What Kind of Women Do Aries Men Like?

Updated March 14, 2022

What do Aries men like in a woman? They enjoy women who challenge them physically and intellectually. Aries men want a beautiful woman who's not easy to seduce and has all sorts of men vying for her attention, because an Aries man thrives on competition. Competing for a woman's affections and coming out the victor entices an Aries man.

What Aries Men Like in a Woman

An Aries man loves to flirt and chase women. When a woman catches his eye, the chase is on, and he can be like a little boy who'll do anything to get her attention. His "go-get-em" approach is not for every woman, so what type of woman does Aries man chase after?

Beautiful With Substance

A virile Aries man is first attracted to beauty. Still, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and an Aries man expects and desires more than superficial beauty. If the outer beauty isn't backed up by substance, Aries men won't stick around for long.

Modern and Active

Aries men are strong with high energy levels. They seek women who can keep up with their active lifestyle, including nighttime entertainment and daytime action. Aries is a romantic who enjoys lavishing his lover with attention and all the nuances of old-fashioned courting. He wants a woman who can appreciate his romantic charm while being a modern woman of her time.

Sexy and Fun-Loving

Aries man flirting with a woman

Aries enjoys sex and the flirtatious dance of first encounters. He's an expert at knowing what to say and how to look at a woman to make her feel as though she's the only woman in the world and certainly the sexiest in his eyes. Aries men invented the heated look that can make you blush. This is the fun part of the chase that Aries desires whenever he meets someone new.

Witty and Charming

If you're witty, charming, and able to hold your own in an exchange with Aries, you're way ahead of the game. A good sense of humor is a turn-on for Aries because your mental agility will intrigue him. Aries is charmed by tender touches, lilting laughter, and sincere compliments, so make sure your words aren't barbed or cruel. An Aries man won't be ridiculed or disparaged. He's also a champion for the underdog and doesn't allow anyone to belittle another person.

Artistic and Sophisticated

Aries appreciates the finer things in life, especially the arts. He probably collects art, especially that of local artists. If you're an artist or involved in the local art scene, chances are you'll meet your Aries lover through one of these venues. If you enjoy the symphony, open mike clubs, or impromptu jam sessions just as much as an evening at an art gallery, Aries will be thrilled. His ideal is a sophisticated yet worldly woman who can share his many interests.

Sports Enthusiast

Aries man watching sports with girlfriend

Aries is a sports enthusiast and enjoys watching and playing sports. Aries desires his life mate to be as genuinely enthusiastic about sports as he is. Don't fake it--he'll break it off if you do. If you're on a sports team, he'll be the loudest voice in the crowd cheering for you.

Physically Fit

Aries, like any warrior, realizes the importance of being in good physical shape. You might find him at a local sports club where he has a regular training program. An Aries man is a competitor who's drawn to physically challenge himself. He desires a mate who enjoys being in top physical shape.

Career Oriented

Aries wants his mate to be involved in a successful career. He holds business acumen in high esteem because it's a visible demonstration of independence, intelligence, and your ability to contribute to something larger than yourself. An Aries man is a natural leader and desires his mate to mirror these strengths.

Appreciates Beauty

Aries likes to possess expensive objects and enjoys upscale creature comforts that are outward symbols of his success. He'll be excited if you have good taste in clothing and home decor. Aries has a finely-honed appreciation for all things beautiful. This doesn't mean he wants a high-maintenance woman. He wouldn't hang around very long if he had to cater to shallow materialism. An Aries man wants a higher style of living with his romantic partner.

Good With Children

Aries man with daughter and girlfriend walking on street shopping

An Aries man loves kids and will assess your maternal instinct and observe how you interact with children. Any woman he marries must be an excellent mother to his children. Don't let the Don Juan and Casanova Aries types fool you. An Aries man can settle down in a monogamous relationship and sustain a long-term relationship. He's driven to create a family and home, but he needs the perfect mate to share the adventure with him.

Aries Desires a Match of Equals

As you can see, the kind of woman Aries chooses for his mate must be his equal in almost every way. He'll cherish your individuality and enjoy your quick wit. He'll protect your love and remain loyal as long as you prove your devotion to him is based on true feelings.

Aries and Aphrodite

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus for the Romans), the goddess of love and romance, was the favorite lover of Aries, the god of war. So, to truly understand what kind of woman an Aries man likes, look at the sign of Venus in his birth chart. The sign of an Aries man's Venus will tell you more precisely than an Aries man's sun what he's looking for in a relationship. An Aries man with Venus in Pisces will be looking for a very different type of woman than one with Venus in Taurus.

What Kind of Women Do Aries Men Like?