Aries rising gives you a good moral compass. You have an innate sense of justice and what is right and wrong. You strive to follow through on what you feel is the right reaction and course of action. You have a directness that disarms others who might otherwise try to deceive you.

Determination and Drive

An Aries ascendant has a firm determination and overriding drive to be successful. This desire gives you a competitive spirit. The need to succeed means you often put unrealistic demands on yourself.

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Fast-Paced and Energetic

Just like the element of fire, Aries rising signs prefer a fast-paced lifestyle. Careers must offer challenges and opportunities to grow and advance. Aries ascendant needs mental stimulation.

Outdoors Activities

Aries enjoys physical activities, especially outdoors sports. While competitive sports are a favorite activity, Aries rising signs prefer to compete against themselves to test their mettle and strength.

Aries Rising Physical Appearance

Your outward appearance is a strong body that is usually athletic in build or at the least gives you physical stamina. You have a sexy appeal. Others are drawn to your air of self-confidence and flirtatious nature.

Health Concerns for Aries Rising Sign

Aries ascendants often suffer from various ailments in the head region, such as sinus infections, eye issues or migraine headaches. There can be bouts of skin eruptions or rashes in this region as well as the shoulders and upper arms.

Fired Up and Energetic

This fire sign has high energy levels. It causes you to react quickly to situations. You often take on special projects that seem impossible to complete, but always finish with finesse.

I Am

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is often described as the soul's first awareness of existence with "I am" as its mantra and self-identity. This simply means that Aries rising gives you the insight that you are in control of who you become in life. You should guard against arrogance and selfishness.

Love and Romance

Aries rising enjoys the art of romance, especially flirting. Attractive to the opposite sex, Aries finds the chase exciting. However, Aries often loses interest once capturing the attention and interest of their intended love interest. It takes a unique person to be a long-lasting, good romantic match for Aries.

Compatibility for Aries Rising

When looking at possible compatible signs for Aries rising, you can match to sun signs and rising signs. The zodiac signs or rising signs of Leo and Sagittarius make good matches for Aries ascendants. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are also possible matches.

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Aries' Ruler Mars and Its Influence

With Mars as the ruler of Aries, this planet has an influence over each zodiac sign. More importantly is how you react to this rising sign based on your sun sign.


With your rising sign in Aries and your sun sign in Aries, you are dynamic and a force of nature. You will benefit from strong disciplines, such as martial arts, meditation, yoga, and other techniques and practices to integrate your mind, body and spirit.


Taurus is an earth sign and can help you gain control over your fiery nature. Taurus tamps down some of your erratic fire tendencies and provides a framework for all that energy, giving it form and purpose.


Gemini's air element fuels the fiery Aries in Mars. Gemini is more intellectually driven unlike the physical nature of Aries. Gemini's penchant for information and discovering new things can aid Aries rising to discover new venues for all that fiery energy!


Cancer is an emotional water sign. The mixing of water and fire elements results in steam or boiling water. However, the water element can have a dampening effect on some of the more negative traits of fire burning out of control. Cancer also gives Aries rising signs a stronger sense of duty to home and family.


The showman of the zodiac, Leo is also a fire sign and this combination can either cause an inferno or simply burn itself out. Leo inspires greatness, adulation, recognition, and to be center stage. Maintaining a realistic perspective and balanced life will prove challenging.


Virgo is an earth sign and this combination means an inner war is waged as Virgo struggles to maintain control over the unruly fire element of Aries. Virgo likes order and discipline and strives for perfection. Virgo is also the sign of service and can motivate Aries to think of others and be of service.


Libra is a laid-back air sign that can help Aries ascendants to chill out a little. Libra demands balance in life, which is a challenge for Aries rising. You need to consciously focus on establishing order in your life so you can achieve a happy balance in work and play.


Scorpio is a water element and means you're very passionate in everything you do. You can use this energy to master your life and career as well as any goals you need to meet.


Sagittarius is a fellow fire sign that can help you expand your education, ideals and goals. This combination can create a wildfire of excitement and accomplishments when directed toward a single goal or purpose.


Capricorn is an earth element and imbues a pragmatic personality. This combination can give you the necessary self-discipline to curb negative tendencies and boost you to reach beyond your initial goals and achieve them.


The air element sign Aquarius is a gregarious and social sign, like its fellow air sign Gemini. Aquarius values individuality and embraces idealistic values. This combination can help you step out of social expectations and guide you to try a different lifestyle or career that isn't a typical Aries path.


Pisces is a deep still water sign that is highly intuitive and psychic. The dreamy realms of Pisces can inspire Aries rising signs to try new creative and artistic careers or ideas. A deep compassion for others provides Aries with new insight to the suffering of others.

Celebrities With Aries Rising

You can often see how Aries rising affects your sun sign by observing celebrities with an Aries rising sign. Some of these celebrities include:

  • Rihanna is a Pisces with Aries ascendant.
  • Alexander the Great was a Cancer with Aries ascendant.
  • Kendall Jenner is a Scorpio with Aries ascendant.
  • Nostradamus was a Capricorn with Aries ascendant.
  • Linda Goodman (famous astrologer) was an Aries with Aries ascendant.
  • Joan Rivers was a Gemini with Aries ascendant.
  • Chris Rock is an Aquarius with Aries ascendant.

Exploring Aries Ascendant

You can explore the many ways Aries ascendant affects your life and your actions. Since your rising sign manifests in your personality, Aries ascendant has powerful influences of how people see you.

Guide to the Aries Ascendant