How to Attract a Pisces Woman With Respect and Romance

Published March 12, 2020
Woman and man enjoying a romantic dinner

You can learn how to attract a Pisces woman with respect and paying attention to the nuances of romance. A Pisces woman appreciates an attentive lover.

Romancing a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman loves romantic overtures and well, anything romantic. She adores romantic gestures from her lover. These can be simple things. She'll be just as excited over a single flower as a large bouquet. It's the romantic messaging behind the gesture that touches her heart.

Romantic Dinner With a Pisces Woman

If you want to truly woo your Pisces woman, plan a romantic dinner. Pay close attention to each and every detail. Rest assured, she'll notice how painstakingly you planned the evening and she'll appreciate each special touch.

Ideal Night With Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman loves spending a cozy night at home with her beloved. This includes snuggly up on the couch to watch a movie. Home is the safe harbor for this fish, who often feels out of water.

Couple enjoying takeout while watching TV

Homebodies Still Need Romance

While Pisces is a homebody and you may often find evenings just relaxing at home, you can become complacent. While you don't have to constantly wine and dine her, since she loves to order takeout and enjoy it in her own comfortable special space. However, don't take this casual lifestyle for granted. Be sure to treat her regularly to a special romantic night with just the two of you.

Messages of Love

A Pisces woman wants to hear how you feel and how special she is to you. Don't mince words. Don't leave her questioning your intentions and feelings. This profession of your love is reassuring and the security she needs.

Go Beyond Texting

Certainly, you want to text her with your words of love but add to that a grand gesture every now and then. A Pisces woman loves the attention of her lover. Send her a snail mail card and include a little gift, something as simple as a BOGO coupon for her favorite scented candle or two tickets to her favorite music group.

Pisces and Social Activities

Pisces enjoys an occasional night out with friends for an early dinner or early movie, but she's not into late nights. She prefers to be home early, where she feels the safest and at ease.

Fun and Playful

A Pisces woman enjoys outings that are lighthearted and fun. Invite her to a theme park and she'll have a blast. A day at the beach, lake or swimming pool is where you will see her come alive. Water is her natural element, and she is most comfortable around water.

Attraction to Beautiful Things

Pisces is a very sensual sign and Pisces woman is attracted to beautiful things. She has a keen eye for art and form. In fact, the deeper she can go in making her home comfortable and beautiful, the happier she is. You can appeal to her love of beauty with a lovely piece of jewelry or a beautiful bench for the garden so she can sit among the flowers and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Don't Be a Player!

A Pisces woman is very intuitive and lives in two worlds- the real world that she often finds too harsh and her dreamworld that offers her an escape. If she invites you into her life, you should always be honest and forthright with her. She will know in a heartbeat if you're lying, pretending to be someone you aren't, or playing games with her affections. Her wrath will be swift and you'll find all ties instantly severed.

Respect Goes a Long Way

Respect is the cornerstone of a relationship with Pisces. A Pisces woman has hidden talents that she doesn't reveal to just anyone. If you genuinely respect her opinions, her values and her ideals, she'll open up to you and share her innermost self.

Sex and a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman doesn't have one-night stands. She must first get to know you really well and truly trust you. Sex is a very intimate and ultimate expression of love for a Pisces. She considers it a gift of her very being and expects you to appreciate and value your relationship with the utmost respect.

Ask Her Opinion

You may not realize just how deep a Pisces is since most people only get a glimpse of what's on the surface. A good way to get to know the real Pisces is to ask her opinion. As a general rule, Pisces doesn't offer advice or opinions until she is asked. You may be surprised by her response.

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Share Your Inner World With Her

A Pisces woman wants to know the inner you. She wants to hear all your stories and experiences. When she asks your opinion on a topic, she isn't being polite. She really wants to know how you feel and think about the subject matter. This is how Pisces delves into who you truly are. Be honest and open to her probing.

Kind and Compassionate

Pisces is a very kind and compassionate sign. These personality traits may be the result of her empathic nature. Just keep in mind that she rarely judges others. She mostly accepts how people are since she has a clear understanding of the world and how it works.

Show the Love

You won't find any zodiac sign with as big a heart as Pisces except Leo. A Pisces woman's capacity to love is staggering. She is tender, caring and giving to a fault. She understands actions as demonstrations of love, so make a few gestures to show her how much she means to you. This can be something dramatic and grand, or it can be something mundane, such as taking out the garbage without being asked, washing the dinner dishes or folding the laundry.

How to Attract and Keep a Pisces Woman's Heart

When you understand how a Pisces woman responds to respect and romance, you may discover ways to attract her attention. If you're lucky enough to win a Pisces woman's heart, make sure you treat this gift with the respect and love it deserves.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman With Respect and Romance